Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion will raise the level cap to 100



Square Enix confirms that the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV will increase the level cap.

The current gap right now in Final Fantasy XIV is level 90 which was introduced in Endwalker, but it’s been confirmed that this year’s expansion will bring it up to a new level cap. According to the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, via game radarthe next level cap will now be level 100.

However, after that level cap, it’s still murky. Yoshi-P didn’t share any more details of his plans for the next expansion, so we’re in the dark.

Yoshi-P didn’t leave everyone hanging, though, but he did leave fans with something to think about. He said that if the level cap were raised to level 110 in the next expansion, it would feel like a halfway move. He seems to be saying that the 10 level increase will not be enough. More levels may be added to celebrate the level 100 mark. Maybe level 125?

We’ll find out sometime in 2025, as Square Enix likes to release their FFXIV expansions within the span of two years. Endwalker was delayed by five months due to the COVID pandemic, but that won’t stop the company from getting back on track and launching the expansion in two years.

Final Fantasy XIV is out now for PC, PS4, and PS5.



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