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After finishing the prologue of Final Fantasy 16, everyone had just one question on their mind, and that is, Did Clive kill Joshua? The two hours long prologue unveiled a lot of significant events, but the fight between the two brothers gave birth to a lot of speculations. If you have played the demo, you will be aware of the fact that Ifrit, the Eikon of Fire, is Clive, and Phoenix is Joshua. But what happens, in the end, is what I’ll be answering in my guide today. 

Key Takeaways

  • With Final Fantasy 16 out now, everyone is wondering Did Clive killed Joshua after finishing the prologue. 
  • These speculations arose when we saw the major Phoenix and Ifrit fight. 
  • We also saw different taking over Clive, which ultimately resulted in the defeat of Phoenix. 
  • The theory of Clive killing Joshua might be true in case Joshua is actually dead. 
  • However, you can read on to find out if Joshua is alive and what exactly happened at the Phoenix Gate
Important: Please read ahead at your own risk, as the next part contains major spoilers. I highly recommend finishing the FF16 demo first if you want to understand the whole context.

Did Clive Kill Joshua In Final Fantasy 16 

As soon as you reach the end of Final Fantasy 16 and learn that Ifrit is Clive, and the Phoenix is his brother, Joshua, there are a lot of questions will pop up in your mind.

Joshua gaining his Phoenix powers
Joshua gaining his Phoenix powers – (Image Captured by eXputer)

While the trailers of Final Fantasy 16 have always concluded with the brutal death of Joshua, there is still a lot of confusion. 

  • To answer the titular question, Clive did kill Joshua, and there are a lot of instances that I can point out to prove this speculation. However, it is also important to note that this speculation is only true if Joshua did actually die. 
  • There are a lot of the facts that I will unfold in my guide and answer the mystery, Final Fantasy 16 Did Clive kill Joshua, so keep on reading. 

Clive Is The Eikon Of Fire 

When you first start FF16, you will be taking on the role of Phoenix, battling against a major enemy called Ifrit.

Final Fantasy 16 Did Clive Kill Joshua
Clive turning into Ifrit – (Image Captured by eXputer)

The whole time players were progressing through the main story, the major plot was good versus evil, with the Phoenix representing the good in Final Fantasy 16. 

  • When the phoenix gate event happened, we saw that Joshua had to witness his father being killed in the night, which unfolded a lot of events later on. 
  • Furthermore, this event also led Joshua to embrace the powers of a phoenix from his father. 
  • However, due to Joshua being fairly young and extremely emotional at that point, his phoenix abilities went berserk and out of control. 
  • When Clive tried to control Joshua, he fell down on the ground and was met with a very strange figure. 
  • At this point, he realized that he had transformed into Ifrit, who is one of the major Eikons belonging to the House of Rosfield
  • This demonic Eikon possessing dark energy, fought the Phoenix and attacked him brutally. 
  • While Clive tries to stop Ifrit, it is of no use, and he ends up killing Phoenix. 

Is Joshua Still Alive 

Another speculation going around is that Joshua might still be alive in Final Fantasy 16. Major spoilers in the Final Fantasy 16 Did Clive Kill Joshua guide ahead, Clive is actually the second Eikon of Fire, and he did end up killing Joshua.

Final Fantasy 16 Did Clive Kill Joshua (Answered)
Joshua after the major time skip – (Image Captured by eXputer)

But fortunately, Joshua is still alive somehow, and he is known as the hooded figure we saw in the prologue as well known as Margrace. 

  • There were many fan theories around it as well, with the major one being that Joshua came back to life as he used the powers of Phoenix, as the creature is known for coming back to life again from its very own ashes. 
  • You will first see Joshua without his hood for the first time in Phoenix Gate after the time skip has occurred. 
  • But even then, the players will not realize that he is, in fact, Joshua and not Margrace. 
  • He will finally reveal his identity as soon as you reach the Holy Empire Of Sanbreque
  • He was also the hooded figure that said the words, ‘We Found You’ when Clive transformed into Ifrit. 
  • Later it is revealed that Joshua spent his time learning his powerful phoenix abilities and mastering them. 
  • He was also very keen on learning what exactly happened that day. 
  • You will also see him saving Clive from becoming the Ultima. 

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