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Everything That’s Happened Since Endgame

The sun is getting too low for Guardians of the Galaxy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney+ Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special. Director James Gunn has said that the final volume of his trilogy will mostly end with the Rocket Raccoon story. But to understand where he and the rest of these airheads are going, viewers need to figure out where they’ve been ever since. Avengers Endgame.

As Gunn prepares to kick off the new DC Universe, any of the characters are free to return as long as they’re willing to do so without Gunn. Otherwise, these heroes will be living in the space where they had most of their adventures: off-screen. There are about six months of time between Guardians of the Galaxy Y vol. two, which take place around 2014 in the MCU. That means four years passed between those movies and Thor’s rescue in avengers: infinity war. They returned five years later in End of the gamemaking the in-universe year 2023. While Thor: Love and ThunderWhere on the timeline remains an open question, it is at least 2025 in Earth time. So what have the Guardians been up to for two years?

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The Christmas special takes place after the Guardians leave Thor in ‘Love and Thunder’

Rocket and Nebula were the only two Guardians Thanos didn’t take with him, so their story takes a backseat to everyone who was. However, at the end of the holiday special, Nebula gives Rocket a surprisingly touching gift. Since Korb is the narrator in Thor: Love and Thunder, the timeline is not reliable, but the impression given by the film is that Thor spends a lot of time with the Guardians… at least a year. Kraglin is also there, but none of the other Ravagers are present. Given the absence of Gamora and the vol. 3 In the scenes from the SDCC trailer, Gamora is likely to be with the space pirates formerly led by Yondu.

Judging from the length of Star-Lord’s hair alone, the holiday special it probably takes place a few months after Thor defeated Gorr the God Butcher. When the Guardians became separated from the God of Thunder, they headed out to respond to distress calls from planets decimated by the villain. Somehow, they were able to buy Knowhere, the severed celestial head from the first movie, in order to relocate the people affected by Gorr’s actions (and maybe a bit of Thor’s). Fans learn that the Collector survived Thanos somehow, and there are likely people displaced by the Blip in there as well. It looks like the runner from the first movie is playing drums for the Guardians’ house band.

It seems that after years of traveling the galaxy saving people in trouble, the Guardians have put down roots. Instead of just swooping in, blowing things up, and escaping with some harbulary batteries, they’re playing a longer “hero” game. However, their home is also a well-known place… and they still have enemies.

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guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 Will Clarify The Guardians Timeline After Endgame

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic derailed production, the MCU’s Phase Four was about grief and fallout. The big picture of the post-Blip universe was always going to come little by little. it won’t be until Avengers: Kang Dynasty Y Avengers: Secret War the mosaic to fall into place. But for all the work the individual movies have to do to build the crossovers, guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 It’s going to be a very character-focused movie. Sure, the High Evolutionary may activate the “X-Gene” on Earth in some master plan at the end of the movie, but this last act will include more personal tragedies for the Guardians.

Even in Phase Four, cameos and crossovers aren’t usually about introducing new characters, save for Skaar in She-Hulk: Lawyer. Any crossover that happens has been about reinforcing character connections, from James Rhodes making up with Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to the Guardians appearing in love and thunder. Whether or not the Guardians return afterwards vol. 3 it’s a mystery, but it doesn’t necessarily matter either.

The Guardians are great galactic heroes with more amazing feats off screen than on it. While Marvel can tell those stories through comics or animation, it’s okay if the MCU doesn’t. James Gunn left these gaps in the Guardians timeline so imaginative fans can daydream their own galaxy of adventures for themselves.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special is currently streaming on Disney+.

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