FF16 Overheating PS5 (4 Ways How To Fix)



Final Fantasy was released a while ago, and the title is causing trouble for some PS5 users. FF16 Overheating PS5 is one of the current issues fans are facing. This issue can cause many problems for your PS5, such as excessive noise and drops in frame rate, and it could also shorten the lifespan of your PS5. However, you don’t need to worry about it anymore as in this guide, I will explain the reasons for Final Fantasy 16 Overheating PS5 and how to fix it.

Key Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy is causing PS5 to overheat, and there can be 4 reasons for that.
  • The first solution to prevent PS5 from overheating is to improve the airflow.
  • The airflow can be improved by cleaning the console thoroughly. 
  • The second solution is to change the graphics mode to framerate mode for more consistency.
  • The third solution is to turn off the HDR. This won’t do much, but it can potentially lower the overall temperatures.
  • The last solution is to place your PS5 vertically instead of placing it flat, as it can also improve the airflow.
  • The main reason for the overheating is that many users don’t clean their PS5 regularly.

PS5 Overheating Due To FF16

Here is quick glance at probable causes of PS5 overheating while playing Final Fantasy 16: 

Serial Number Problem/Cause of Overheating Solution
1 Dust buildup limiting airflow Clean your PS5 thoroughly
2 The game running on 4K graphics mode Change graphics mode to framerate mode
3 HDR usage increasing temperatures Turn off HDR in display settings
4 Poor airflow due to console orientation Place the PS5 vertically

Why Is FF16 Overheating PS5?

Final Fantasy 16 was supposed to showcase the power of PS5, but it seems like it has backfired. Not all users are having this problem, but many have reported this issue. Final Fantasy 16 pushes PS5 to an extent where it starts overheating. There are only four solutions for this problem, so make sure to follow them to solve the overheating issue. The four solutions are the following:

1. Clean Your PS5

Cleaning The PS5 (Image Credit: Official PlayStation)

Uncleaned PS5 is the first and most common problem that can cause Final Fantasy 16 to overheat PS5. You should clean your PS5 thoroughly, as the console requires good airflow to work properly. The dust can stop the air from moving freely, which can cause the PS5 to overheat. If you haven’t cleaned the console for a while, then you must clean it before playing Final Fantasy 16.

You can watch the videos on YouTube on how to tear down the PS5 and clean it thoroughly. When done, your PS5 should be able to run Final Fantasy 16 without any issues, but if not, then follow the rest solutions.

2. Change Graphics Mode To Framerate Mode

On graphics mode Final Fantasy 16 runs on 4k, while on framerate or performance mode, it turns on 2k, which takes away quite a load from your PS5. After cleaning your PS5, if the issue hasn’t been solved, then playing it at 2k is the best option.

3. Turn Off HDR

Turning off the HDR in the display settings can reduce the temperatures of PS5, but it will be minimum. Turning on HDR does use some of the power of PS5, but it isn’t much, so turning it off won’t just reduce a whole lot of temperatures. However, if your PS5 is still overheating after following the first 2 solutions, then you should turn off the HDR, restart your game, and then try your luck.

4. Place The PS5 Vertically

Place PS5 Vertically (Image Credit: Official PlayStation)

You are supposed to place PS5 vertically instead of placing it flat. This could be another reason why your console is overheating. Also, place it in a place where it will have enough room. Placing it vertically does help with the airflow, which would reduce the overall temperatures.

FF16 Overheating PS5 has become a common problem, and it is mainly due to issues with airflow. The main reason for that is not cleaning the PS5 regularly. So, if you clean your PS5 regularly, you should not worry about it being overheated. With that said, you should read the guide on FF16 Clive’s abilities. This will give you an overview of his top 9 skills, which will help you master him in combat. 

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