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Phoenix is an appealing Creature that first appeared in Final Fantasy V in the series, and now also surfaced in Final Fantasy16 as well. Since its debut, it has been under the light throughout the series. “Phenix” is also referred to as Phoenix in Final Fantasy16, this Creature is usually Summoned or sometimes appears as a Boss or a normal Enemy, playing a major story role in the whole story.

Key Takeaways

  • Phoenix first debuted in Final Fantasy V and now reappears in Final Fantasy 16 as an Eikon.
  • It is often summoned, seen as a boss, or a common enemy in FF16.
  • Phoenix, associated with Fire, is tied to a young prince named Joshua Rosfield, who dislikes possessing Phoenix.
  • Clive Rosfield, Joshua’s older brother and the main protagonist, can use a part of Phoenix’s fiery power.
  • Phoenix provides abilities for Clive such as Phoenix Shift, Scarlet Cyclone, Rising Flames, Flames of Rebirth, and Heatwave.
  • Each ability has unique features, attack levels, and stagger capacities.
  • The abilities can be upgraded using Ability Points (AP), affecting various aspects, from covering wider ranges to increasing the number of hits.
  • Abilities also have related battle techniques that affect ground or air targets and how they interact with enemies.

What Is Phoenix In Final Fantasy 16

Phoenix appears as an Eikon which can also be seen in the reveal trailer “Awakening”. The Phoenix is also prominently displayed in the logo of the Final Fantasy 16 game’s cover art. In FF16, the Phoenix is associated with Fire and the Dominant of Phoenix is a Young prince named Joshua Rosfield, the younger brother of the major protagonist Clive Rosfeild and the second son of the Archduke of Rosaria.

But Joshua Rosfield doesn’t like having Phoenix in fact he considers Phoenix as a burden over him, the reason being that he considers solving the problem through books and words and not by the power of Sword, whereas his older brother Clive is more brave and Heroic as shown in the story-line, that is the reason Joshua wishes that the Phoenix would be given to him. Clive has the Phoenix’s approval and can use a part of its fiery power.

Joshua giving Phoenix  to Clive in Final Fantasy 16
Joshua gives Phoenix to Clive in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credits: eXputer)

Skills/Abilities Clive Can Acquire From Phoenix In Final Fantasy 16

There are certain abilities that Clive can perform through the use of Phoenix in Final Fantasy 16 these are as follows

  1. Phoenix shift
  2. Scarlet Cyclone
  3. Rising Flames
  4. Flames of Rebirth
  5. Heatwave
Ability Attack Stagger Description
Phoenix shift 0★ 0★ Harness the power of the Phoenix’s Blessing to engage with the enemies while closing the gap in between. You can perform both melee attacks and magical shots while shifting.
Scarlet Cyclone 2★ 3★ Rotate fast to create a ring of fire that will burn all nearby enemies.
Rising Flames 3★ 2★ Creates a blazing wing that inflicts damage and has the ability to send lighter foes into the air.
Flames of Rebirth 3★ 3★ Storing the HP of clive, while creating a large pillar of fire that will burn all the enemies caught within the flames.
Heatwave 2★ 2★ Summon a wall of fiery liquid that can stop a wide area of incoming projectiles, then unleash a series of devastating shockwaves. The power of the waves increases when dispelling magical effects.

1. Phoenix shift

Phoenix Shift
Phoenix Shift (Image Credits: eXputer)
Elements Phoenix Shift
Features Quickly closes the gap between faraway enemies with speed. Works on both ground and flying enemies. Use the triangle button for a Shift Shot and the square button for a Shift Strike while moving.
How to Increase Required AP: none, Effects: none
Master Required AP: 375 AP, Effects: Covers a wider range
Related Battle Techniques Shift Strike: lands successfully on ground enemies. Aerial Shift Strike: hits airborne enemies. Shift Combo: a combination of attacks originating from Shift Strikes that effectively strikes a single enemy. Aerial Shift Combo: a series of air attacks after a Shift Strike that hits a single enemy.

2. Scarlet Cyclone

Scarlet Cyclone
Scarlet Cyclone (Image Credits: eXputer)
Elements Scarlet Cyclone
Features Activates powers to swiftly approach far-off enemies. Ability can be used even while under enemy attack. Amplifies strike strength and reduces damage taken by one-third.
How to Increase Required AP: 475 AP, Effects: Boosting increases the number of hits
Master Required AP: 1000 AP, Effects: Ability can be used with other Eikon summons
Related Battle Techniques Scarlet Cyclone: hits multiple enemies within range.

3. Rising Flames

Rising Flames
Rising Flames (Image Credits: eXputer)
Elements Rising Flames
Features Can send enemies soaring into the air with a cooldown period before reuse. Launched enemies can still be targeted and attacked from the ground.
How to Increase Required AP: 500 AP, Effects: Boosting increases the number of hits
Master Required AP: 1000 AP, Effects: Ability can be used with other Eikon summons
Related Battle Techniques Rising Flames: Following a launch by the Rising Combo, the target can be struck multiple times.

4. Flames of Rebirth

Flames Of Rebirth
Flames Of Rebirth (Image Credits: eXputer)
Elements Flames of Rebirth
Description Summons a colossal fire pillar, incinerating all enemies in its range while partly healing Clive’s HP.
Recommended Use Healing depends on the current HP recovery shown on the life bar in faint green. Best used when HP recovery is high or when surrounded by many foes.
Technique/Command Collateral Flames: Deals damage to multiple enemies using Flames of Rebirth.
AP Cost / Added Effect Base: 1695 AP (no added effect), Upgrade: 2390 AP (increases number of hits), Mastery: 4250 AP (can be assigned to any Eikon).

5. Heat Wave

Heatwave (Image Credits: eXputer)
Element Heatwave
Features Heightens number of shockwaves when an enemy’s magical strength is overpowered by a wall of fire, reducing casting time by one-third. Capable of sending shockwaves towards faraway enemies and releasing a shockwave while rotating around an enemy.
How to Increase Required AP: 620 AP, Effects: Increase the number of hits
Master Required AP: 1000 AP, Effects: Ability can be used with other Eikon summons
Related Battle Techniques Heatwave Attack: Heatwave attacks will consume enemy magic when used multiple times.

At the start of FF16, Phoenix will have access to basic attacks. However, as Eikons such as Phoenix defeat enemies, they can earn Ability Points to unlock increasingly mighty fire-based abilities! Phoenix, the iconic fiery Eikon of Final Fantasy 16, deeply enhances the gameplay by infusing Clive Rosfield with its might. From rapidly bridging distances to enemies, creating fire cyclones, to launching shockwaves, Phoenix’s arsenal is vast. Its mastery offers impressive synergy with other Eikonic powers, creating an intricate web of tactical possibilities.

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