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Every Pokémon That Only Evolves At Night

Pokémon is full of magnificent creatures that evolve in seemingly unusual ways. Pikachu can only evolve into Raichu when he is exposed to an Evolution Stone. Kadabra can only evolve when he is traded with another player. The world of Pokemon thrives on these different types of evolution as they add variety to the game.

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Sometimes the real world has an impact on the evolutions of the game. Time is a factor for many Pokémon. While not well explained, there are certain Pokemon that can only evolve at night. This list looks at the 10 Pokemon that require it to be at night to evolve.

10/10 militia

This Cream Drop Pokémon, featured in Sword and shield, is a friend of any chef trainer. Known for his sweet fragrance, Milcery is made of airborne particles that form into a sentient blob of cream with glowing white eyes and tiny protruding arms.

While Milcery technically evolves during the day as well, 5 of his 9 forms can only be achieved at night. Milcery evolves into Alcremie after being given a candy to hold and turn in certain directions at night or day. In particular, the Rainbow Swirl shape can only be achieved at night.

9/10 rock ruff

Rockruff looking out in the Pokemon anime

The pup Pokémon, Rockruff, is the embodiment of cute and strong. As its name suggests, it is a Rock-type Pokémon, but its cute design causes some to mistake it for weak. It is a great companion for the first battles of the game.

Another technical addition to this list, Rockruff also has three evolutions that depend on the time of day (and the game they’re in). In the Moon Y ultramoon games, Rockruff can only evolve into Lycanroc Midnight Form overnight due to version requirements.

8/10 amura

Amaura looking into the distance in the Pokemon anime

The first Fossil Pokemon to require a night evolution, Amaura is a Rock and Ice type, a type combination that doesn’t exist outside of this line, found as Sail Fossil in the Generation 6 games. x Y Y. This Pokémon is based on sauropods, which were long-necked dinosaurs, like Littlefoot from the land before time.

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After reviving this long-extinct Pokemon from its fossil, a trainer would need to level it up to 39 overnight to evolve into the much larger rock and ice sauropod, Aurorus.

7/10 chingling

3 Chingling in the Pokémon anime

Introduced a whole generation after its evolved form in the Diamond Y Pearl games, Chingling is a little bell full of psychic abilities. Shaped like a ball with tiny protruding arms and legs, it has a mouth with a red orb inside that produces the bell noises it is known for.

Instead of leveling up in one evolution, Chingling has two requirements to evolve. The first is that it must be at night. The second requirement is that the trainer has a high friendship value with Chingling. This allows Chingling to evolve into Chimeco.

6/10 sneasel

Sneasel ready to fight on ice in the Pokemon anime

Known for being a vicious Pokémon with sharp claws, Sneasel is an Ice and Dark type and is based on a mix between a cat and a weasel. Sneasel have a gender difference in their ear feathers as females of the species have a shorter feather.

They use their claws to climb trees and have a habit of eating the eggs of other Pokémon like Pidgey. Sneasel evolves when he levels up at night, but they are warned that they need the held item, Razor Claw, to evolve into Weavile.

5/10 flirt

Gligar sliding forward in the Pokemon anime

Gligar is a Ground and Flying-type Pokémon that resembles a bat mixed with a scorpion. It glides using its blue, wing-like membranes that have claws attached to the top. Although it has large fangs, it is known to enjoy berries, indicating that it could be omnivorous.

Introduced in Generation 2, Gligar and several other Pokémon, including Sneasel, received evolutions in Generation 4. Gligar evolves at night when he levels up while holding the Razor Wing item, following a similar theme for these Generation 4 evolutions.

4/10 Galar Linoone

Linoone de Galar with her tongue out in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Originally introduced in the Hoenn region, Linoone was the evolution of the first normal path Pokémon of Generation 3. Reintroduced to Galar for the recently released Generation 8 games, Sword and shieldLinoone adopts a new dark and normal typing.

Along with Zigzagoon, he also gets a punk rock makeover to his design, including a long tongue and a black star for his eye. With a type change and a design change, Linoone needed a further evolution, and it got it. Linoone can evolve into Obstagoon at level 35 when it is night.

3/10 cube

Cubone crawling forward in Detective Pikachu

Arguably one of the saddest Pokémon in the entire franchise, Cubone has been a fan favorite since its introduction during a major plot point in Lavender Town in the Red, Blue, Y Yellow games.

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Every Pokédex entry for this Pokémon notes that it cries every night and that it wears the skull of its dead mother on its head. While a normal Cubone evolves into Marowak at level 28, a Cubone in the Alola region can evolve into Fire- and Ghost-type Alolan Marowak.

2/10 Alolan Rattata

Alolan Rattata and Raticate in Pokémon

Another Pokemon that received a complete makeover in terms of design and type, Alolan Rattata goes from being the first early route normal type to being a normal dark type. The biggest differences between a classic Rattata and an Alolan Rattata are the color change from purple to black and the inclusion of a fancy moustache.

These Rattata are more like rats in the real world, as they live in urban places. Alolan Rattata, like its classic counterpart, evolves at level 20, but can only do so at night.

1/10 snom

Snom crawling on Pokemon

While Snom’s name sounds like it’s misspelled snow, it’s actually a combination of the words snow and worm, easily defining this bug-type Pokémon. As a particularly weak Larva Pokémon, Snom disguises himself as icicles using his icy back, which is made up of Snom eating snow. Despite their weak nature, Snom are voracious eaters, only satisfied with large amounts of food.

Because Snom is generally fearful, they will not evolve until they bond with their coach. Snom evolves into Frostoth when he levels up at night with a great friendship.

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