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The Best FF16 Party members mostly come down to your personal preference as, unlike many of the previous titles in the Final Fantasy series, this one does not allow you to control them. But even that aside, knowing about each of the characters that accompany Clive is integral, including his trusty hound, Torgal; there are also a couple of guest characters that join the journey on a few occasions throughout Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlike past installments, Final Fantasy 16 does not allow you to control party members, nor do they have any special gameplay properties.
  • You can only control Clive in the battle system while issuing commands to Torgal, who will help you immensely during crowd control and for chaining combos.
  • Important story characters and your best party members in FF16, such as Jill Warrick, also accompany players during the battle with their Dominant of Shiva powers.
  • In the early game, you will mostly be joined by Cid, who has access to his Ramuh Eikon abilities that can devastate enemies with lightning attacks.
  • There are also Guest Party members that accompany you on specific sections of the main story, such as Byron Rosfield.

Final Fantasy 16 Mainline Party Members

Torgal Transformation sequence Pet Dog of the Family
Jill Warrick Dominant of Shiva Childhood friend/Love interest
Cidolfus Telamon Dominant of Ramuh accomplice and close friend

How Does The Party System Work

Unfortunately, there is no actual best party member or a method for the type of party companion to bring with you in-game, as in Final Fantasy 16, you primarily control and play as the protagonist, Clive Rosfield. Your AI-controlled party members will aid you in combat with their various kinds of Eikon abilities, such as Jill using her Eikon of Shiva powers while Cid uses his Eikon of Ramuh.

However, now that the explanation is out of the way, you can most certainly issue different commands to Torgal as he will generally be by Clive’s for most of the game’s duration. For now, let’s individually look at each of the best qualities of all these best mainline party members, ones that heavily assist you during the key story moments and boss fights.


Torgal ff16
Torgal (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

With how far I am in the main story, you could say that Torgal is perhaps one of the best video game pet companions due to its loyalty and character lore. You can command Torgal during battle by selecting his menu from the left D-pad with the following list of abilities:

  • Sic: By pressing up on the Dpad during combat, Torgal will launch himself at the enemy with a normal attack whose animation will further be enhanced if it’s a “Perfect Sic.”
  • Heal: Not to be confused with Torgal providing you with free healing, by selecting this command from the right D-pad; you can heal Clive’s wounds which will be indicated by the dark green portion on his HP.
  • Ravage: It is a unique attack initiated by Torgal, which will essentially launch nimble enemies into the air if they’re on the ground. If you time it correctly, you can perform a “Perfect Ravage.”

To master Torgal’s command timings, I personally found that using it right after you knock down opponents or finish the combo works best, as these attacks essentially extend a portion of the combo. You will know you’ve done the perfect attacks right, as Torgal will attack in a burst animation whilst glowing. Furthermore, there is also a unique transformation for Torgal, which will occur later in the middle of the story.

Jill Warrick

ff16 jill
Jill and Clive (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Jill Warrick is one of the central characters of FF16 and one of Clive’s closest friends, as the two share some sweet moments throughout the entirety of the main story. Jill was originally born in the Northern Territories but was taken and raised as a child in the Rosfield family by Elwin Rosfield, Clive, and Joshua’s Father. In the present events of the FF16, we learn that she is the dominant of the Shiva Eikon.

  • Jill is able to use various of Shiva’s abilities while in Human form, and these include a multitude of icicle barrage attacks.
  • In her Eikon form, seen throughout several points in the story, she is able to cast various Blizzard spells, including her ultimate attack that many series’ fans may recognize, Diamond Dust.
  • Without any spoilers needed, you can unlock the abilities of the Shiva Eikon for Clive during the main questline called “Through the Maelstrom.”

In the English voice dub, the young version of Jill is voiced by Charlotte Mcburney. Meanwhile, the adult version is voiced by Susannah Fielding.

Cidolfus Telamon

ff16 cid
Cid (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Cid (Cidolfus Telamon) is the outlaw or, in simple terms, the ‘leader’ of the Hideaway. You meet him right after the prologue, where he intervenes in Clive’s battle against the Ironblood forces and saves the skin of both him and Jill. Later on, while Jill is recovering, Cid will mostly accompany you on the quests in the beginning stages of Final Fantasy 16. Lastly, Cid is the dominant of the Lightning, Ramuh.

  • You can obtain the power to wield Ramuh and his abilities by completing the main storyline quest called “The Curse of the Crystals.”

Guest Party Members

ff16 byron rosfield
Clive and his Uncle, Byron Rosfield (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Final Fantasy 16 also allows you to meet up with certain characters throughout the plot who will join Clive for a temporary time or a specific quest. They are different from the main cast of party members in the sense that they do not wield any powerful abilities and mainly use normal attacks. A couple of these NPC party companions include the likes of the following:

  • Byron Rosfield: He is the Uncle of Clive, whom you’ll meet later on in the storyline, and aids his Nephew with infiltrating the Dhalmekian Republic.
  • Sir Wade: He is one of young Clive’s closest comrades during their journey to Phoenix Gate, and you later meet up with him again in the present day as he is the chief of the resistance group called the Guardians of the Flame in Rosaria.

For now, that concludes the guide to the FF16 Best Party and how the different party companions work with the new gameplay system. While you’re here, be sure to check out the Ability Points guide since you will need to understand it in order to farm the Bluebird for AP later on in Final Fantasy 16. Regarding the Best Tips in FF16 that I can offer from my personal experience, I strongly recommend that you look up the Best Weapons first.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article, and if you have any other questions related to the guide, please let me know in the comments section below! As always, eXputer wishes you luck in Final Fantasy 16!

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