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The Final Fantasy 16 Demo is out and contains exciting gameplay that perfectly captures the essence of the game and gives you a good idea of what to expect. With epic Eikon fights and the gameplay of the protagonist, Clive, from different time periods, there is much to unpack here. As I discuss the Final Fantasy 16 demo walkthrough, you’ll get a good idea of the plot as well.

Key Takeaways

  • You can download the Final Fantasy 16 Demo from the PlayStation 5 Store starting from 12th June for free.
  • The FF16 Demo is two hours long.
  • The demo covers the Prologue section of Final Fantasy 16 as well as an Eikon Challenge Dungeon.
  • Progress of the Prologue can carry over to the full game.
  • The demo can be divided into five main sections:
    1. Introduction: A fiery introduction of two Eikons fighting that leads into a flashback of Clive exploring a dungeon. That leads to another flashback of a younger Clive training in Rosalith. 
    2. Sunset, Sunrise: A Quest that lets you explore Rosalith and discover more of your Eikon abilities.
    3. Lost in a Fog: As Clive, you get to fight against a bunch of goblins and also go through your major boss fight.
    4. Morbol boss fight
    5. Flight of the Fledgling: Get to play as Joshua and Clive as they try to escape an attack from a bunch 

Important: There is almost two hours’ worth of content in the Final Fantasy 16 demo. The following section will give an overview of what to expect through each playable quest in the demo.

1. Introductory Sequence In FF16 Demo

Final fantasy 16 demo
Eikon fights at the start (Image Credits: eXputer)

Your journey through the Final Fantasy 16 Demo commences with a narrative setup that introduces crucial characters and gameplay mechanics. 

  • You are immediately thrown into a combat sequence between Phoenix and the Infernal Eikon. 
  • Here, you control Phoenix and need to continuously launch fireballs at the Eikon. 
  • Be vigilant of the Eikon’s increased glow, signaling its lunge attack – it’s your cue to dodge.
final fantasy 16 demo walkthrough
Flashback sequence (Image Credits: eXputer)

Post-combat, the year is 873 in the Realm, and you find yourself with Clive and his companions in the Nysa Defile, situated in the Dhalmekian Republic. 

  • Your team’s objective is clear – to engage Shiva’s dominant and none else. 
  • As the flames die down, you need to lead Clive uphill to witness the unfolding battlefield drama below.

A shift in the scene to the Zirnitra Stronghold reveals leaders in a heated discussion about their allegiances. 

  • Amidst rising tensions, the presence of the Ironblood’s dominant suggests a challenge for Kupka, the dominant in the room, if he decides to engage. 
  • Kupka departs, followed by Benedikta, revealing their romantic involvement.

Back as Clive, your group decides to launch an attack. 

  • Traversing the path ahead, you catch up with your group when the Titan Eikon appears, causing chaos and destruction. 
  • Shiva then counters, hurling projectiles from her crystallized cocoon. 
  • In the ensuing chaos, stick to the trail, avoiding falling debris and climbing icy ledges until you reach safety.


Rosalith training sequence (Image Credits: eXputer)

After a comrade falls to debris, you find yourself in a flashback from 13 years ago at Rosalith, Grand Duchy of Rosaria. 

  • Here, you wake up to combat training with Lord Commander Murdoch, where you’re required to deliver two sets of four-swing combos.
  • Once done, Murdoch instructs you to cast the Fire spell at him five times, ensuring that all of them connect. 
  • Subsequently, evades Murdoch’s attacks four times, either by regular dodging or precision dodging. 
  • Precision dodges, performed right as the enemy is about to strike, slow down time and provide a counterattack window.

Next, learn about Eikonic Feats and perform a Phoenix Shift three times

  • After this, use the Potions in your inventory to restore your health. 
  • A duel ensues after the tutorial, where Murdoch tests your newly-acquired skills. Break Murdoch’s Will Gauge, stagger him, and use the Rising Flames Eikonic Ability to overcome him.

Post-battle, Joshua heals you with his Phoenix powers, but you reprimand him. Word arrives of your father’s return. You follow your mother, Joshua, and Jill Warrick to greet him. He confides in you about an impending war and wishes to speak with you in the throne room.

2. Sunrise, Sunset

final fantasy 16 demo walkthrough
Sunrise, Sunset quest cutscene (Image Credits: eXputer)

“Sunrise, Sunset” is your next opening mission in Final Fantasy 16, setting the scene for the epic tale to unfold. 

  • It starts with your character, Clive, exploring Rosalith after his father returns home with unsettling news of an impending war.
  • Commence by guiding Jill, who is carrying Torgal, to the left side of the encampment. As you approach the stairs on the right side of the training grounds, you’ll come across a hapless worker. 
  • After watching the brief cutscene, ascend the stairs and activate the door on your right.
  • Press onward and push through the gates to find yourself in the Open Gardens. 
  • Veer left in the Gardens, where you’ll have an opportunity to engage in a quick optional chat with Joshua. 
  • Bypass him and ascend the steps to open the large wooden doors. 
  • Here, Jill parts ways with Torgal, and you encounter your father and Murdoch. 
  • They enlighten you about the imminent danger of the Blight and emphasize the necessity to act immediately.

The decision is made to head to Phoenix Gate the next morning. Your immediate assignment is to journey to the Stillwind Marshes to eliminate a goblin infestation

  • Once the discussion concludes, make your way up the stairs to the right of the throne and enter the room at the end of the corridor.
  • During the night, Anabella and Elwin engage in an argument about Joshua accompanying his expedition in the morning. 
  • Jill prays for your safe return as you both contemplate the upcoming war.
  • When morning arrives, Elwin sets off with his legion and Joshua. You, Sir Wade, and Sir Tyler prepare to venture to Stillwind to tackle the goblin problem.

Useful Items

While in Rosalith Castle, you need to converse with your father, the Archduke of Rosaria. Before heading directly there, take some time to explore the area, as there are a lot of idle soldiers who can provide fragments of the broader narrative. Plus, there are several valuable items to find.

  • Near one of the tents in the center of the grounds, you’ll locate a Potion concealed in a barrel. 
  • You can return to the training grounds where you sparred with the Lord Commander. 
  • If you attempt to ascend the stairs nearby, you’ll gain insights into Clive’s personality. 
  • Take a left past the illuminated water display and head up more stairs. 
  • At the end of the path, you’ll discover a High Potion.

If you proceed through the door near the High Potion, you’ll find a beautiful garden. 

  • Follow Jill, and she will lead you to Joshua, Clive’s brother. 
  • Behind the pedestals on the far side of the garden, there is a Potion tucked away.

3. Lost In A Fog

Final Fantasy 16 lost in a fog demo quest walkthrough
Lost in a Fog quest start (Image Credits: eXputer)

The second main quest of the Final Fantasy 16 demo walkthrough, ‘Lost in a Fog’, introduces you to the immersive realm of Stillwind

  • As you navigate the world map, choose the destination, Stillwind. 
  • Upon reaching your destination, proceed down the straight path, making your way under a fallen tree on the left. 
  • Prepare yourself for a battle with 3 Goblin Muggers lying in wait.

Victory against the Goblins paves the way to a crawlspace to the right of a cart. 

  • Proceed through the crawlspace, turning right at the exit. 
  • Navigate through a tight opening in a ruined house to discover a Strength Tonic
  • Beyond the ruins, the sight of goblins overrunning Stillwind greets you. 

An initial skirmish with hostile Goblins awaits as you make your entrance through a damaged gate. 

  • A victorious battle allows further exploration and the opportunity to locate a Potion in the left-hand house. 
  • Clear your path by interacting with wooden planks barricading the way, thus creating an opening. 

You’ll find a ladder on the right-hand side, indicated by floating butterflies. 

  • Choose to collect a Strength Tonic from a nearby house before ascending the ladder. 
  • At the top, prepare for a battle with a group of Goblins, including a spellcasting Goblin Weaver. 
  • Prioritize defeating the Weaver to eliminate ranged attacks, leaving melee-focused goblins for the end.

Upon securing the area, engage with the crumbling gateway to kick the debris down and establish a new route. A cutscene triggers as you leap over a gap in the bridge, revealing you surrounded by Goblins, with their leader observing from a nearby rooftop.

  • Carefully eliminate the surrounding goblins, paying special attention to two Goblin Weavers. 
  • Once the leader is alone, it summons Gigas, the first formidable foe of Final Fantasy 16, by blowing its horn.

Gigas Encounter

Gigas Bossfight

Gigas, boasting a large health bar, wields a colossal club with gusto. Despite being an introductory boss fight, patience and strategy are necessary. Here are a few tips for defeating it:

  • Maximize your abilities usage and engage Rising Flames as it becomes available. 
  • Exercise patience with dodging, taking note of the long windup of Gigas’ sweep and overhead slam attacks. 
  • Timing is critical, especially if you have the Ring of Timely Focus or Timely Evasion equipped. 
  • Wait for the dodge prompt; avoid dodging preemptively. 
  • Gigas staggers at 50% depletion of its Will Gauge and falls over at 0%. 
  • Seize the opportunity to maximize damage while Gigas is staggered. 
  • Your diligence and strategy will reward you with Gigas’ defeat after recovering from the first full stagger.

The spoils of your victory include a level-up, 45 Ability Points, and the Hard Leather Armlets gear item. 

  • Now, pursue the retreating Goblin leader through a hole created by Gigas in a nearby wall. 
  • However, as you follow, it triggers a collapse by kicking down a beam. 
  • Make your way over the wreckage and under a fallen tree to trap it. 
  • You’ll eventually come across a giant Morbol from the shallow water.

4. Morbol Bossfight In Final Fantasy 16 Demo

Final fantasy 16 morbol boss fight
Morbol Bossfight

The Morbol, a tentacled creature, is one of your major boss fights of the Final Fantasy 16 demo. 

  • The challenge isn’t particularly difficult, but it will test your patience as you gradually reduce its health. 
  • The creature has a diverse range of attacks, primarily using its tentacles and toxic breath.

When in close proximity to the Morbol, it tends to use its front tentacles to lash out in an attempt to hit you, so it’s best to stay on the move to dodge these attacks. 

  • Additionally, the Morbol has a poison breath attack that can afflict you with poison status, slowly draining your HP over time. 
  • Keep an antidote handy, or use Esuna if you’ve already unlocked this spell.

At times, Morbol will slam its whole body onto the ground creating a shockwave, so make sure to maintain a safe distance or dodge timely. 

  • To attack the Morbol effectively, target the bulbous body in the center of its tentacles. 
  • Landing hits on this weak spot will deplete the creature’s Will Gauge more quickly. 

Once its Will Gauge is depleted, the Morbol will be staggered, providing you with a chance to unleash your most powerful abilities and spells for massive damage. 

  • The fight may be lengthy, but persistence and careful positioning will eventually lead to the Morbol’s defeat. 

After defeating the Morbol, you’ll be rewarded with a level up, 70 Ability Points, and a piece of gear called the “Morbol Pendant”. The pendant will prove useful in future battles as it grants resistance to the poison status effect.

5. Flight Of The Fledgling

playing as joshua
Flight of the Fledgling quest starts with Joshua

The final quest in the Final Fantasy 16 demo walkthrough is Flight of the Fledgling. Here’s how to proceed with it:

  • Venture to Phoenix Gate on your World Map and initiate a cutscene that presents a mirthful gathering of soldiers. 
  • Engage in a conversation with Elwin and Joshua about the perpetual birth of a Dominant within the Rosfield family and the significance of the Crystals’ Blessing. 
  • After this interaction, guide Joshua to Clive and delve into a discourse about their mutual life goals.

As Joshua retires for the night, a suspicious caravan appears at the castle gates. Discovering they’re hostile, they slay the guards and infiltrate the settlement. 

  • Wade rouses Joshua from his slumber and urges him to flee. 
  • This marks the beginning of your third main mission, Flight of the Fledgling
  • In this mission, you’ll navigate Joshua through a perilous escape from Phoenix Gate amidst an onslaught from enemy forces.

Take control of Joshua and trail Wade through the corridors, descending a flight of stairs, and proceed to open a door. 

  • At the end of the hallway, there’s a Level 7 Armored Interloper
  • Act promptly and cast a spell at the enemy. 
  • Wade will likely eliminate the rest. 
  • As you mourn the casualties, Wade identifies the fallen soldier’s armor as belonging to the Sanbrequois, revealing the Empire as the infiltrators.

Press forward, opening the door in your path, then veer left to find another door, hiding two foes behind it. 

  • Employ your spells on one or both adversaries. 
  • Wade will again dispatch any remaining enemies. 
  • Continue through the corridors, vanquishing another armored soldier on your path, until you encounter a wounded Tyler. 
  • As Joshua assists Tyler with his Eikonic magic, Clive unexpectedly appears, followed shortly by Elwin and Murdoch
  • The group then strategizes and decides to head outside.

Playing As Clive Again

playing as clive in final fantasy 16 demo
Getting back control of Clive

Outside, Elwin dispatches a messenger owl to Rosalith. Meanwhile, you and Murdoch decide to stay behind, providing the others with a chance to escape. In this new phase, you gain control of Clive. 

  • Forge ahead through the doors, and you’ll re-enter the banquet hall, now housing four enemies. 
  • Prioritize the spellcaster before defeating the remaining foes.
  • Advance through the double doors located to the left of the main doorway blocked by flames, then passes through the large doors at the other end of the hallway. 
  • You’ll find yourself in the courtyard surrounded by several soldiers. 
  • Eliminate them strategically, paying special attention to Astrologers to prevent unexpected off-screen spell attacks.

While attempting to retrace your steps, you’ll be ambushed by a Dragoon known as the Knight of the Blinding Dawn

  • This agile fighter relies on aerial attacks, making it essential to spot a glowing blue light on the ground, indicating his imminent crash landing. 
  • Evade accordingly. 
  • He will also perform a series of offensive maneuvers involving his lance, requiring you to dodge towards the end of the animation or counter-attack after a precise dodge.
  • During the battle, the Knight will jump onto a tower and launch a projectile at you. 
  • Respond by deflecting it automatically and enter into a cinematic strike button prompt, effectively staggering the Knight. 
  • Seize the moment and inflict significant damage with your Phoenix abilities.
  • The Knight will then proceed to perform a double jump variation of his initial attack, so ensure to dodge twice to avoid the impact. 

Reuniting With Elwin And Joshua

final fantasy 16 demo walkthrough details
Cutscene with Joshua and his father

Upon his defeat, rush to Elwin and Joshua only to discover traitorous sashes from the previous day in Rosalith. Elwin and Joshua are in mortal danger, and you scramble to locate them. 

Clive observes a mysterious figure uttering an unheard phrase before disappearing. Simultaneously, Elwin is preparing Joshua’s escape on a Chocobo. However, as more guards arrive, Joshua’s Chocobo is killed, and traitors reveal themselves, decapitating Elwin in front of a horrified Joshua.

  • Witnessing the horrifying scene of Elwin’s decapitation, a traumatized Joshua transforms into the Eikon Phoenix, emitting an intense heat that incinerates everyone nearby. 
  • As Clive desperately pleads for his brother’s composure, he instructs Murdoch to flee on his Chocobo.
  • Suddenly, an unknown flaming entity emerges – another Eikon of Fire
  • Murdoch expresses disbelief at the existence of two Eikons of Fire, but his words are cut short as he is swiftly reduced to ashes. 
  • A battle between the two fiery Eikons begins one that mirrors the dramatic showdown at Final Fantasy 16’s onset.

Eikon Battle

Final Eikon Battle

You’re back in control of Phoenix, and your task is to take down the rival Eikon of Fire

  • Its movement is erratic, darting between walls, but your goal is to maintain a steady aim at it. 
  • When your targeting reticle is at its largest, that’s your cue to fire. 
  • Continue to bombard the enemy Eikon with fireballs and chip away at its health. 
  • As it draws near, glowing brighter, it’s time to evade using the provided button prompt.

The terrain changes as the fight moves into a large cavern. When the enemy Eikon captures you, you can use Quick Time Events (QTEs) to evade and free yourself. 

  • Inside Phoenix, Joshua recognizes the cavern as the Apodytery Elwin mentioned. 
  • Resume your attack, letting off a volley of fireballs while keeping the Eikon in your sights. 
  • As the chase proceeds, the cavern around you crumbles and collapses. 
  • When you finally corner the enemy Eikon, follow the button prompt to initiate a cinematic attack, unleashing Phoenix’s “Awakening” move.

Keep pursuing until the enemy Eikon’s health stops decreasing. 

  • A timer will then appear, announcing the arrival of the Eikon’s powerful attack, “Hellfire”, in five seconds. 
  • Don’t worry about the impending inferno; focus on unleashing your own firepower on the Eikon. 
  • Regardless of your actions, the enemy Eikon will unleash Hellfire, causing a colossal explosion that incapacitates Phoenix.

Phoenix, however, is not done. The “Flames of Rebirth” ability restores Phoenix’s health, allowing you to charge at the enemy Eikon for one final showdown. 

  • The battle concludes with both Eikons breaking out of the ground. 
  • Although Phoenix gains the upper hand initially, the enemy Eikon retaliates ferociously, ultimately defeating Phoenix by driving its fist through its chest, thereby killing Joshua.

The following day, you find yourself among enemy soldiers surveying the aftermath of the battle. 

  • It is revealed that your mother, Anabella, is in league with the Empire, betraying your father. 
  • Despite the deaths of Elwin and Joshua, she coldly orders the soldiers to either kill you or enlist you to serve on the Imperial Front Line. 

And with that, the main storyline of the Final Fantasy 16 Demo walkthrough concludes. You can, of course, replay the demo on a different difficulty, but that is the main gist of the demo. An exciting and action-packed demo to build up hype and definitely reveal many of the combat elements as you go through the demo.

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