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Final Fantasy XVI Pre-Orders Rumored To Begin During The Game Awards

A new report suggests that Final Fantasy XVI will be available to pre-order during The Game Awards live stream, which will take place in early December.

final fantasy 16 fans could get their pre-orders for the game sooner than they thought, according to a recent rumor.

As reported by internal gamesthe highly anticipated sixteenth entry in the main Final Fantasy The series will be available for pre-purchase after The Game Awards on December 8. An unnamed source told the publication that Square Enix plans to announce the opening of pre-orders, which will either occur during the live stream of the event or at a special event held beforehand. As if that wasn’t enough to stoke the excitement, a new trailer is also expected to debut around the festivities.

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Square Enix first introduced final fantasy 16 during Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase in September 2020. The initial trailer for the game was well received by fans, who praised the game’s hyper-realistic graphics and medieval setting. Since then, the excitement has only grown as the developers have revealed more of the game’s new world of Valisthea.

The history of Final Fantasy XVI

As depicted in the trailers, Valisthea is a nation that falls into darkness due to the “fading light” of the Mother Crystals, an ancient power source central to the setting and plot of final fantasy 16. The various kingdoms of Valisthea battle over resources in a power struggle involving summonable beasts called Eikons, whose figures called Dominants they claim to control. Although the scope of the game seems huge, producer Naoki Yoshida said in early 2022 that final fantasy 16 it will not be open world to better emphasize the sprawling narrative of the game.

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While fan reception so far has been remarkably warm, Square Enix has received criticism for final fantasy 16‘s apparent lack of diversity, with trailers seemingly showing mostly white characters with little variety in ethnicities. In a recent interview, game director Naoki Yoshida said the reality of the situation was “disappointing” but stated that Valisthea could not be “as diverse as modern Earth” due to “geographical, technological, and geopolitical limitations.” underlying”. “

Final Fantasy XVI combat system

In an attempt to appeal to younger gamers who enjoy more action-oriented gameplay, final fantasy 16 It will feature a real-time combat system unlike the franchise’s historic turn-based battles. Franchise fans widely praised a similar change in Final Fantasy VII Remake for making the game feel more dynamic. In fact, many critical reviews highlighted the new redux combat system as one of the best modernization features in the game. Work in final fantasy 16 is nearly complete, with director Hiroshi Takai saying that the game was “95% done” and all that was left to do was test the game and fix bugs.

final fantasy 16 launches sometime in summer 2023, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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