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Final Fantasy 16 is packed with many interesting and challenging side quests, and “Weird Science” is one of them. The quest is noteworthy as it grants us exceptional rewards that we can get only by completing the mission. Before starting the quest, players need to complete some prerequisites and follow certain steps to complete it efficiently. So, make sure not to miss out on the FF16 Weird Science quest and get all its substantial rewards. 

Key Takeaways

  • Weird Science is a side quest in Final Fantasy 16 that you can unlock after initiating the Out of the Shadow main quest.
  • In the Quest, you have to help Owain by defeating the Bomb King and collecting the Bomb Ash samples from him.
  • To initiate the quest, head over to the Hideaway and interact with Owain, followed by interacting with Nektar on the Hunt Board to get to know about the bomb sighting.
  • After knowing about the location, head over to the Crock, where you will initiate the fight with the Bomb King.

  • Bomb King primarily performs two types of attacks, in which he either throw projectiles or spawn a bomb army to deal damage.
  • Once you defeat the King, collect the Bomb Ash samples and head back to Owain to complete the quest.
  • Completing the Weird Science quest will reward you with 1x Treated Potion Satchel, 1x Black Blood, 900 Exp, and 40 Renown.

How To Start The Weird Science Quest In FF16

FF16 Weird Science
Weird Science Quest (Image by eXputer)

You can get access to the Weird Science side quest as you start the “Out of the Shadow” main quest. The quest appears in the Hideaway once you finish helping Mid in completing her project. To initiate the quest, head inside the dungeon and interact with Owain, the Engineer.

As you talk with Owain, he explains how he is up on a mission to collect some Bomb Ash that can be obtained from the Bomb King. You’ll get to know that Owain is not capable enough to fight the sturdy Bomb King, so the duty falls on you to take care of the business. Once you accept the request of Owain and interact with Nektar to get to know about the bomb sightings, the hunt for collecting the ash and defeating the monster will begin. 

Defeating The Bomb King

FF16 Weird Science
Hunt Board (Image by eXputer)

The FF16 Bomb King is a rank B magic-focused boss that possesses the ability to cast AoE damage that could drain Clive’s health pretty quickly. The boss uses fire spells and explosive bombs to deal with ranged damage. The only helpful thing is that the effective radius of Bomb King’s attacks is considerably smaller, which makes it easier to dodge the attacks if you’re quick enough. 

The initial phase of the fight isn’t that hectic as the monster will be slow in his attacks which can be avoided easily. However, when his health starts to chip away, the battle gets more intense as he starts to get more offensive with heavier attacks.  

To defeat the Bomb King, you need to find him first. To find the monster, fast travel to the Northreach, into the Dragon’s Aery, and keep moving southwards until you reach the Imperial Chase gate. From there, continue moving forward to The Crock, where you will encounter the monster. 

Bomb King Attacks

Defeating the Bomb King
The Bomb King (Image by eXputer)

In FF16, Bomb King casts two primary attacks, and if you know about each one, you can act accordingly and dodge it successfully to counterattack. When you’re in a fight against the boss, it is recommended to use Clive’s quick abilities that will maintain your mobility to quickly dodge his sudden AoE attacks. Against Bomb King, you will face the following type of attacks. 


Coronation is a slow-paced attack in which the boss surrounds himself with explosive flames and unleashes them on Clive. As the battle progresses, the Bomb King will unleash five fireballs during the attack.

The boss takes some time to initiate this attack, so you can easily see it coming. You can avoid the attack by moving sideways, away from the path of the fireball. As the fireball passes by, make sure to avoid the trail of flames that are left behind

Once the King performs the moves, he becomes vulnerable for a moment as the attack finishes. You can use the time to jump to the boss and counter-attack. The Shift Strikes will be handy in this situation, as they will allow you to jump right back into action after dodging the attacks.

King’s Justice

The King’s Justice is the most dangerous threat while encountering Bomb King. It is an advanced attack that the Bomb King will perform once his health depletes below a certain level. The King bashes himself into the ground to create a massive shockwave, followed by the spawning of a bomb army. These bomb enemies will try to come and shoot at you with small explosive projectiles. 

If you’re not cautious enough, your health can drain down pretty quickly due to continuous attacks from bomb entities. The enemies also self-destruct after a while, so make sure to maintain a safe distance as well. 

You can either move far away from the bomb squad until they explode, or you can cast your heavy AoE attack that will destroy the enemies. You can use ranged abilities such as Flames of Rebirth and Bahamut’s Gigaflare to do the task. Once you take down the smaller enemies, maintain your focus on Bomb King while dodging his attacks to eventually take him down. 

Weird Science Quest Rewards

Once the Bomb King is defeated, collect the samples of Bomb Ash by going near the three green quest signs marked in the arena. As you interact with the mark, the sample will add to your inventory. Collect all three samples and take them back to Owain in The Hideaway. Talk with Owain again and hand over the samples to him to complete the FF16 Weird Science quest and get all the deserving rewards. 

Weird Science is one of the unique side quests in Final Fantasy 16 that grants you exceptional rewards that you can only get by completing the mission. Once you successfully complete the quest, you will get the following rewards.

  • 1x Treated Potion Satchel (increases Potion capacity)
  • 1x Black Blood
  • 900 Exp
  • 40 Renown

Other than that considerable amount of Exp and Renown, you will get a Treated Potion Sample that increases the Potion limit, giving you a fair advantage in combats.

That sums up the guide on how you can initiate and complete the Weird Science side quest. To win the battle effectively, read the attack of Bomb King and react accordingly, as he performs only certain types of attacks. Now that you’ve learned to complete the quest, make sure to check out other guides, such as How Battle Systems Work or All Characters In Final Fantasy 16. Lastly, you can also learn about Final Fantasy 16: All EikonsHow To Beat Benedikta, and Trophy List guides.


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