FF16 X FF14 Crossover Announcement Planned For Later This Year, Says Yoshi-P



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  • The Final Fantasy 14 producer and director Yoshida recently discussed a potential crossover with Final Fantasy 16. The dev asks the fans to expect an announcement later this year.
  • The words of the director suggest that a crossover between both games is already in the works behind the curtains. It is further backed by the statements made by the dev in the past on various occasions.
  • We could see Clive and his signature outfit arrive as a guest character in Final Fantasy 14 in a future crossover. Likely, we may also see elements of FF14 to be added in FF16 in one way or another.
  • FF16 came out on June 22 for only the PS5, and a PC version may possibly arrive in the future. Moreover, system requirements for the latest FF14 expansion, Dawntrail, were recently revealed. 

The massive success of Final Fantasy 16 is seemingly already opening doors for potential crossovers. Yoshi-P recently appeared in an interview with Famitsu to discuss various facets of Final Fantasy 14 and seemingly hints at a crossover with Final Fantasy 16. The FFXIV director and producer have pretty much affirmed to anticipate an official announcement later this year, suggesting that the collab is already in the works behind the scenes.

The developer has also worked as the producer for the latest Final Fantasy entry and understands the massive demand for the crossover between both giants. Yoshida replies to the interviewer with a long-running internal joke, saying how he held a meeting with Yoshi-P (himself) to discuss the specifics of the crossover.

The producer of “FFXVI” is a man by the same name as me, Yoshida-san, and I finally had a meeting with Yoshi-P over there. I’ve got a general answer, but I can’t give you an answer at this time …… (laughs). I hope to have something to announce by the end of the year,” says FFXVI producer. (Machine-translated).

This is not the first time Yoshi-P has shown interest in a FF16 x FF14 crossover. The dev expressed his desire to blend both universes in a collab when Final Fantasy 16 was initially released. Yoshida asked the community in a tweet to be ready to chat about a collab after the initial hype for the release simmers down to an extent. 

Similarly, the dev has also mentioned the prospects of a collaboration between both titles amidst a Q&A panel held at the PAX East event earlier this year. Yoshida jokingly stated that “I am the producer and director of Final Fantasy 14, of course, if there was the opportunity, I’d love to, but I can’t decide all on my own.” He further iterates that it “means that I’d have to go to the producer of Final Fantasy 16 and ask him ‘may I please?

The latest entry was released to critical acclaim last month, and fans think its lore could severely benefit from blending with the alluring universe crafted in Final Fantasy 14. Yoshi-P is equally as excited to intertwine the epic of FF16 with other games in the series.

So it is not hard to imagine Clive and his signature outfit arriving on the shores of FF14 as a guest character, just like Noctis and other countless crossovers we have seen so far. Similarly, we may also see various beloved features of the most-played MMORPG added in FF16 in one way or another.

Final Fantasy 16 came out on June 22 for only the PlayStation 5. A PC release is likely slated for the future, and Xbox versions will not arrive until the limited-time exclusivity ends for the game. The latest entry also brings innovations like the active time lore feature and the ability to change the intensity of music depending on action-packed battle encounters. The title rolled over 3 million copies on the PS5 within the first week of release.

On the other hand, system requirements for the latest Final Fantasy 14 expansion, Dawntrail, were recently revealed. The update brings the much-awaited graphics overhauls that were requested for a long time. The game is slated to come out on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with the new expansion in Summer 2024.

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