Excavation site (location and objectives)


In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the quest “Find the Missing Brother” begins as an adventure where the search for a missing scholar, Ahmed bin Musa, becomes necessary. During this quest, you are tasked with uncovering the AC Mirage Excavation Site. The quest takes place in the district of Abbasia, where the unfolding investigation leads you to a series of clues and challenges.

Key takeaways

  • Excavation space is very important in AC Mirage. “Find the Missing Brother” The quest
  • The site is located in the southwest. Baghdadguided by a map.
  • Oasis and a unique expandable structure point the right way.
  • Site objectives include finding and opening chests while remaining undetected.
  • Stealth and tools like the knife And Darts AC Mirage Excavation Site is required to navigate the security area.

How to find excavation space in AC Mirage

AC Mirage Excavation Site (Image courtesy of us)

When progressing through the main quests in AC Mirage, you are asked to find an excavation site to progress and complete the “Find the Missing Brother” quest.

  • However, you are only given a map, which can be difficult to understand.

Using a map of the excavation site

AC Mirage Excavation Site Map (Screenshot by us)

Armed with a ‘Map of the Excavation Site,’ The quest points and guides you to the southwest of the city of Baghdad.

  • The only clue you have is a secret drawing on the map.
  • You must cross vast desert dunes, an oasis and a river that indicate you are on the right path.
  • The oasis is marked by a unique structure, with an expandable and doubled a Synchronization And Fast travel point.

While we’re on the subject of maps, learn more about AC Mirage maps by checking out our guide. Comparison of map sizes.

Exploring the excavation site

AC Mirage excavation site shown on map (screenshot by us)

As your journey progresses towards the excavation site, be prepared to engage with the map, ensuring alignment with its designated southwest section. Suburbs of Baghdad.

  • You can refer to the image above to find the exact location of the excavation site.
  • But for general guidance, head southwest on the map to the big river.
  • You’ll find a place to dig in between. Two small rivers.

What to do there?

Collecting indicators at the excavation site (acquired by E-Exporter)

Upon successful location of an excavation site, your objectives change subtly, revealing a new set of tasks.

  1. You’ll have to search the area for clues that reveal some. NPCs can communicate with you.
  2. After interacting with them, you will know Three hidden chests which appears as a coast marker.
  3. These chests, which will appear as orange. Eagle Visionbe central to uncovering the clues necessary to advance the quest.

Opening these chests helps you track Ahmed’s location.

  • Opening the chest isn’t straightforward, as you need it to be. Be anonymous to communicate with them.
  • There are multiple guards around, which makes stealth quite difficult.
  • I recommend going into the search with multiple tools, e.g throwing a knife And Dartsto help you stay spotless.

My experience with the excavation site

AC Mirage Excavation Site Showcase in-game (Screenshot by eXputer)

Exploring the AC Mirage dig site was a bit difficult at first as the map was not very detailed. But by putting the main map and the map we get side by side, I can easily explore the location. The only challenge after that is trying to stay undetected while opening all three chests. I would recommend Mastering. Kill focus Ability, because there will be instances where you need to kill multiple targets in the same area. Check out our guide on Excellent skill To learn more

With that, you know all about the AC Mirage’s digs. Assassin’s Creed Mirage offers you many mysteries to solve. An example of this is multiple puzzles. You should check out. Get the ruins from Enigma. To learn more about these puzzles. I would also recommend checking out our guide. The best weapon To ensure that Bassam is equipped with the best equipment.


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