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As the plot of Final Fantasy 16 is unraveling, players are having more and more questions. As it is full of mystery, some characters seem to be plain and simple, while some characters are full of surprises. Lord Margrave FF16 is of those characters that are full of surprises. He wields the power of a Fire Eikon that causes Clive to chase him, unfolding things that will definitely shock you.

IMPORTANT: This guide contains major spoilers related to the main plot of Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Lord Margrave in FF16 appears to be a mysterious hooded character, always having his servant by his side.
  • Clive believes that Lord Margrave kills his brother Joshua, and he meets him at the Phoenix Gate.
  • Clive keeps an eye on Lord Margrave to take avenge his brother’s death.
  • While Clive has his own mission, Lord Margrave seeks out his journey for two things:
    1. Clive’s ability to absorb Eikonic powers
    2. what is causing the blight to occur
  • As Clive finally confronts Lord Margrave, it turns out it was Joshua all along, and he did not die.
  • Lord Margrave is the same anti-hero as his brother Clive, but he is full of goodness.

Who Is Lord Margrave In FF16?

FF16 Lord Margrave
Lord Margrave in FF16 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Ever since Clive gets to know that there is someone who wields the Fire Eikonic power, he makes it his mission to find out the answers. When he sees the appearance of the one who wields it, he just knows that it is a hooded mysterious man.

However, as the plot progresses, Clive makes some assumptions. Firstly, he thinks that Lord Margrave is the one whom he met at the Phoenix Gate. Secondly, Clive believes that his brother Joshua was killed by Lord Margrave in FF16.

What Happens To Joshua?

FF16: Joshua
Childhood of Joshua (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Based on the assumptions of Clive, players might believe that Joshua is dead for sure. However, that is certainly not the case. At the Phoenix Gate during the Night of the Flames, Joshua somehow survives. Later, remaining anonymous, he decides to go solo to find some answers.

Joshua wants to know two things. He needs to know the mystery behind his brother Clive’s ability to absorb Eikonic powers from others and to know what is causing the blight to occur. While Joshua is on his own journey, he decides to keep his profile low. And so, he wears the same hoodie that players find Lord Margrave to be wearing in Final Fantasy 16.

So, as Joshua is in search of his answers, Clive needs to know who the mysterious hooded man is. With time, Clive gets a fruitful result. He gets to confront Lord Margrave while pursuing him. However, Lord Margrave forcefully confronts that he is the Dominant of Ifrit.

As he confronts, the doubt that Clive has about his brother turns into belief, and it is just heartbreak. However, Clive soon discovers that in the Holy Kingdom of Sanbreque, Joshua survived the assault on Drake’s Head. So, as you progress through the plot, halfway down, you will find out that Lord Margrave reveals himself to be Joshua.

It all happens when Clive is in dire need during a fight with Typhon. During the fight, Ultima tries merging itself with Clive, and Clive seems to give in. However, just in time, Lord Margrave manages to trap Ultima inside a cage made of Phoenix’s flames. To make sure it does not escape, he seals it using his own heart.

With that, Lord Margrave decides to disappear once again, although he does play a major role, especially in Valisthea. Due to this, Clive finally changes his viewpoint about Lord Margrave being all villainy. Clive realizes that Margrave is not the bad guy; rather, he is simply doing what Clive is striving for.

Qualities Of Lord Margrave

There are certain qualities that Lord Margrave has in FF16 that make him distinct from other characters. Some of these qualities match with Joshua, so some players might be able to get a hint out of it. His qualities are:

  • Black Cloak: Although he is wearing a dark All Encompassing Mantle, he turns out to be more than just an anti-hero when compared to his brother Clive.
  • Brotherhood: Even though he is in the shadows, his eyes are always on Clive, trying to be the protective younger brother.
  • A Good Master: Throughout the journey, Lord Margrave travels with his servant Jote. He gets caught only once because of her, but he understands she has no other option while getting tortured.
  • Sympathy For Everyone: Looking at what Anabella, his mother, has done, Lord Margrave still pities it and mourns her a lot on her death.
  • Ressurective Immortality: Although he almost dies, he knows how to wield the power of Phoenix to come back, even though it causes him to change a bit.
  • Not The Best Planner: Margrave did not want to reveal himself too early in front of Clive. However, there is always a trade-off between what he wants and what is better.

All in all, Lord Margrave FF16 is a mysterious hooded character with a servant always by his side. Looking at the plot chronologically, it is mind-blowing how Joshua is assumed to be dead by Clive. Who then chases Lord Margrave only to be saved by him and then to be revealed that he is Joshua all along.

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