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Even after finishing the main story, players are still hungry for more. What better way than to wait for the potential High On Life DLC that is coming soon. If you’re looking forward to more adventures with the Gatlians, here’s everything you need to know about potential DLC for High on Life.

Be warned of spoilers for High On Life, since most of facts pointing towards any DLC content takes place near and during the end of the game.

Is High On Life getting DLC?

At the time of this writing there is no confirmation of any DLC being added for High On Life. Although the ending and some parts leave it open for potential DLC to be added in the future.

The High On Life DLC is actually teased several times in the game. After you activate your detective mode to find Dr. Giblets, Kenny says that if you can’t turn off detective mode, you two will find the creator and pay him every penny he can. You have earned to do this. Kenny does this again after defeating Garmentos, mentioning that the team stays together in any future DLC.

High on Life DLC Doctor Gargoyle

It’s worth noting that the High On Life DLC may be related to the secret ending. After finding Dr. Gargula at the Human Haven facility, Kenny comments on a possible sequel. However depending on the size Squanch Games is planning it could be included as DLC at some point in the future.

You can learn more about the High On Life Secret Ending by reading our High On Life Secret Ending Guide.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, executive producer, Matt Studioin, has revealed that his team had already thought about a possible DLC before the game’s December 13, 2022 release. So there’s a strong argument to be made that our bounty hunting adventures extend beyond the G3 cartel.

High on Life DLC Gene

What could the High On Life DLC be?

Considering the strangely alien atmosphere of High On Life, there’s likely a lot that Squanch Games DLC could focus on. We can see more bounty hunting targets considering the game’s traversal relies on Bounty 5000 to get anywhere.

The High on Life DLC may also shed some light on Dr. Gargoyle who was captured by the bounty hunter experimenting on the humans you have saved. There are also two detectives who are Mayor Klug’s sons who now claim to be with you. Oh, and Jane also claims that your bounty suit has a self-destruct installed. There’s a lot to unpack here that could be touched on in any potential High On Life DLC. I mean, it might as well be about your sister.

High on Life DLC Separator

Here’s everything we know about the High on Life DLC. We hope this helps you look forward to any possible future adventures for this game. Here’s some more high life content:

Check out this video from YouTube hollow Showing off the high-on-life secret end. Spoilers ahead!


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