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The Final Fantasy 16 Cid’s Hideaway serves as a crucial hub, a sanctuary nestled within the captivating realm of Valisthea. As a core junction for players, it offers an array of services and activities, including forging equipment, procuring upgrades, and engaging in side quests. Beyond these amenities, it also features distinctive attractions like Charon’s Toll shop, the Black Hammer’s forge, and the challenging Hunt Board, making it an indispensable stopover between your thrilling adventures.

Key Takeaways

  • Location and Unveiling: The Hideaway, also known as Cid’s Hideaway, is located in the Central Storm Deadlands and is unlocked after the “A Chance Encounter” main quest.
  • Charon’s Toll: A one-stop shop where players can upgrade, restock, and equip their characters.
  • Arete Stone: A virtual training space for honing combat skills.
  • The Black Hammer: A high-quality forge for crafting and reinforcing gear.
  • Sidequests and Alliant Reports: Unlocked as the player progresses, these offer comprehensive information on quests and facilitate fast travel to quest-givers.
  • The Hunt Board: Players can take on Elite Marks here, earn a renown rating, and collect Gil, the in-game currency.
  • The Patron’s Whisper: A place to exchange earned points for crucial materials, ability points, and prized accessories such as the Berserker Ring.
  • The Thousand Tomes: An extensive library where player contributions help increase their Wisdom level.
  • Scholar and Strategist Vivian: Offers a comprehensive outlook of The State of the Realm, providing a timeline of events and character relationships.

What Is The Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

Cid's Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16
Cid introducing the Hideway (Image Credit: eXputer)

The Hideaway, also referred to as Final Fantasy 16 Cid’s Hideaway, serves as your tranquil oasis amidst the captivating adventures within the universe of Final Fantasy XVI

  • Conveniently tucked within the inner sections of a fallen structure in the Central Storm Deadlands, this hub invites you into an array of rewarding engagements. 
  • The Hideaway gets unlocked after the main quest, “A Chance Encounter,” and in the fifth main quest, “Hide, Hideaway.”
  • Within this hub, you will find Charon’s Toll, a one-stop shop where you can acquire upgrades, restock consumables, or equip your character with a full armory. 
  • If honing your combat skills is on your agenda, Arete Stone’s virtual training space awaits you where you can practice different combos
  • You can craft and reinforce your gear at The Black Hammer, a top-notch forge that ensures you are always combat-ready.

With time, as you delve deeper into Valisthea, new sidequests, and Alliant Reports become available. These will guide you with comprehensive information on quests spread across Valisthea and facilitate fast travel to quest givers. 

  • The Hideaway also introduces the Hunt Board, where you can take on formidable Elite Marks, earn renown rating, and amass Gil, the currency in Final Fantasy XVI.
  • These earned points at the Hunt Board can be exchanged at The Patron’s Whisper. Here, you will receive donations of crucial materials, ability points, and prized accessories like the Berserker Ring. 
  • The Hideaway also houses The Thousand Tomes, an extensive compilation of knowledge where your accounts to Loresman Harpocrates contribute to an ever-growing library, helping increase your Wisdom level.
  • Furthermore, Scholar and Strategist Vivian can give you a comprehensive outlook of The State of the Realm
  • You can delve into an elaborate timeline of events and character relationships, offering a deeper understanding of your protagonist, Clive, and other key individuals.

In essence, the Hideaway in Final Fantasy XVI functions as your personal retreat, a central location nestled within the fantasy world of Valisthea. It equips you with an arsenal of services, trading points, and immersive activities, ensuring you are always prepared for the adventures that await you in Final Fantasy XVI.

Everything Inside The Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

A brief overview of everything inside the Hideway was given in the previous section. But if you’re looking for more information on every single activity available, then this section will cover that deeply. 

Charon’s Toll – The Shop

Charon shop
Charon at her shop (Image Credit: eXputer)

Within the heart of Cid‘s Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16, Charon’s Toll emerges as a useful shop. It is where you can procure, exchange, and restock your arsenal. Charon, the owner of this bustling shop, plays a pivotal role in your journey through Valisthea.

  • At Charon’s Toll, a plethora of services are at your disposal. 
  • From a vast array of weapons, gear, and materials to essential consumables, Charon has it all. 
  • Engaging with her will reveal the Shop Screen, where you can browse items sorted by type. 
  • Be sure to check your Gil and inventory capacity before making any purchases. 
  • The purchase process is as simple as holding down the ‘Purchase’ button. 
  • You’ll also get a preview of items, gear stats, and descriptions, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Charon’s Toll allows you to sell off any unnecessary weapons, gear, or items. 
  • Navigate to the ‘Sell’ screen, locate the item you wish to part with, and hold down the ‘Sell’ button.

Updates to the stock at Charon’s Toll are tied to your progress in the story. New stock alerts come in the form of a distinct brown and gold icon that appears when something fresh is up for grabs.

  • While the early stages of your journey might limit your gear to the Broadsword and Iron Bracers, these items can be fortified at The Black Hammer Forge. 
  • Consumable items, though limited in quantity, can be topped up at Charon’s Toll, provided you have sufficient Gil. 
  • So remember to make a pit stop at Charon’s Toll in between your questing and exploration of Valisthea.

Blackthorne’s Forge – The Black Hammer

Final fantasy 16 hideaway blacksmith
The Blackthorne Blacksmith (Image Credit: eXputer)

In the Cid’s Hideaway of Final Fantasy 16, you’ll come across Blackthorne’s workshop, named The Black Hammer. This is the place where all of your equipment crafting and upgrading will occur. 

  • When you gather enough materials, you can head over to Blackthorne at his anvil. 
  • Choosing the Forge dialogue option lets you access his menu of services. 
  • If you have the right materials and want to craft new equipment, just select the equipment you want under the Craft tab and hold down the Craft button.
  • To improve the gear you already have, you can access the Reinforce tab in Blackthorne’s menu. 
  • After selecting the gear you wish to upgrade and verifying you have enough materials, hold down the Reinforce button to get the job done. 

Sometimes, Blackthorne might have new crafting recipes to share. When this happens, you’ll get a notice, but even if you miss it, you can always check by looking for a brown and gold symbol on The Black Hammer. 

  • The Black Hammer isn’t just a forge – it’s also your guide to understanding what the new equipment will do for you. 
  • You’ll get to see how new weapons or armor compare to your current gear and what their crafting costs will be. 
  • If a piece of equipment seems too expensive to craft, you can always consider buying the base-level version from Charon’s Toll.

If you’re up for boosting your equipment’s stats, reinforcing your gear at The Black Hammer is a great idea. It costs some materials and a lower-rank version of that gear, but the increased stats could prove to be a game-changer during a tough fight. Remember, every small upgrade can make a big difference in Final Fantasy 16.

Arete Stone

final fantasy 16 arete stones in hideaway
Interacting with Arete Stones (Image Credit: eXputer)

In the Final Fantasy 16 hideaway, you will discover an innovative training tool, the Arete Stone. It provides a unique virtual space where you can put your abilities and equipment to the test, boost your combat skills, and vie for top scores globally. 

Hall Of Virtue

Situated within the Arete Stone menu, the Hall of Virtue offers a wide array of training possibilities. 

  • Here, you can experiment with your new gear and customize your session with informative displays, infinite limit break, HP regeneration, and more. 
  • Your loyal companion, Torgal, can join you, and you can select from a list of enemies for target practice.
  • The Hall of Virtue extends an extensive range of training choices, such as action logs, invincibility, automated HP restoration, and limitless breaks. 
  • You can also learn and master to dodge attacks.
  • You can also practice accurate sic timing, magic burst timing, ignore recast timers, reset your battle performance post a win, and selectively engage with enemies.
  • There’s an option to choose your practice opponents from a list that provides detailed information about each enemy, including their names, size, and attack style. 

With these features, you can instantly receive feedback and fine-tune your fighting strategies against different enemies.

More Arete Stone Activities

The Arete Stone doesn’t limit itself to training. 

  • The Arcade Mode offers a chance to compete with others by submitting your Combat Scores. 
  • There’s also a Stage Replay feature, greyed out initially, that allows you to revisit certain events in Final Fantasy XVI.
  • Furthermore, starting New Game Plus after completing the main story of Final Fantasy XVI unlocks two more modes. 
  • The Ultimaniac Mode presents a more challenging version of Arcade Mode, and it has its own leaderboard. 
  • The Chronolith Trials provide time-bound challenges based on the Eikons, offering some of the most punishing battles in Final Fantasy XVI.

Side Quests In The Hideaway

The Hideaway serves as your hub for exciting side quests. Engaging with NPCs in the Hideaway not only expands your understanding of the intricate world but also offers a wealth of side quests to undertake. By navigating the world map from the Hideaway, you can track and complete these additional missions one by one, earning valuable rewards along the way. You can access Alliant’s Reports in the pub area of the Hideaway for an overview of available quests.

Discovering And Initiating Side Quests 

New side quests will gradually become accessible in the Hideaway. 

  • These will be marked by green exclamation point icons, signifying a fresh opportunity for you to delve into. 
  • While many of these quests are conveniently located within the Hideaway, several others are scattered across the vast land of Valisthea. 
  • To access a comprehensive list of these quests, you can communicate with Gaute in the Hideaway and refer to the Alliant Reports.

Navigating Side Quests With Alliant Reports

final fantasy 16 hideaway guide
Alliant Reports Showcase (Image Credit: eXputer)

The Alliant Reports provide valuable insights into each side quest. 

  • These reports list essential details such as: 
    • The quest’s name 
    • Geographical location 
    • Client’s name 
    • The nearest Obelisk
    • The Gil reward upon completion 
    • Map indicating the quest icon in bright green. 
  • Once you’ve chosen a side quest to undertake, the Travel button becomes a convenient feature, allowing for fast travel to the client’s location
  • There, you can accept the quest and start your new adventure promptly.

Loreman Harpocrates – The Thousand Tomes 

Loreman Harpocrates with his Thousand Tomes (Image Credit: eXputer)

Navigating the Final Fantasy 16 hideway, you’ll cross paths with the Loreman Harpocrates. This individual is a vital character in your journey, as he oversees the Thousand Tomes, an extensive library capturing all aspects of Valisthea’s lore. Whenever you pay a visit to Harpocrates, he updates the Thousand Tomes with your latest exploratory findings.

Each interaction with the Thousand Tomes brings a wealth of new knowledge. 

  • Each new piece of information is diligently recorded, fostering a comprehensive understanding of Valisthea’s world. 
  • Simultaneously, you acquire reading experience, enabling you to augment your Wisdom level and peruse an abundant reservoir of facts about the realm.
  • The Thousand Tomes is more than a mere compilation of data. 
  • It suggests pertinent topics and offers you the option to explore its extensive database for a variety of subjects. 
  • These range from Persons of Interest, such as Benedikta, Eikons, and their dominants, Material Information, and Historical Events to Bestiary Information and beyond. 
  • To aid your journey in uncovering Valisthea’s secrets, a gauge is present at the end of each Tome, helping you track your progress.

Updating The Thousand Tomes

Showcase of Thousand Tomes (Image Credit: eXputer)

As you progress further into the world of Final Fantasy XVI, you can enhance the Thousand Tomes by engaging in conversations with Harpocrates

  • If your journey has been extensive enough, Clive will share his adventures with Harpocrates. 
  • This dialogue results in the unveiling and updating of the corresponding subjects in the Thousand Tomes. 
  • After unlocking a sufficient amount of information, you will witness a level-up in your Wisdom stat.
  • As a result, your Thousand Tomes title will also change (for example, from Amateur Annalist to Ravenous Reader). 

Scholar Vivian – The State Of The Realm 

As you explore the extensive universe of Final Fantasy XVI, you’ll meet Vivian, the scholar, and strategist who maintains a comprehensive record of the State of the Realm. This includes an intriguing look into the relationships between prominent characters, key events, and the changing dynamics across Valisthea.

  • Vivian’s knowledge base, The Grand Cast and the Year of the Realm Timeline allows you to delve into the intricate relationships between the characters of Valisthea. 
  • The tools help you understand the intricate web of relationships, spanning the past and the present. 
  • Vivian provides detailed character profiles, descriptions of notable interactions, their allies, enemies, and even the status of their lives.

Situation Map

Showcase of Situation Map (Image Credit: eXputer)

The Situation Map, in conjunction with the Year of the Realm Timeline, is a valuable tool that lets you traverse time, allowing you to view significant events from across Valisthea and see the people involved in each situation. Additionally, it allows you to track characters such as Clive, revealing their locations during these crucial moments.

  • Whether you need a refresher on the plot or want to deepen your understanding of character dynamics, the State of the Realm offers valuable insights.
  • As your journey through Valisthea progresses, the State of the Realm dynamically updates. 
  • It showcases more diagrams corresponding to the storyline, serving as a useful tool if you require a recap of the narrative after a hiatus from Final Fantasy XVI.

Hunt Board

The Hunt Board in final fantasy 16 hideaway
The Hunt Board (Image Credit: eXputer)

In your escapade through the fantasy world of Valisthea in Final Fantasy XVI, you can test your skills by hunting down monsters listed on the Hunt Board. Supervised by the Moogle named Nektar, the Hunt Board introduces you to the intriguing world of bounty hunting, offering rewards and renown points for every monstrous adversary defeated.

  • The Hunt Board becomes accessible after completing the main quest, The Gathering Storm, and its sub-quest, Release. 
  • Following these quests, upon returning to The Hideaway and engaging with Gav, you are granted access to the Hunt Board. 
  • Here, you can find and accept quests to hunt down notorious monsters, or ‘Marks,’ lurking across Valisthea. 
  • The Hunt Board provides essential information about each Mark, including its location, physical description, and clues about its habitat.
  • This information enables you to strategize and prepare effectively for each hunt, ensuring a higher chance of success.
  • Hunting down and exterminating these Marks rewards you with Gil and Renown Rating. 
  • Notably, each Mark’s challenge level is gauged from ranks C to S, the former being lower-end and the latter high-end. 
  • While the information about high-ranking foes might be scarce, the rewards for defeating them are significantly higher. 
  • After a successful hunt, simply return to the Moogle, Otto, to claim your hard-earned bounty.

What makes the Hunt Board even more compelling is that Renown Points earned from hunting Marks can be used on the Patron’s Whisper. By doing so, you can gain additional rewards, such as useful items and ability points

Patron’s Whisper

Patron’s Whisper at her shop (Image Credit: eXputer)

Within the realm of Valisthea in Final Fantasy XVI, an opportunity to amass rewards awaits you at the Patron’s Whisper. Operated by Desiree, the Patron’s Whisper allows you to accept donations filled with resources such as crafting materials, ability points, and unique accessories like the Berserker Ring, based on the renown rating you’ve accumulated. 

  • Renown rating, a significant currency in Final Fantasy XVI, can be increased by engaging in multiple activities. 
  • Completing side quests in your journey or hunting notorious marks listed on the Hunt Board are excellent ways to quickly accumulate renown. 
  • Completing these tasks not only enriches your adventure but also contributes to the growth of your renown rating. 

Once you’ve earned enough renown rating, Desiree at the Patron’s Whisper is ready to provide you with donation crates filled with valuable goodies. Each donation comes with a title, a Renown rating requirement, and a detailed list of crate contents, along with a note from the generous patron supporting your cause. 

  • In order to access the Patron’s Whisper and claim these crates, you will need to select the Patron’s Whisper dialogue option when conversing with Desiree. 
  • You can then choose the donation crate you wish to claim and hold the ‘Claim’ button to open it, revealing your rewards.
  • Donation crates can be filled with an assortment of valuable items. 
  • Crafting materials can be used to create and upgrade your equipment, while ability points can enhance your skills. 
  • Accessories and orchestrion rolls are also up for grabs. 
  • As you grow your renown rating, the potential for better rewards increases, offering an incentive to continue growing your renown rating. 

The Patron’s Whisper, located in Cid’s Hideaway, becomes available after completing the subquest, ‘Release,’ and after a conversation with Gav during the ‘The Gathering Storm’ main quest. Once unlocked, you can reap the benefits of your hard-earned renown rating. 

With that, you now know everything about the Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway. It acts as your main hub in between quests and offers various features that you can use to enhance your combat abilities, sharpen your skills, keep track of all your available quests and even acquire new ones! 

Besides just the Hideaway, you can discover a lot more about Final Fantasy 16, such as the battle system or the Eikonic Challenge mode. And if you’re struggling to manage your saved files, check out our guide on how to save and our general ff 16 tips.

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