Final Fantasy XIV Review – Still the Best Return to 2023 Story


Final Fantasy XIV Review

  • Story and setting
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals and performance


Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best offerings in the series, with gameplay and a story that has been inspiring for over a decade.

  • Manufacturer: Square Annex
  • Publisher: Square Annex
  • Release date: August 27, 2013
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
  • Tested: PC, PlayStation 4


  • Incredible story
  • Extraordinary OST
  • A deep fight
  • Class variety
  • Great side quests
  • Social characteristics

Cons of

  • Slow introduction
  • PS4 performance
  • Dated visuals

gave Final concept The series has always held a special place in my heart. Be that as it may. Cloud Strife’s Impressive rise to greatness or The lights of the night sky Dedicated to my duty, I have always loved these games for their wonderful characters and stories.

But I’ve never been. MMO The fan genre has always felt overwhelming to me, and I never really thought it was for me. But my opinion was proved wrong. Yoshi P In his best work to date; Final Fantasy XIV.

And after pouring a few hundred into this game, I’m happy to say it has one of, if not the best. gave Best of all, the story Final concept the game. Also, it shines as one JRPG Above one MMO Even in 2023.

Story and setting

Layout (photo by eXputer)

Takes place in the realm of the story. Eorzea which consists of many different continents. These continents are based on real-world locations and represent cultures very well. Also, these places are very beautiful and diverse.

When starting the game, players get the option to create their own. Warrior of Light From different generations. Your own character can be as diverse as you want because the customization options are really extensive.

The story also touches on many sensitive real-world themes such as the loss of loved ones, slavery, racism, and the effects of war on ordinary people.

FFXIV Boasting an underdog story where Warrior of Light Starts at the bottom and gradually moves inwards. Rebirth of a Realm. The warrior has to fight against the evil empire. Garlemald Who wants to conquer the whole world. In this endeavor, they will face off against an extensive catalog of villains.

These include enemies like Iconic. Ifrat And Garuda, and in addition players can expect to fight dragons and even gods. During these events, Warrior of Light At every moment they are supported by their trusted allies.

Meeting Thank you. (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Additionally, the story touches on many sensitive real-world themes such as the loss of loved ones, slavery, racism, and the effects of war on ordinary people. Also, it skillfully shows the effects of depression and how to overcome it.

Even in 2023, the story holds up incredibly well in my opinion, and each subsequent expansion has only built upon the core experience to create a truly great narrative.

FFXIV The universe is huge and keeps growing with each new expansion.. From political issues to global threats, the story has it all.


The fight (Retrieved via eXputer)

FFXIV Boasting active time. MMO Gameplay based on skill cooldowns. Simply put, players need to press skills in a certain order to get a combo. Players will unlock more powerful skills as they level up, allowing them to unleash more devastating combos.

The gameplay may feel slow at first, but eventually, it becomes enjoyable. In addition, there are important things that add depth to combat, such as figuring out the best order to use your combos.

Since its re-release in 2023, the developers have continued to improve the fundamentals of the gameplay with each passing year, and in my opinion, it currently has one of the best combat systems out there. MMO.

Like the other MMOs, it boasts of three different characters that players can choose from. These are tank, healer, And DPS Tanks prefer to take significant damage from enemies to protect their party, healers focus on keeping the party alive while dealing damage, and DPS prefer to deal massive damage to enemies.

The Dark Knight. (Photo by eXputer)

Players can choose between 4 tanks, 4 healers and 12 DPS jobs. Additionally, DPS jobs are divided between melee, physical ranged, and magical ranged jobs.

It’s almost impossible to run out of things to do. FFXIV In 2023 First, we have the entire main quest, which can take up to 500 hours to fully complete. And after wrapping up the main story, players can engage in it. Raids Designed for those looking for a challenge.

The developers have continued to improve the fundamentals of the gameplay with each passing year, and in my opinion, it currently has one of the best combat systems of any MMO.

There are also many questions involving characters and references from other stories. For example, players can encounter famous. Diamond weapon From Final Fantasy VII Or powerful The brush From Final Fantasy VI. Additionally, I think these quests are some of the best written stories the series has to offer.

For players who don’t like hard raids, they can level up all their classes instead. In addition, the game offers a depth in one Crafting and collecting System which includes many search and different. Recipes

Rubicante. (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Additionally, players can join guilds and engage in various activities with their fellow guild members. Called in these guilds free companies, Players can expect to farm various items and make potentially lasting friendships. In short, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Players can also head. Gold saucer Exciting mini-games and activities to experience. Oh PvP called mode Crystalline conflict Balance changes are also constantly received with each patch, keeping things fresh. You can also engage in character creation, which has a surprisingly large community.

Out of all these activities, I have enjoyed a lot. Savage Most raids. It’s a great experience to learn the nuances of combat and consistently excel in these raids. I also enjoyed meeting and meeting new people. FFXIV.

Visuals and performance

visual. (Photo by eXputer)

As for the visuals, they are nothing to write home about at the moment. The game isn’t ugly by any standards, but the ten-year-old title has started to show its age in recent years. Yoshi P A graphical upgrade is promised for the future. Dawn Trail Expand, and things look brighter.

The game isn’t ugly by any standards, but the ten-year-old title has started to show its age in recent years.

Other than that, the game runs very smoothly PC And PlayStation 5. However, the game is running poorly PS4 And suffers from slow loading and FPS drops in big cities, but this is a given due to aging hardware.


Decision (obtained via eXputer)

all in all, Final Fantasy XIV One of the best the series has to offer. With a story spanning over ten years, players can expect an immersive experience with some of the best characters and stories in gaming.

While the combat takes some getting used to, it’s incredibly fun. And beneficial. After the disastrous start of FFXIV 1.0Yoshi-P and the team made a great comeback, and continue to strive to create the ultimate Final Fantasy experience.

It has been ours. Final Fantasy XIV Review While you’re here, consider checking out some of our other articles.

Why you should play this game.

You should play this game for its incredible narrative, fantastic soundtrack, and deep combat system that offers incredible construction variety. It’s also a highly recommended title for MMO fans in general looking for something new.

Why you should not play this game.

You shouldn’t play this game if you’re a Final Fantasy fan looking for a more traditional experience. This is first and foremost an MMO experience, and most activities are designed with this in mind.

Who is this game for?

This game is for both MMO fans and Final Fantasy fans. It builds on the incredible lore of the FF series while adding social aspects and a deep class system that’s exactly what you’d expect from an MMO experience.

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