Final Fantasy 16: All Dominants (Complete List)



Dominants in Final Fantasy 16 are powerful beings, pivotal to the game’s narrative and gameplay. Serving as the human hosts of mythical Eikons, their complex destinies drive the story, ignite conflicts, and shape the strategies of combat, making each encounter for players a unique and immersive experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Dominants serve as the main drivers for the progression of the plot in Final Fantasy 16.
  • The fate of each Dominant heavily influences the characters’ journeys and challenges faced throughout the story.
  • Dominants, being the hosts of Eikons, can use their powers in battles of Final Fantasy 16.
  • This introduces unique combat mechanics, including powerful elemental attacks or the ability to transform into the Eikon itself.
  • Dominants can transform into their Eikons, giving players the exciting opportunity to control powerful beings in battle.

What Are Dominants In Final Fantasy 16?

Dominants in Final Fantasy 16 are special characters who host mythical Eikons, infusing them with incredible powers. These characters play key roles in the game’s storyline and combat system, driving the plot forward, shaping the nature of conflicts, and introducing unique gameplay mechanics.

In essence, Dominants are the heart of the narrative and gameplay of Final Fantasy 16. As you play through FF16, the complex nature of the Dominants and their Eikons will continually surprise and challenge you.

Dominants play key roles in the narrative and gameplay of FF16. Here’s how:

Storytelling Elements

  1. Plot Drivers: Dominants are crucial for the story’s progression. The destiny of each Dominant often defines the journey the characters take and the struggles they face.
  2. Conflict Sources: The power of the Eikons is both a blessing and a curse. This dual nature causes conflict within nations, between characters, and within the Dominants themselves.

Gameplay Elements

  1. Combat Mechanics: As the host of Eikons, Dominants can call upon their powers in battle, providing a unique combat mechanic. This can involve unleashing powerful elemental attacks or transforming into the Eikon itself.
  2. Strategy Elements: The various abilities of the Eikons mean that players must adjust their tactics depending on which Eikon’s power they have access to, or which Eikon they are facing.
  3. Character Development: Dominants can grow in power along with their Eikons. This allows for the development and customization of abilities, making each Dominant’s gameplay feel unique.

List Of Known Dominants In Final Fantasy 16 So Far

While the current list contains only 8 Dominants in FF16 based on the overall press showcased so far since last year, I strongly believe there will be a couple more that can be unlocked late game on maybe in NG+.

1. Clive

main character of final fantasy 16
Clive Rosfield as the Protagonist

Clive Rosfield is the main character in Final Fantasy 16. He’s the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria, and everyone thought he would inherit the power of the Phoenix Eikon. But, the Phoenix chose his younger brother Joshua instead. This pushed Clive to find his own way and become a skilled sword fighter.

Clive can turn into the Eikon called Ifrit and use its powers. Other Dominants can do this with their own Eikons. But I am not sure if Clive can turn into other Eikons, besides Ifrit. There’s some footage of the Phoenix fighting other Eikons, but it’s unclear if that’s Clive.

When you play as Clive, you’ll spend a lot of time fighting with your sword. Clive is also able to learn different powers from all the Eikons he meets in Final Fantasy 16. These powers can change how your sword attacks, like adding fire damage or making you move super fast. Clive can also learn magical attacks that can hit enemies from far away or affect a large area.

You can use all of these powers to create cool combos, and you can also do air combos to keep enemies in the air. This makes it harder for them to fight back. There will also be parts of Final Fantasy 16 where you control Eikons in big cinematic fights. These fights will play out differently depending on which Eikon you’re controlling. There will be battles where you shoot at enemies, wrestling matches between Eikons, and more.

2. Jill

Jill Warrick

Jill Warrick is a good sword fighter and the Dominant of the Eikon Shiva. She’s a close friend to the main character, Clive Rosfield. Later, Jill and Clive fought each other at a battle in Nysa. But Clive didn’t hurt Jill because he remembered their time growing up together. After that, they came back together as friends and allies.

Jill was a princess from the Northern Territories. When she was very young, the Archduke of Rosaria stopped the Northern Territories from making raids and took Jill into his care. She was raised in Rosalith Castle with Clive and his brother Joshua. They saw Jill as part of their family and were close like siblings.

But their family has torn apart during a big fight called the Night of Flame at the Phoenix Gate. Jill and Clive ended up on different paths. While they were apart, Jill woke up as the Dominant of Shiva. She helped protect the Iron Kingdom.

3. Joshua


Joshua Rosfield is the younger brother of the main character, Clive Rosfield, and is the second son of the Archduke of Rosaria. Joshua is also the Dominant of the Eikon Phoenix, which means he can turn into the Phoenix.

Joshua was not expected to become the Dominant of the Phoenix. It was a surprise when he woke up with its power at a young age. Despite being born into a high-ranking family, Joshua is kind to everyone in Rosaria. He especially cares for his brother Clive and their friend Jill Warrick.

Joshua is more into books than fighting. He’s a bit afraid of certain things, like seeing a carrot on his dinner plate. He often thinks that his older brother Clive, who is braver and stronger, should have been the one to get the Phoenix’s power.

During a tragic event known as the Night of Flame, Joshua and his family were attacked by enemy forces. Joshua was separated from Clive and saw his family being attacked. This made the Phoenix’s power go wild. The Eikon Ifrit showed up, and a huge fight between Phoenix and Ifrit broke out. This event greatly affected the lives of Clive and Joshua.

4. Hugo


Hugo Kupka is one of the bad guys in Final Fantasy 16 and is the Dominant of Eikon Titan. This means he can transform into the Titan. Before he became an important figure, Hugo was just a regular soldier in the Republican Army of Dhalmekia. But after he woke up with the power of the Titan, he quickly became a major player in the politics of Dhalmekia. With this new power, Hugo influenced both the army and the government’s decisions.

Thanks to his position and power, Hugo built up a lot of personal wealth. But as the saying goes, “A man who has everything wants for nothing.” However, another character named Benedikta Harman will show Hugo that there’s more to life than just money and power.

5. Barnabas


Barnabas is the ruler of the Kingdom of Waloed and the Dominant of the Eikon Odin. This means he can summon Odin’s power or even transform into Odin himself. Barnabas didn’t start out as a king. He arrived in Waloed as a wanderer without any land or title. But he was very good with a sword, and that helped him become the king of Waloed.

Once he became the ruler, Barnabas faced a revolt from the local beastmen. But he used Odin’s power to stop the revolt almost by himself. He then took over the entire eastern continent.

Barnabas now controls a huge army and navy that can match any other in Valisthea. But even though he has such a powerful force, he still likes to be in the middle of the battle. He rides into battle on his ghostly horse and cuts down enemies with his famous black sword. He also likes to watch the chaos of battle from the sidelines, always with a look of interest in his eyes.

6. Dion


Dion Lesage is a central character in Final Fantasy 16. He’s the crown prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and the leader of the Dragoons. These knights are some of the bravest and most respected warriors in the empire. Dion is also the Dominant of Bahamut, the King of Dragons. This makes him very powerful.

People love Dion because he’s handsome, smart, and a skilled fighter. They also respect him because he’s often the one who wins battles for them. His heroism is often celebrated in songs sung by the people of Sanbreque. But despite his fame and power, things are not going well in the empire. Shadows are gathering that could even put out the light of Bahamut.

Interestingly, Dion’s character is a bit like Cecil from previous Final Fantasy games. Cecil was also a beloved military leader with a royal connection. But while Cecil started as a Dark Knight and then became a Paladin, Dion might be going in the opposite direction.

This idea is echoed in the character of Clive, who is more like a Warrior of Darkness. His personal journey is focused on revenge, and he’s the Dominant of the Dark Eikon Ifrit. This could suggest that both Dion and Clive might fall before they can rise again.

7. Benedikta


Benedikta Harman is a tough and ruthless character in Final Fantasy 16. She is from the Kingdom of Waloed and is the Dominant of the Eikon, Garuda, which is a creature of the wind. This makes Benedikta very powerful. Not only does she have the power of Garuda, but she’s also skilled with the sword and sneaky tactics.

She uses these skills to lead Waloed’s intelligence team. These are the people who find out secrets and gather information for the kingdom. Benedikta’s job becomes very important when she’s sent on a mission to find a second Eikon of Fire.

This mission leads her to cross paths with Clive, the main character of Final Fantasy 16. It also forces her to confront her past. Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t give away much about Benedikta’s past or why she’s hunting down the Eikon of Fire, but I know it’s connected to her role in the war between nations.

Benedikta’s character becomes even more interesting when you see her transform into Garuda in Final Fantasy 16 trailer. This shows us that Dominants don’t just summon their Eikons, they can actually become them. In Final Fantasy 16, Benedikta plays a big role in the story of war and personal conflict. But what that role is and how it will affect Final Fantasy 16, is something you’ll have to discover when you play FF16.

8. Cidolfus


Cidolfus Telamon, or just Cid, is an interesting character in FF16. Fans of the Final Fantasy series will recognize the name Cid, as a version of this character who appears in most games in the series. In this game, Cid is a Dominant of the Eikon Ramuh, which means he has powerful Lightning abilities.

In the past, Cid was a high-ranking soldier in the Royal Waloeder Army. Now, he’s an outlaw. This change happened because he crossed paths with Benedikta Harman, another Dominant who controls the Eikon Garuda. The details of their past aren’t clear, but most players know it led Cid to leave the army.

During Final Fantasy 16, the main character, Clive Rosfield, meets Cid. They form a close bond, and Cid becomes a mentor to Clive. Cid invites Clive to his base, the Hideaway. This place, hidden inside a fallen construct in the Central Storm Deadlands, is where Cid carries out his work and where other Dominants can find safety.

As you progress in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll get to visit the Hideaway. Here, you can take on sidequests, craft gear, and practice fighting. These activities will help you get stronger and prepare for the challenges ahead.

This brings me to the end of Final Fantasy 16 Dominants guide where I have listed all available Dominants showcased so far. I will update the list when FF16 releases officially and if there are more of these Eikons or Dominants in the final release. But before you leave, you must visit the Final Fantasy 16: Voice Actors guide. 

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