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Every Paldean Regional Variant In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon scarlet and violet have introduced the ninth generation of the storied franchise to gamers around the world, to a largely mixed response. While many have been hampered by performance issues, others have focused on the parts where Gen IX games excel, from their innovative new features to the fun of the game.

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Generations VII and VIII introduced new forms of existing Pokémon with Alola and Galarian variants, respectively. Although the region of Paldea has also continued in the same direction, scarlet and violet they have provided even more creativity in the ways that previous Pokémon can be altered and explored. Paldea features more than just its own regional variants, as it also has convergent species and other alternate forms of fan-favorite Pokemon.

10/10 Paldean Wooper loves swamps and shallows

Wooper found himself the main focus of all conversations about Paldean variants in the build up to scarlet and violetThe release of , as it was the only form announced in advance. This new version of Wooper sees his Water type swapped out for a dual combination of Earth and Poison, with Paldean Wooper frequenting swampy areas instead of normal stretches of water.

Paldean Wooper also evolves into a new Pokemon called Clodsire, instead of a Paldean version of Quagsire. Pokemon fans have fallen in love with Clodsire, and it has actively given the Venom script more representation on many players’ teams.

9/10 Paldean Tauros is a new aggressive version of the Bull Pokémon

Two Paldean Tauros in the wild in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Tauros is the second Pokemon to get a regional variant of Paldean, but its long-awaited and well-deserved variant actually comes as three different options and type combinations. With the Paldea region drawing inspiration from Iberian culture, it’s no surprise that the Wild Bull Pokémon resembles traditional, more aggressive bulls.

Paldean Tauros comes in three different forms. Combat Breed is a pure Fighting type, Blaze Breed is Fire and Fighting, while Aqua Breed combines Water and Fighting. Intimidate, Rage Point, and Cud Chew are possible and extremely useful abilities that these Taurus can get.

8/10 Wiglett and Wugtrio have many similarities to Diglett and Dugtrio

Wiglett peeking out of the sand at the beach in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Converging species is a new addition to Pokémon with scarlet and violet, as they are more of a reinvention and revision of a previous Pokémon than a classic regional variant. In fact, convergent species are supposedly completely different Pokémon that simply share various characteristics with other species.

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One of the two evolution lines to get convergent variants is Diglett and his evolved form Dugtrio, with Wiglett and Wugtrio appearing in Paldea. Wiglett and Wugtrio can still get Sand Veil as a hidden ability, but they are pure Water-types and no longer rely on their Ground-typing. Wiglett thrives on beaches and shallow water, which justifies its different type.

7/10 Toedscool and Toedscruel are convergent species of Tentacool and Tentacruel

A wild Toedscruel appears in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Another pair to get a convergent review on Pokémon scarlet and violet it is Tentacool and Tentacruel, with Toedscool and Toedscruel spawning in forests and grassy areas. These convergent species are now Ground and Grass types, as they take on a more wild mushroom-like appearance. They completely get rid of poison and water, except for a select few moves.

Toedscool and Toedscruel are more examples of Gen IX going further with their creativity, providing alternate versions of earlier Pokemon species. What are tentacles to their Gen I counterparts, are actually legs to the earth-dwelling Toedscool and Toedscruel. Watching them move can be a confusing sight to behold.

6/10 Pokemon Scarlet has seven Paradox species, including the ground-type Sandy Shocks

A trainer approaches a Pokémon Sandy Shocks Paradox in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The Paradox Pokémon are another creative addition brought to scarlet and violet. These are introduced in the end game of scarlet and violetin Area Zero. violet and scarlet both have their own exclusive version of Paradox Pokémon, which makes the comparison between the two games exciting.

Scarlet it has seven Paradox Pokémon in all, with Great Tusk leading the way as a Fighting-Ground version of Donphan. Scream Tail resembles Jigglypuff, Sandy Shocks is a Ground-type Magneton, and Brute Bonnet bears an uncanny resemblance to Amoonguss. Slither Wing is a creative take on Volcarona, while Flutter Mane resembles Misdreavus. Roaring Moon looks like a Salamence, but more specifically, the Mega Evolution of it. Paradox Pokémon remain an inventive twist on late-game and post-game shenanigans.

5/10 Pokémon Violet has a different group of Pokémon Paradox than Scarlet

A Paradox Pokémon from the Iron Pack appears in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

pokemon purpleParadox’s seven Pokémon continue the more futuristic themes of the game, unlike ScarletIt is older forms. Donphan and Volcarona have another Paradox counterpart each in Violet, with Iron Treads and Iron Moth, respectively. Iron Valiant is a dual Fairy-Fighting Pokémon that resembles both Gardevoir and Gallade.

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pokemon purple it also has Paradox Pokémon that resemble Tyranitar and Hydreigon, called Iron Thorns and Iron Jugulis, respectively. Iron Hands is a Fighting-Electric version of the mighty Hariyama, and even Delibird bears a misleading Paradox resemblance called the Iron Bundle.

4/10 Annihilape is the Paldean evolved form of Primeape.

Annihilape in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In addition to its own regional forms, convergent species, and Paradox Pokémon, Paldea also has highly anticipated evolutions for previous Pokémon. One Pokémon that has felt quite neglected since its introduction in the original games is the Fighting-type Primeape. Nevertheless, scarlet and violet Primeape has been given a highly anticipated evolved form: Fighting-Ghost Annihilape.

Annihilape can be obtained by having Primeape use the Ghost-type move Rage Fist 20 times in battle. This takes from the evolution conditions introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceusserving as one of the many influences the revolutionary game has had on the main series.

3/10 Girafarig finally has an evolution into Farigiraf

A Farigiraf is found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Girafarig has been crying out for a regional evolution or form ever since its introduction in the Gen II Johto games, and scarlet and violet They have delivered with Farigiraf. Girafarig can evolve into Farigiraf when he learns Twin Beam. Farigiraf does not change its type combination, being a Normal and Psychic Pokémon. Going up to a total base stat of 520 does no damage.

The Girafarig line remains pretty resolute, only having two types of weaknesses in Bug and Dark. Farigiraf has a creative design incorporating the iconic tail from his previous form, migrating up the long neck to give him a hat-like face.

2/10 Kingambit makes Bisharp even more formidable

Crouching Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Another Pokemon getting an exciting new evolution in the Paldea region is Bisharp, as it can become the awesome Kingambit if the right conditions are met. Kingambit can be achieved if a Bisharp levels up after defeating three wild Bisharp leading a Pawniard pack.

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It’s a very specific evolution method, but it’s fun and the reward from the mighty Kingambit is reward enough for the player’s efforts. Kingambit has an impressive base stat total of 550, favoring physical offense and defense. The Steel and Dark type of Pokemon have the advantage of having nine different type resistances and two immunities.

1/10 Dudunsparce is a longer evolution of Dunsparce

Dudunsparce in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Dunsparce has remained intact and underappreciated since its introduction in Gen II, but scarlet and violet they have finally introduced an evolution for it, called Dudunsparce. Dudunsparce comes in the form of two or three segments, and is obtained when a Dunsparce levels up while it knows the move Hyper Drill.

Aside from its length, Dudunsparce looks remarkably similar to its pre-evolved form of Dunsparce and is still just a Normal type, but with a high base stat total. It is another long-awaited evolution that scarlet and violet and the region of Paldea have entertained players and fans.

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