Final Fantasy 16 Has Already Sold 3 Million Copies Since Launch



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  • Final Fantasy 16 has reportedly already sold three million copies worldwide since its launch on June 22, as announced by the renowned Japanese site, Gamer in a new blog post.
  • The huge sales number suggests its popularity among gamers around the globe since the entry has incorporated a bundle of mature features, realistic lore, and many memorable characters.
  • The game reportedly features over 40 hours of gameplay content, including 100 sidequests and many indelible missions that feel more like a Hollywood Blockbuster experience than a video game.
  • Final Fantasy 16 was released on the current-gen PlayStation 5 on June 22 as a timed exclusive; it will retain that status for the first six months before possibly landing on other platforms.

Final Fantasy 16 is a mature take on the franchise, which appears to have attracted quite a large audience. Gamers in the millions have come together to experience the harsh and eventful chronicles of Clive and other memorable characters. As announced by a prominent Japanese news source, Gamer, the entry has rolled over three million copies worldwide even before seven days elapsed since its global release.

It is a huge achievement for the mesmerizing title, showcasing the harsh reality of dominants and bearers in the world of Valisthea. The full-scale action RPG has sold huge numbers very swiftly after becoming available, suggesting its popularity around the globe. Perhaps the new approach to the Final Fantasy formula has become a popular hit among gamers, as it is the first entry to take such a bold step as to include swearing and curse words.

The exhilarating RPG was released only a week ago on June 22 to critical acclaim, with its action RPG combat mixed with an enthralling story. The entry manages to pull the strings of gamers with its Hollywood Blockbuster-like cutscenes and tests out many new mature features that are a first for the franchise. The fast-paced combat mixed with a fluidity never seen before in any other Final Fantasy game leaves a sweet aftertaste in our mouths.

Despite the title only requiring nearly 90 GB of space, Final Fantasy 16 is quite long, easily encasing over 40 hours of gameplay before the story reaches its eventual end. Moreover, there are around about 100 sidequests to add more immersion to the giant world of Valisthea. It was released on the current-gen PlayStation 5 as a timed exclusive; it will retain that status for the first six months before possibly landing on other platforms. 

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