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The FF16 Primitive Battlehorn is a crucial item for crafting arguably the best weapon for the late-game phase, the Gotterdammerung. So if you’re looking to get your hands on this beastly gear, you must first obtain its crafting materials, and there’s no better way to start than getting the horn, perhaps the most accessible requirement of the weapon. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Primitive Battlehorn is a rare crafting item in FF16 that’s used to craft the Gotterdammerung, one of the best in-game weapons.
  • Players can find the Primitive Battlehorn near the Eistla Obelisk by first completing the Brotherhood quest and then interacting with the Hunt Board at Cid’s Hideaway.
  • After fast traveling to the Obelisk, they must go northwest up the stairs until they face the A-Rank Gobermouch at the trail’s end.
  • Defeating the Gobermouch will reward players with the Primitive Battlehorn, EXP, Ability Points, Renown, and Gil.
  • With the Battlehorn in possession, they must also get 3 Orichalcums, 2 Darksteels, and 1 Ragnarok sword to complete the Gotterdammerung’s recipe list.

How To Find The Primitive Battlehorn In FF16?

Getting the Primitive Battlehorn in FF16 involves killing an Act-3 Notorious Mark near the location of Eistla at the Kingdom of Waloed.

Before starting, you’ll need to initiate the Mark’s Hunt by first completing the Brotherhood quest that’s tied to the main storyline.

Primitive Battlehorn ff16
The Primitive Battlehorn Item Description (Screenshot by eXputer)
    1. Once you complete the quest, return to Cid’s Hideaway and interact with the Hunt Board.
    2. You’ll find a recently-listed Gobermouch to the board and your Hunt list, letting you access and fight this Notorious Mark.
    3. Now, fast travel to the Eistla Obelisk at the region’s center via your map.
    4. After reaching the Obelisk, head northwest towards the wooden staircase next to the houses and south of the Maudlin Mason.
Eistla Obelisk
Heading northwest from Eistla Obelisk (Image Credits: eXputer)
    1. Once you climb up the stairs, proceed to the small house on your left, and you’ll meet the Level 38 Gobermouch.
    2. This A-Rank Goblin is a quick attacker, so you must be aggressive and focus on your mobility to kill it as quickly as possible.
    3. Upon defeating the Gobermouch, you’ll receive the Primitive Battlehorn alongside the following rewards:
      • 4,800 EXP
      • 90 Ability Points
      • 30 Renown
      • 15,000 Gil
The A-Rank Gobermouch (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Uses Of The Primitive Battlehorn

As mentioned, the Battlehorn is primarily used to craft the Gotterdammerung, a Level 5-Rarity weapon with 375 Attack Power and 375 Stagger. And while you can sell the horn for extra credits, there’s only one of its kind in-game, so you should save it until you get the rest of the Gotterdammerung recipe.

Gotterdammerung weapon
Gotterdammerung’s Requirements (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Other Materials For The Gotterdammerung

Aside from the Battlehorn, you’ll need a few other Hunt-related items to make this sword in Final Fantasy 16. And once you have all these items for the recipe, return to the Black Hammer in Cid’s Hideaway to craft the weapon. Here’s a list of the items you must obtain:

1x Ragnarok

Ragnarok is an extremely powerful late-game weapon with 325 Attack and 325 Stagger. This sword is obtained as a reward after completing the “Blacksmith’s Blues IV” side quest, which is only accessible after completing Main Quest #62, “Across the Narrow.” And while you can use Ragnarok on its own, it’ll be used up later to craft the Gotterdammrung.

  1. Go to Cid’s Hideaway and talk to August to initiate the Blacksmith’s Blues quest.
  2. After that, head to Dravosd and kill the invading Akashic mob attacking the village.
  3. Once you kill all the Akashic enemies and the Chimera that spawns afterward, you’ll receive the Ragnarok sword and the Gotterdammerung Design Draft (necessary for making the Gotterdammerung.)
Ragnarok weapon
Ragnarok and Gotterdammerung Design Draft (Image Source: eXputer)

3x Orichalcum

Orichalcum is a rare material mainly used for crafting. Aside from the Gotterdammerung, you can also use it to make The Sons of Ouroboros, a potent Vambrace. However, getting this item is considerably challenging as it’s only obtainable after killing certain bosses and completing specific questlines. And since you need 3, you can get 1 Orichalcum each from:

  1. Killing Atlas, the Breaker of Worlds, in the abandoned town of Cressida.
  2. Killing Behemoth King, the Masterless Marauder, found near the Vidargraes Obelisk in Waloed.
  3. Defeating Gorgimera, the Tricephalic Terror, near the Velkroy Desert.
  4. Besting Svarog, Ruin Awakened, located in Mournebrume.
  5. Completing the ‘Under New Management II’ side quest.
Orichalcum ff16
Orichalcum’s Item Description (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

2x Darksteel

Like the Orichalcum, Darksteel is another extremely rare crafting material in Final Fantasy 16. However, this item is much more scarce since you can only get 2 of them in a single playthrough. So to get both Darksteels, you’ll need to kill the following bosses:

  1. Prince of Death (Level 40): An A-Rank Notorious Mask found during the “Grim Reaper” Hunt in Cape Orsiere, northwest of the Northreach Obelisk. 
  2. Thanatos (Level 42): Another A-Rank Notorious Mask located at the Titan’s Wake near the Gilded Path Obelisk as part of the “Usher to the Underworld” Hunt.
Darksteel final fantasy 16
Darksteel’s Item Description (Image Captured by eXputer)

That wraps up this brief guide on the location of the FF16 Primitive Battlehorn and using it to make the powerful Gotterdammerung. With this weapon in your inventory, you’ll surely breeze through enemy hordes and bosses with ease. However, if you’re too far ahead in your playthrough and feel like you can’t obtain the necessary materials for it, check out this Subreddit Post, which you can use to help craft the sword regardless of progression.

For more unique items to strengthen Clive, here are the best accessories you should get. Besides that, uncover other hidden in-game items by learning the best secrets in Final Fantasy 16. And remember to capture your best moments by using the Photo Mode.


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