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Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage provide various stat benefits and the ability to accumulate skill points when equipped. They are a weaker alternative to the much more powerful Emblem Rings.

Key Highlights  

  • Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage provide various stat benefits and the ability to accumulate skill points when equipped.
  • They are a weaker version of Emblem Rings.
  • The Bond Rings are split into 4 Ranks, which determine their effectiveness.
  • Bond Rings can be crafted after progressing in the story and unlocking the Ring Chamber, located in Somniel.
  • Creating a Bond Ring requires Bond Fragments.
  • These fragments are earned from the main story and side activities in Somniel.
  • Bond Rings can be melded together to make a stronger one.

Bond Rings In Fire Emblem Engage

Bond Rings are a weaker version of Emblem Rings. They are based on various characters from the Fire Emblem series and provide multiple benefits to stats. In addition, they also allow the player to accumulate SP (Skill Points). With these skill points, players can unlock powerful Inherited Skills once they attain an Emblem Ring.

The Bond Rings are split into a hierarchy, which determines their effectiveness. Minerva’s bond ring’s effectiveness is divided into 4 ranks. 

  • S RANK: Health Points +2, Luck +2, Defense +1
  • A RANK: Health Points +2, Luck +1, Defense +1
  • B RANK: Luck +1, Defense +1
  • C RANK: Luck +1

As the rank goes higher, new stat benefits will be acquired. However, after reaching A Rank, the actual potency of these benefits will usually differ by 1 point. In addition, the effects of these Bond Rings pale in comparison to Emblem Rings.

How To Create Bond Rings 

Follows these steps to create your very own Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage.

  • Progress the main story to unlock the Ring Chamber, located in Somniel.
  • Once done, you will be able to craft Bond Rings for your characters.
  • Also, to create Bond Rings, you need the Bond Fragment material.
  • 100 Bond Fragments are required to create a Bond Ring.
Bond Ring Fire Emblem Engage
The Ring Chamber | Image By Us

Earning Bond Fragments

Bond Fragments are earned by completing various side activities in Fire Emblem Engage. These include completing in-game challenges and activities mentioned on the board in Somniel. Players can also choose to engage in mini-games found throughout Somniel that allow them to earn Bond Fragments while simultaneously having fun.

In addition, players can also earn these Bond Fragments from skirmishes and the main story, so rest assured, as there are various ways to earn them. Taking care of the pet Somnie also nets some Bond Fragments.

Fusing Bond Rings

2 Bond Rings can be fused in order to make a stronger, more effective Bond Ring. In order to accomplish this,

  • Head to the Ring Chamber in Somniel and select Meld Bond Rings.
  • Now, you will have to select Bond Rings of the same type that you wish to fuse.
  • Once done, you will attain a newly fused Bond Ring.
  • Keep in mind this process will cost you some Bond Fragments.


Fire Emblem Engage is the latest addition to the Fire Emblem series, developed by Intelligent Systems and released by Nintendo. It is a tactical turn-based RPG that features many characters from previous games, aiming to please both new and old fans alike.

And there you have it; with our guide on Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage, you will be able to alleviate your confusion about this game mechanic.

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