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Final Fantasy VII Reunion Will Be Fully Voice Acted

Square Enix confirms that the upcoming Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII remaster will feature full voice acting, a major change from the original PSP version.

Square Enix announced that its next Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion The remastering will be entirely voice-acted.

In a blog post about the Square Enix website, Content Communications Manager Duncan Heaney shared that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII he would have full voice acting in all cutscenes, side quests, and incidental events. Heaney said the game will feature both English and Japanese voice acting, allowing fans to choose their preference. in the original core of the crisis on PSP, only major cutscenes had voice acting, while most of the game’s dialogue was presented via text only.

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The blog post detailed other changes featured in the remaster, such as a newly arranged soundtrack from the original. core of the crisis composer Takeharu Ishimoto and completely revised graphics. crisis core The unique combat system, known as Digital Mind Wave (DMW), will also be modernized to more closely resemble the real-time battles of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Square Enix said that it had tweaked the attack times and animations to make combat more fluid and satisfying.

The story of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion acts as a prequel to the FF7 new version, giving players control of former SOLDIER and former Cloud Strife teammate Zack Fair. The game covers the years leading up to the mako reactor bombings covered in FF7 and follows Fair as she uncovers the truth behind an infamous Shinra secret known as Project G. Fans have long clamored for crisis core return, and is considered by many to be an integral part of Midgar’s history. Despite this, Square Enix has said that it has no plans to remake other FF7 derivatives like Dirge of Cerberus either before the crisis both added different perspectives of characters in the FF7 universe in the game.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion it will also act as extra credit for players looking forward to the release of the next chapter in the Cloud story, which is set to release in late 2023. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth It will pick up directly after the cliffhanger of the first game and act as the second game in a planned trilogy spanning all three discs of the original. final fantasy 7 play. Square Enix has said that the game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 to accommodate its “vast world.” Creative director Tetsuya Nomura has also previously opined that newcomers to the series may enjoy FF7 rebirth without playing FF7 Redostating that it will be a “new experience”.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion launches December 13 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

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