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Every Marvel Hero Namor Has Defeated (In Chronological Order)

Namor the Sub-Mariner is an early Marvel Comics character and the first mutant. As one of the oldest characters in the Marvel Universe, Namor has his fair share of enemies, many of whom are some of the fiercest heroes around.

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In his 80+ years in comics, Namor’s brute strength has been challenged by many superheroes, but only a few have emerged victorious. As long as Namor is within his natural underwater habitat and motivated to defend Atlantis, his strength and stamina are unmatched. From Jim Hammond to She-Hulk, Namor has spent decades taking down some of Marvel’s greatest heroes.

1/10 Namor trapped the original Human Torch to contain its flames.

marvel mystery vol. 1 #9 (1940), by Bill Everett, Carl Burgos, John Compton and Ray Gill

Like the first two characters in marvel comics, it’s no surprise that Namor’s Human Torch and Jim Hammond’s paths crossed. The two legendary characters worked well as a team, but also clashed and disagreed on certain issues.

After an attempt on Namor’s life, the Sub-Mariner responded by attacking New York. Jim Hammond tried to get Namor to protect New York, and the two went back and forth, trying to stop each other. Eventually, Namor trapped The Human Torch in a tube to contain his powers, cutting through the air and preventing him from creating flames.

2/10 Daredevil was no match for Namor

daredevil #7 (1965) by Stan Lee, Wally Wood and Artie Simek

Namor punches Daredevil in Marvel Comics

Daredevil may be known as The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but when Namor came to town, he pretty much took over. When he sought the advice of Nelson and Murdock to sue the entire human race for sea pollution, he refused Namor, so he returned to take out his wrath on New York.

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As protector of the city, Matt Murdock donned his Daredevil suit and did his best to stop the Sub-Mariner, but he was no match. Namor basically demolished Daredevil multiple times, but Murdock didn’t give up. In a failed attempt to subdue Namor, Daredevil electrocuted himself. Namor admired Daredevil’s bravery and turned himself in to the authorities, but was victorious in the fight.

3/10 Namor blew the Hulk out of the water

incredible hulk vol. 1 #118 (1969), by Stan Lee, Herb Trimpe and Art Simek

Herb Trimpe's interpretation of Namor and the Hulk fighting underwater

After The Leader threw the Hulk into the ocean earlier, Bruce Banner was discovered in the ocean by Namor’s lover, Lady Dorma. Dorma gave Banner a pill, allowing him to breathe underwater so he could recover. When Namor learned that Lady Dorma had another man in her chambers, he became jealous and confronted her.

Their discussion woke Banner, who transformed into the Hulk, with the goal of protecting Dorma from Namor. Namor and the Hulk’s fight caused tidal waves and collateral damage to the people of Atlantis. Namor finally pulled the Hulk out of the water. Namor confirmed his victory when he found the unconscious Hulk transforming back into Bruce Banner.

4/10 Silver Surfer was nearly wiped out

Sub-Mariner #34 (1970), by Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema, Jim Mooney and Art Simek

Namor punches the Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics

Before they formed the super team known as the Titans Three, Namor and the Silver Surfer were at odds. After finding a machine that could control the weather, Namor searched for other heroes who could help him protect Earth. While searching for the Hulk, Namor encountered the Silver Surfer and asked the Surfer to join him on his quest to save the planet.

Silver Surfer didn’t want to listen to Namor at first, so Namor pulled him by the foot and into the water. Silver Surfer hit back and was put down again by Namor. The two went back and forth hitting each other until Namor finally convinced The Silver Surface to ditch him and help him destroy the device.

5/10 Namor got Black Panther to raise the white flag

Defenders #84 (1980), by Ed Hannigan, Don Perlin, Tex Blaisdell, George Roussos and Diana Albers

Namor receives a video feed from Black Panther, informing Namor of their surrender.

The tension between Atlantis and Wakanda and its two leaders, Namor and T’Challa (Black Panther), is one of the most famous turf wars in Marvel Comics. After the Atlanteans were caught buying stolen Wakandan technology, T’Challa captured those responsible, angering Namor.

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Being a diplomatic leader, T’Challa tried to handle matters peacefully, but Namor was not convinced. The two fought until the Hulk burst through the walls, causing a flood. Namor saved both Black Panther and the Hulk, bringing them back to the surface. When the Wakandans found an injured Black Panther, they believed it was an attempt at war and fired missiles at Atlantis. T’Challa warned Namor of the missiles and he surrendered in peace.

6/10 A hypnotized Namor defeated Captain America

Captain America Vol 1. #365 (1989) by Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer, Danny Bulanadi, Bob Sharen and Jack Morelli

Namor dives into Captain America while he is underwater, hitting his shield.

Captain America and Namor have a history of being friend foe. Even after Namor attacked the Avengers, they eventually came to an understanding that they were both inspired to protect Earth. However, Namor’s initiation as a member of the Avengers got off to a rocky start.

Desperate to defeat Captain America, the Red Skull hired the Controller to take over Namor and encourage him to kill Captain America. When a mesmerized Namor attacked him, Cap proved to be no match and Namor countered every one of his blows. Eventually, Cap had to play the possum to trick Namor into coming to him so he could destroy Controller’s device. Captain America restrained Namor, but did not win the fight.

7/10 Ultimate Namor obliterated The Ultimate Fantastic Four

Last Fantastic Four #24-26 (2006), by Mark Millar, Greg Land, Matt Ryan, Justin Ponsor and Lauren Martin

Ultimate Namor Prepares To Kill Ultimate Reed Richards In Marvel Comics

In Ultimate Universe on Earth 1610, the Ultimate Fantastic Four went to explore the unreachable places within Atlantis. They discovered Namor’s grave and he was released. After fighting, Namor convinced Sue that she was not an enemy and to allow him to show him the damage she had done to her kingdom.

reed richards he realized that Namor was a prisoner and as the Fantastic Four closed in on the Sub-Mariner, the Atlantean effortlessly subdued each member. Richards even used a helmet that projected his subconscious to create illusions of other superheroes, but Namor was persistent. The only way to stop Namor was for Sue to let him kiss her in front of Reed. Sue agreed and Namor emerged victorious and satisfied.

8/10 Namor sent Iron Man flying across the ocean

New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (2006), by Brian Michael Bendis, Alexander Maleev, Christopher P. Eliopoulos, and David Stewart

Namor punches Iron Man through a building in Marvel Comics

When Iron Man learned of another of the Hulk’s dangerous rampages that resulted in the death of many innocent lives, he turned to the rest of the Illuminati for a solution to stop the Hulk. While the other members agreed with his plan to subdue the Hulk, Namor felt that Iron Man was betraying his fellow Avenger.

Iron Man and Namor exchanged words until Namor finally landed the first powerful blow, sending Stark flying through the building and across the ocean. The fight continued underwater, where Namor removed Iron Man’s helmet, causing him to suffocate. It took Doctor Strange’s incantations to free Stark from the Sub-Mariner’s clutches.

9/10 Namor mocked and beaten by Wolverine’s body

Submarine Vol 2. #3 (2007), by Mark Cherniss, Peter Johnson, Philippe Briones, Cory Petit and Paul Mounts

Namor launches himself from the water, preparing to slam Wolverine to the ground in Marvel Comics

After Atlantean rebels staged a terrorist attack in Kansas, Namor encountered an unwelcoming Wolverine at Charles Xavier’s school. Namor tried to explain to Wolverine that he wasn’t behind the attacks, but Wolverine worried that his presence would detonate the sentinels, causing the mutant students to become collateral damage.

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Namor struck Logan before he could throw the first claw, sending him flying across the school. The two began to fight, which caused Namor to fall into a pool. Wolverine quickly released heat into the pool, hoping to dehydrate Namor, but the Sub-Mariner quickly swam across the concrete, landing on Wolverine and the power slamming him to the ground.

10/10 Namor dominated both She-Hulk and Luke Cage

Uncanny X-Men Vol 2. #12 (2012) By Keiron Gillen, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Guru eFX, Joe Caramagna and Nick Lowe

Namor throws Luke Cage at She-Hulk in Avengers Vs X-men

Many of Namor and She-Hulk’s encounters had been flirtations, challenges of strength. The two powerful beings never had to fight seriously until the conflict between the X-Men and the Avengers took a chaotic turn.

After knocking out Luke Cage, leaving him vulnerable due to his inability to breathe underwater, Namor threw Cage’s body at She-Hulk, knocking her unconscious. Namor then attacked The Thing until Magik transported him out of the fight. Since his skirmish had occurred underwater, it’s clear that The Thing would have been hit at that point.

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