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Every Generation, Ranked By Their Starters

Choosing a Starter Pokemon at the start of any Pokemon The game is one of the most difficult options in all games. It’s an important decision, as it’s essentially a commitment to a specific path for the duration of that game, assuming the player is aiming for even coverage across the team. Fire-type starters are often favored due to their rarity in the early stages of a game, but it should ultimately come down to personal preference.

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Although starter Pokémon are always Water, Fire, and Grass-types, their later evolution forms can sometimes bring interesting and exciting type combinations that are more useful and effective in battles than others. The best generations of starter Pokemon have the best designs, characters, and movesets on average across all three Pokemon.

Updated November 21, 2022 by Tom Steel: With the ninth generation of Pokemon finally here with the Scarlet & Violet games, many new and exciting species have been introduced to this storied franchise. Naturally, with these new games and Pokémon comes a new set of starting items to choose from. Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly each bring a unique personality and area of ​​combat expertise, creating different gameplay experiences depending on which one is chosen. These new additions hold up well compared to previous starter Pokemon and certainly deserve to be a part of the same conversation.

9/9 Generation V: The Unova trio is cute enough but compares poorly to the other generations

pokemon black and white: Oshawott, Tepig and Snowy

the pokemon black and white The anime series is the last time Ash Ketchum owned all three of the starters, which was his approach used in the first two regions. Ash’s Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig each have their own personalities and characteristics that make them interesting enough, but there aren’t enough memorable aspects about the trio to compare them to starter Pokémon from any other generation.

Oshawott and Snivy’s final evolutions, Samurott and Serperior, don’t get a second type to go with Water and Grass respectively, though Samurott did receive a Hisuian variant in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with secondary dark typing. Tepig’s final form, Emboar, is then another firefighting combo that doesn’t quite rank near Blaziken and Infernape.

8/9 Generation VIII: Scorbunny leads the other Galar starters

pokemon sword and shield: Scorbunny, Sob and Grookey

Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey are the Galar Starters in Pokémon

The trio of headlines sword and shield games and pokemon travel series, Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey all stick to their unique writing through all three forms. The only other generation that does this with all three starter Pokémon is Gen II.

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Scorbunny, Raboot, and Cinderace arguably save this generation’s headline pick, as the fire-type bunny line is generally beloved across the globe. This is partly due to the anime’s portrayal of him: lovable, adventurous, and loyal at first and evolving into a serious fighter. The final three forms can certainly be used in one’s main group, but none of them really stand out as gear carriers.

7/9 Generation VI: The Froakie Evolution line is one of the best in the entire franchise

pokemon x and y: Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin

Chespin, Forakie and Fennekin are the holders of Kalos in Pokémon

Ash’s Pokémon League finalist team in Kalos was arguably the best yet, and his Greninja was a crucial part of this well-oiled machine. The Water-Dark-type Pokémon is the final form of Froakie, which, along with Chespin and Fennekin, make up the X and Y starters

The main thing about starter Pokémon is that they each have a strength and weakness against the others, and Gen VI doubles down on this super-effectiveness, adding Dark, Fighting, and Psychic-types to Greninja, Chesnaught, and Delphox respectively. Greninja is loved around the world, more than the other Gen VI openers, mainly for his strength, cool design, and good moveset. If it wasn’t for the Froakie line, Kalos holders would be ranked lower.

6/9 Generation II: The Johto starters formed in the shadow of the original three from Kanto

Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal: Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita

Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita are the Johto Starters in Pokémon

Casual Pokemon fans will most likely recognize the Johto starters right after Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile stick to their Grass, Fire, and Water-types throughout all their evolution forms and fight to emerge from the shadows of their starter and late evolution forms from the original games.

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Feraligatr stands out as it can use some of the newly introduced Dark-type moves, and despite not being part of the Dark-type, it can help increase its coverage of offensive moves. He can also use ice-type moves, which is especially useful against this generation’s strong dragon trainers, Clair and Lance.

5/9 Generation VII: Alola saw a return to consistency in terms of starters

Pokemon sun and moon: Popplio, Rowlet and Litten

The Alola Starters in Pokémon are Popplio, Rowlet, and Litten

The Alola starter Pokémon were a return to consistency across all three, with adorable designs and strong dual-type ending forms. All three have great move coverage and any of the three final evolutions would certainly be a great player towards the end of the game. Sun and moon games.

Litten’s final evolution, Incineroar, is based on a fighter, but is dark instead of fighter. Decidueye, Rowlet’s final form, is an Owl that is not a Flying-type, but Grass-Ghost. Popplio’s final form, Primarina, also provides the first starter evolution that is part of the Fairy type, allowing for a diverse moveset as well.

4/9 Generation IX: Paldean headlines have exceeded expectations

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Sprigatito, Quaxly and Fuecoco

Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly, Scarlet & Violet's starter Pokémon

The long-awaited ninth generation of Pokemon has finally arrived and most of those who have played it have enjoyed it, despite its performance issues. The open world experience has been a welcome addition to the Pokémon series and has made scarlet and violet the most accessible and attractive games for a long time. scarlet and violetThe starter Pokémon came under scrutiny when they were initially announced, with many leaning towards the adorable Fuecoco over the others.

However, upon the game’s release, fans were drawn to all three, with Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly displaying fun personalities, great designs, and strong final evolutions. Quaxly, for example, is often considered the least attractive of the trio, but his third form, Quaquaval, is poised to take the competitive scene by storm with its combination of Water-Fighting-typing and relentless physical attacks.

3/9 Generation IV: Infernape, Torterra and Empoleon are good enough to help beat Cynthia

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum: Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup

Sinnoh's Pokémon starters are Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup.

Gen IV followed the success of Hoenn and provided some exciting new additions through its starter Pokémon, Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig. Once again, the first forms are adorable, but effective early in the game before their evolutions happen.

Infernape brings a fiery ferocity to battles, with fire-fighting attacks. Empoleon brings a solid new combination of Water and Steel. Meanwhile, Torterra is a dual-typing Grass-Ground colossal turtle. All three are great additions to any team, especially in mid to late game. Diamond, pearl and platinum.

2/9 Generation III: The Hoenn trio nearly rivals the original Kanto team

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald: Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip

Hoenn's Pokémon starters are Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip.

Hoenn’s three starters, Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip, provide lovers of Pokemon games featuring three of the most powerful final evolution forms of all the games starters in the form of Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert. the ruby and sapphire The series once again made the headlines truly beloved among fans, which the Johto headlines never really achieved.

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Ash only owned one of them in the anime, Treecko, allowing other characters to showcase the titulars, May with Torchic and Brock with Mudkip. This change in dynamic was a much-needed breath of fresh air for the series.

1/9 Generation I: Kanto, where it all began

pokemon red, blue, green and yellow: Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander are the original Kanto starter Pokémon.

The original iconic trio of starter Pokémon, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur contribute to making Generation I the best for starter Pokémon. More than the overwhelming sense of nostalgia and the fact that everyone knows who they are, Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur are heavy hitters. Likewise, they can greatly contribute to any player’s main Pokemon team in the games, as each of them can learn several of the HMs, which is always helpful.

All three appear often in the anime, and many trainers own them, but Charizard, in particular, is used by multiple strong trainers and perfectly represents why so many people love the Charmander line and Kanto starters in general. They will always be remembered as the original and best starter Pokémon.

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