Final Fantasy 16: How To Fast Travel (Obelisks)



Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16, enables players to travel to various destinations in the semi-open world in no time. Final Fantasy 16, features a vast open world, therefore as you start your journey as Clive to take revenge for his dead brother, you will find it pretty difficult to access areas far from you. All the combat in Final Fantasy 16 is pretty fast-paced, and there are moments where you want to skip it & reach places that can be possible by doing fast travel.

Key Takeaways

  • Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16 lets players navigate the vast semi-open world quickly, instead of traveling on foot.
  • This feature becomes particularly handy given the fast-paced combat of FF16, allowing players to reach mission locations swiftly.
  • The fast travel system works through Obelisks, ancient stone structures marked with blue gemstones. These function as waypoints on the FF16 map.
  • When you approach an Obelisk, it activates, adding a new fast travel point to your map.
  • The Fast Travel feature becomes available early in FF16, after tutorial sessions and a key cutscene with the Archduke.
  • The first Obelisk is found while Clive goes to Lostwing, right before facing the boss, Midnight Raven.
  • To Fast Travel, you need to open the mini-map, click on the desired Obelisk and hold the ‘X’ button.
  • Upon unlocking, the Fast Travel feature enables players to reach any location in FF16.

What Is Fast Travel In Final Fantasy 16?

The fast travel feature in FF16 enables us to travel to certain points in the semi-open world quickly instead of traveling on foot. The game has various waypoints, and Fast Travel can be used to access these waypoints. Initially, as you unlock Fast Travel, you won’t be able to access all waypoints using it. The number of access points increases as you further progress in the game.

The fast-paced combat in Final Fantasy 16 won’t make sense if you have to travel an entire distance on your feet. Final Fantasy 16, therefore, has added a Fast Travel feature which is of great use as you can travel to specified locations quickly to complete missions using this feature.

What Are Obelisks?

Using Obelisk to fast travel in FF16 (Image Credit: eXputer)

FF16’s Obelisks are ancient-looking stone structures adorned with luminous blue gemstones, which illuminate more intensely as players get closer. Upon reaching an Obelisk, it activates, adding a new fast travel point to your map and allowing you to warp back to this location at any point throughout the game.

The fast travel feature becomes available relatively early in Final Fantasy 16, after the tutorial sessions that introduce combat and other mechanics. A pivotal cutscene with the Archduke will launch your first mission and along your path, you will encounter your first Obelisk.

Particularly, this happens when you face the boss, Midnight Raven, en route to Lostwing. The Obelisk – a rock replete with glowing blue gemstones – is positioned strategically on your path. As you approach it, the gems flicker, ensuring that you notice it, even if you’ve opted for FF16’s performance mode. Once you get close enough, the Obelisk activates, unlocking this new fast travel point on your map.

How To Fast Travel In FF16

how to fast travel in Final Fantasy 16 (Image Credit: eXputer)

Using Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16 is quite an easy task. However, before using it, you need to unlock this feature. To do so, all you need to do is open the mini-map, click on Obelisks on the map where you want to go, and hold X. As you do it, you will quickly access the location you want.

Unlocking The Fast Travel Feature

To unlock Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16, you first need to complete some objectives. First, out of this objective is to meet Archduke, after you have completed a training session hosted by Lord Commander. Once, you have met Archduke, the next objective is to see Clive’s father, who will then suggest Clive re-ally with the main force. As Clive listens to his Father and becomes go on a mission, Fast Travel Feature will be unlocked and you can then use it to reach any place in Final Fantasy 16.

The Fast Travel system in Final Fantasy 16 revolutionizes the player experience. Its strategic implementation in the game’s vast semi-open world through the activation of Obelisks is a game-changer. Unlocking early in your journey as Clive ensures that you can swiftly cover great distances, allowing you to focus on the fast-paced combat and missions. It’s a testament to the FF16’s innovative design, as it continues to set new benchmarks in RPG gaming.

This marks the end of my Final Fantasy 16 Fast Travel guide, and I have written all the useful information regarding fast travel, Obelisk & how to move fast from point A to Point B. Learning about fast travel is surely important but so is Final Fantasy 16: How To Use Limit Break, All Dominants, Eikons & Eikonic Challenges. So make sure you read these guides as well. 


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