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Fight the Future’s Almost-kiss Changed Scully & Mulder

After five successful seasons, x-files brought everyone’s favorite FBI agents to the big screen with the feature film The X-Files: Fight the Future in 1998. While science fiction and spectacle were the film’s main selling points, they were far from the only draws. The hype surrounding Scully and Mulder in their will-they-not-they relationship was at an all-time high, with many expecting a kiss in the movie. While the vast majority of fans cried out for love on the big screen, X-files creator Chris Carter took issue with the duo’s romantic pairing. However, that did not stop him from raising the expectations of the fans.

in one of fight the futureIn the most dramatic scenes, Scully and Mulder almost kiss before being interrupted by a bee carrying an alien virus. While the moment has fallen into infamy among shippers, it did more for x-files than just having a whole fandom mistreat a bee. In fact, the near-kiss between Mulder and Scully changed the trajectory of the series.

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The X-Files movie came with expectations for Mulder and Scully’s relationship

Scully and Mulder are considered one of the best couples in television history; however, that was not always the case. Their once controversial relationship divided the fanbase, with many opponents believing the duo were too professional to let the sexual tension get the better of them. While Carter also wanted their relationship to remain platonic, the characters, thanks to Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny’s captivating chemistry, eventually took on a life of their own. Scully and Mulder’s relationship was built on trust, loyalty, and friendship, but their intense eye contact, loving hugs, and subtle touches hinted at something more.

For the moment The X-Files: Fight the Future arrived, Scully had nearly kissed a Mulder impersonator in season 4’s “Small Potatoes,” and Mulder had affectionately called her “one in five billion” in season 5’s “Folie à Deux.” With many fans believing that Scully and Mulder had fallen in love at some point in season 4, a kiss on fight the future It seemed like the next logical step. And while they didn’t officially seal the deal on film, their near-kiss brought their sexual tension to the forefront of the storylines, transforming the series into a supernatural procedural with a healthy dose of romance.

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The X-Files doubled down on romance after Scully and Mulder’s near-kiss

fans of x-files know of a deletion fight the future scene where the kiss would have been quite passionate if the bee hadn’t interrupted Mulder and Scully. Writer Frank Spotnitz Confirmed there was a debate about whether the two should have kissed before the bee sting, but it didn’t matter Really It didn’t matter if their lips touched or not. While the Mulder and Scully movie The kiss was finally washed away, still marking a major milestone in their relationship by confirming that the two harbored romantic feelings for each other. The topic had long been debated on fanfiction and internet forums, but the timing offered undeniable proof, and the series changed as a result.

The season that directly followed the movie (Season 6) leaned more overtly towards the sexual tension of Scully and Mulder. Episodes such as “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”, “The Rain King”, and “Arcadia” wove the theme of the partners’ obviously distressing feelings for each other into the plot. “The Unnatural” memorably featured the duo in a date-like setting playing baseball together. The season also introduced Mulder’s ex-girlfriend Diana Fowley (Mimi Rogers) to the mix, forcing them to navigate Scully’s jealousy and Mulder’s history.

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By the time Season 7 rolled around, the idea of ​​the duo remaining platonic as Carter envisioned seemed to erode with fan demands. As a result, Scully and Mulder officially kissed in “Millenium” and had their first canonical connection in “All Things.” By seasons 8 and 9, they were, for all intents and purposes, a couple. This dynamic continued in the second film, I want to believeand despite breaking up shortly after, x-filesThe two-season revival ended with Mulder and Scully seemingly together again.

Scully and Mulder’s romance caused problems in the last seasons of The X-Files


Seasons 8 and 9 of x-files it seemed to prove that the detractors of Scully and Mulder’s romance were right. These last few seasons ache for forcing two very unconventional people into the restraints of a conventional romantic relationship. The pregnancy/baby arc only muddied the waters further. The series tried to write Mulder as a loving father, but couldn’t really portray this due to David Duchovny leaving. x-files. And with Mulder officially attached to Scully, it didn’t make much sense for him to run off without her.

The revival repeated this plot point only to fail again by revealing that Mudler was never the father (and Scully only the vessel) of her baby. Thus, Mulder’s chance at fatherhood was snatched from him once again, only to be replaced by another forced pregnancy arc that was also amazing, even for him. x-files. While this certainly can’t be blamed on fight the future, the film works as a timestamp of when everything began to change for the FBI’s Most Unwanted. Carter and his team understood that a possible kiss between Scully and Mulder was just as important as the biggest alien conspiracy on Earth. x-files movie.

After everything the partners had been through, there was no denying that there was a deep love between them. As a result, it is difficult to talk about the X-files Not to mention Scully and Mulder’s relationship. However, it’s also worth noting that if Carter and the writers hadn’t included the near-kiss in fight the future, it’s possible that Scully and Mulder’s relationship would have continued in its semi-platonic state until a later day, or if Carter had gotten away with it, no. If that had happened, perhaps a lot of these plot holes and weak points could have been avoided, and x-filesLater seasons would not be marred by falling apart storylines and low ratings.

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