Fans are not happy with the latest Armored Corps 6 patch nerfing three main bosses.



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  • Armored Corps 6 Patch v1.02 has defeated the three most challenging main bosses.
  • Fans are not happy with these nerfs and are happy that they were able to fight the pre-nerf versions of these bosses.
  • Fans are also taking to social media to express their frustration with Nerf.

the latest Armored Corps 6: Rubicon’s Fire Patch v1.02 has caused some controversy by eliminating three main bosses: Belt, SEA SPIDER, and IB-01: CEL240. The majority of fans are not too happy with him. Recent adjustments And have taken to social media to voice their opinions about the changes in difficulty.

FromSoftware also nerfed Radahn, an optional boss fight Alden Ring, shortly after its launch. Pre-nerf Radhan was an exciting, intense and difficult fight. However, after the nerf, the optional boss became much less difficult and less challenging, leaving fans who had previously battled the nerf a bit disappointed with the overall changes. But FromSoftware released one. Update latermaking the boss a challenge once again.

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The owners of Armored Corps 6 were not difficult without reason. The notoriously difficult Spike Baltius helped prepare the players for the more difficult challenges that were yet to come. Besides BALTEUS, the Sea spider And IB-01: CEL240 were also fun and challenging fights. However, with the right build, you can still easily beat these bosses.

While many fans were disappointed with the recent changes, some were grateful for the nerfs as it made it easier for them to progress through the story. This also raises another question as to whether or not it was the right move by FromSoftware to lower the game’s difficulty and make it more accessible to the audience.

Armored Corps 6 was released on 25 August. PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series XAnd PC. Armored Corps 6, developed From the software Published by and Bandai NamcoArmored comes almost a decade after Core 5 and Features. Excellent customization options For the fans

In the comments section below, let us know your thoughts and opinions about these latest adjustments in Armored Corps 6 owners.

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