FF16 Best Clive Abilities (Top 9 Skills)



In the enthralling universe of Final Fantasy 16, Clive’s vast array of best weapons & non-Eikonic abilities is the beating heart of the combat. These skills, each boasting unique mechanics and strategic implications, form the foundation for combat encounters and your character’s progression. Mastering Clive’s best abilities in Final Fantasy 16 not only enhances the player’s prowess but also increases the understanding and nuance of these abilities. That is why I have listed the 10 best Clive abilities you should master in FF16 from the get-go.

Key Takeaways

  • Clive’s best abilities in Final Fantasy 16 are diverse and crucial for different combat scenarios.
  • They range from defensive skills like Swift Recovery, which helps Clive regain composure quickly, to offensive abilities like Burning Blade, which can break an enemy’s guard.
  • The versatility of Clive’s abilities allows players to adopt various combat styles.
  • Depending on your preferred gameplay, you can focus on ranged attacks, close combat, or a balance of both.
  • Many of Clive’s abilities can be further improved or mastered by investing in Ability Points (AP).
  • This not only enhances their effectiveness but often unlocks additional functions.
  • Certain abilities like Limit Break can turn the tide of a battle system.
  • Combining different abilities can result in powerful combos. 
  • It’s not always necessary to unlock or master all of Clive’s abilities.
  • Depending on your play style, you can choose to invest in the abilities that suit you best.

Best Clive’s Abilities In FF16

Here is an overview of all the non-Eikon best abilities of Clive in Final Fantasy 16:  

Serial No. Abilities Unlock AP Cost Master AP Cost Best Usage of This Skill
1. Precision Dodge Default (0 AP) 500 AP Counterattack after dodging
2. Swift Recovery 10 AP 0 AP Instant recovery after being knocked down
3. Magic Burst Default (0 AP) 300 AP Quick burst of magic damage after a melee strike
4. Charged Magic 20 AP 250 AP Enhanced magic damage and aerial combos
5. Burning Blade 25 AP 180 AP Breaking enemy guard and parrying incoming attacks
6. Stomp 15 AP 170 AP Powerful attack from an aerial position
7. Taunt 40 AP 0 AP Crowd control and manipulation of enemy movement
8. Lunge 20 AP 200 AP Rapid strike at a distant enemy
9. Limit Break Default (0 AP) 1000 AP (Upgrade), 2000 AP (Mastery) Boost damage and healing when HP is low or enemy is staggered

9. Precision Dodge

Precision Dodge (Image Credits: eXputer)

You get this ability by default but you need to unlock the Master version by upgrading it. The good part is that you don’t need any AP to buy this Clive’s best ability in FF16 but save enough to take it to max level and get the most out of it. 

Learning how to do a perfect Precision Dodge early in Final Fantasy 16 is very important for 2 cases. One, you get to counter a small to big heavy incoming attack without taking a hit at Clive’s health bar. Two, executing a perfect Precision Dodge gives you a chance to do a Precision Counter. If the attack was carried right after a Precision Dodge, then it always hits like a truck than Clive’s regular attacks so make sure you understand the mechanics of this ability & utilize it the most, especially on the bosses. 

You can also land a Precision Shot after a successful Precision Dodge by pressing the Triangle button. So, to make the most of Precision Dodge, you basically need to invest 500 AP, which then extends the trigger window for Clive’s Ability. The Mastered version ensures you get enough room to land a Precision dodge easily, and not waste this opportunity. 

8. Swift Recovery

Swift Recovery (Image Credits: eXputer)

Unlike the Precision Dodge, the Swift Recovery is not unlocked by default in Final Fantasy 16 and you need to invest 10 AP into this skill to get it. This skill is very useful in instances when Clive is hit hard, especially by a heavy attack, is sent back by the attack, and is knocked down as well. 

If Clive stays knocked down for a longer duration, the enemies can hit him in this state as well & potentially can do a lot more damage than when he is back on his feet. That is why by pressing the R1 button right after Clive is knocked down or brought down by an enemy off his feet, your hero can regain his composure back and stand his ground immediately. 

This is not an offensive best Clive ability in FF16, instead, this one leans more towards the defensive side of the combat. 

7. Magic Burst

Magic Burst (Image Credits: eXputer)

You also get the Magic Burst ability by default for Clive but this one needs to be upgraded to the Master version in order to utilize it the most. The final version of this ability will cost 300 AP, and like Precision Dodge, Magic Burst’s trigger window also gets extended. 

Magic Burst is one of the best early game Clive’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16, as it allows you to land a quick burst of magic damage by hitting the Triangle button after you have landed a melee strike. This is a close-range magic attack that may or may not be of much use if you try to execute it from medium to long-range distance. 

There are potentially two techniques to execute the Magic Burst, the best one is obviously to use the attack right after slashing the sword on an enemy. But, you can also use a Magic Burst attack from the air as well. 

6. Charged Magic

Charged Magic (Image Credits: eXputer)

Consider Charged Magic as the advanced version of the Magic Burst skill. You do not get this Clive’s ability by default in Final Fantasy 16 & you need to invest 20 AP to buy & unlock this one. In order to unlock the Mastery version or the fully upgraded version of the Charger Magic ability, you will need 250 AP to get it. 

There are two techniques to utilize Charged Magic ability in Final Fantasy 16. One, you can use the Charged Shot which basically hits an enemy with a charged spell for a damage higher than the regular Magic Burst. Two, you can utilize the Charged Lift and basically lift an enemy into the air with the charged spell. Doing the latter one will allow you to execute aerial combos using Clive’s sword, and keep the combo points going.  

5. Burning Blade

Burning Blade (Image Credits: eXputer)

Remember Devil May Cry 5 when Nero revs his mechanical sword, charges the blade & unleashes up to three burning blade swings? Well, Clive’s Burning Blade ability is best in FF16 for this reason alone. This ability does not unlock by default and you need 25 AP to buy & unlock this one. 

You will need to get the Mastery version of the Burning Blade to get the most out of this ability. Once you unlock the full version of the ability by investing 180 AP, it basically reduces the time required to fire up the sword with the burning look. 

There are two techniques you can utilize the Burning Blade in Final Fantasy 16. The first one is the ground approach where you charge the blade with Burning look & then unleash it on the enemy. The next one is to use the same attack but from the air

The best usage that I like for the Burning Blade in FF16 combat is to break the enemy’s guard. There are a lot of instances where you wish you could break away from the enemy’s guard immediately. However, until you don’t get the Burning Blade in Final Fantasy 16, breaking the enemy guard is not an easy task.

The second best thing about the Burning Blade is that it can naturally parry some incoming attacks if you time your strike right. This is a little hard to pull but I encourage you to practice & master the parry mechanic of Burning Blade as it gets useful, especially against some boss fights.  

4. Stomp

Stomp (Image Credits: eXputer)

Stomp is yet again another of Clive’s best abilities in FF16 that don’t come unlocked by default. You must use 15 AP to buy the base version of this skill & start learning its mechanics of it. However, just like most abilities in this list, the Stomp also has a Mastery unlock that enables Clive to land not one but two kicks on an enemy. You will need 170 AP to unlock the Stomp’s Mastery version in Final Fantasy 16.

Whenever Clive is in the air, press X and he will kick a nearby enemy. You can always change the direction or approach of the kick & decide which enemy it should land on using the Left Stick of the controller. Doing so also increases the overall jump height of Clive and the duration as well.

For the best possible outcome or to get the most combat damage, I recommend you pair the Stomp ability with Downthrust. Doing so deals even more damage, especially if you’re landing the attack from a higher aerial distance. 

3. Taunt

Taunt (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Taunt ability in Final Fantasy 16 can be purchased for 40 AP. This ability allows Clive to pull the attention of an enemy, and make the control of the battlefield a lot less stressful. By using the R2 + touchpad command, Clive can lure foes, picking off enemies one by one and making them more predictable and easier to counter.

The Taunt is the best ability in FF16 because it is particularly useful when combined with the Precision Dodge and parry system. After taunting an enemy, Clive can force an enemy to strike back, this can then be used against the enemy to swiftly dodge or parry, giving Clive the upper hand and an opportunity to strike back with a powerful counterattack.

While Taunt can be used at any time during combat in FF16, it has no effect whatsoever when Clive is recovering from damage and the skill will not work on some powerful enemies or bosses especially. Hence, it requires tactical use and timing to maximize its overall effectiveness of it.

The best usage of this skill is obviously in the crowd control and the overall manipulation of enemy movement, especially in combat scenarios where you find multiple opponents coming at Clive. By taunting one enemy from the crowd, Clive can isolate them from the group, making them an easier target and reducing the overall risk of being overwhelmed or attacked at once.

Furthermore, the best usage of Taunt is you can pair it effectively with area-of-effect (AOE) abilities. There are a lot of Eikonic abilities for Clive that do AoE damage. By luring enemies into a specific location, Clive can then use an AOE skill to deal massive damage to multiple foes at once. This parlor trick is especially useful against smaller, weaker enemies that can be eliminated quickly with a single, well-placed AOE attack.

2. Lunge

Lunge (Image Credits: eXputer)

Players can use Lunge by pressing the X + Square button to close in quickly and strike a distant enemy. The cost to unlock this Clive’s ability is 20 AP, with a mastery cost of 200 AP that basically increases the lunge distance and its power with distance.

The Lunge ability in Final Fantasy 16 is crucial for maintaining offensive pressure on your enemies, especially the ranged opponents that can be annoying at times. The skill can be used as an opener in the battle to catch unaware enemies off-guard, enabling Clive to swiftly jump into the midst of the action & start attacking with range and initiate a combo. As the lunge distance increases with mastery after investing 200 AP, the skill can also be used to jump around the battlefield, for two purposes: one, reaching distant enemies & two, escaping crowded situations.

But the best usage of Lunge’s ability in Final Fantasy 16 lies in its parry capability, of course, when timed accurately. With precise timing, Lunge can be used to counter incoming attacks, mitigating damage and immediately retaliating, giving Clive room to breathe & using the skill as a defensive tool as well.

Another best utilization of the Lunge ability in Final Fantasy 16 is in tandem with other abilities in Clive’s arsenal, especially those that benefit from proximity to enemies or enable sustained offensive pressure. For instance, if you use Lunge to close in on an enemy, and then follow the combo with a string of quick melee attacks capped off with a Magic Burst, this will create a devastating chain combo that can disrupt enemies and cause substantial damage to a single target.

Bear in mind, the Lunge is not just an offensive tool but also a defensive one. Remember to utilize its parrying potential during combat to mitigate incoming attacks, ensuring you always maintain an edge in battle.

1. Limit Break

Limit Break (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Limit Break ability is a signature move that players can use in FF16, which dramatically boosts Clive’s battle performance for a short period of time. You can activate it by pressing L3 + R3 when the Limit Break gauge is full or semi-full.

This ability comes with two additional features. Firstly, you unlock the Semi-Prime Finish when you defeat an enemy while semi-primed. Secondly, even if Clive’s HP reaches zero during this phase, he will not be KO’d, allowing him to keep fighting without interruption.

The Limit Break ability is unlocked during a specific story segment in the quest, “The Meaning of Life”, when Clive gains the power of Ifrit. There is no AP cost to initially unlock the Limit Break ability. However, it can be upgraded further. The first upgrade, which adds a second Limit Break gauge, costs 1000 AP, while the Mastery upgrade, which adds a third Limit Break gauge, requires 2000 AP.

Limit Break is best used in two scenarios: after staggering an enemy or when Clive’s HP is low. Activating Limit Break during these moments can turn the tide of battle. When used against a staggered enemy, Clive’s damage output is significantly increased, effectively capitalizing on the enemy’s vulnerability. Alternatively, using Limit Break when Clive’s health is low is a strategic move since the ability slowly heals Clive over time, making it a crucial survival tool during challenging battles.

Due to its potent effects, Limit Break should be used tactically in combat. Using it prematurely might waste its potential while using it too late might not provide the necessary edge in a difficult fight. Timing is key. When used at the right moment, Limit Break can significantly shift the balance in Clive’s favor, allowing him to overpower formidable foes.

Furthermore, with its unique feature of preventing a KO, I highly recommend players activate Limit Break when Clive’s health is critically low. This will buy you some time to heal Clive or launch a counterattack. Lastly, keep an eye on the Limit Break gauge, and ensure that it’s adequately filled before initiating a crucial battle.

The intricacies and tactical depth offered by Clive’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16 are nothing short of transformative for the player’s journey. Unlocking & mastering each skill and understanding their best usage in various scenarios not only gives players an edge in combat but also elevates their immersion in this beautifully crafted world. 

With this, I wrap up my FF16 Best Clive Abilities guide. I recommend you also read Final Fantasy 16: Joshua Rosfield, How To save Tips For Beginners, and 12 Games To Play If You Like Final Fantasy 16 guides. 


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