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Every Dragon Breed In Harry Potter, From Least To Most Dangerous

One of the preferred legendary beasts in fiction, dragons are as totally different because the authors who write about them. In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, dragons are harmful creatures with a lizard-like look and an aggressive perspective. These attributes made dragons untamable, even for witches and wizards.

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Throughout the Harry Potter collection, many characters had the pleasure (or displeasure) to come across a few of these uncommon beings and uncover for themselves whether or not they’re as fearsome as legend says. J.Ok Rowling’s story was stuffed with all kinds of highly effective, harmful, and mild magical creatures.

10 The Antipodean Opaleye Was The Most Subdued And Beautiful Dragon Breed

Native to New Zealand, the Antipodean Opaleye was extensively thought of to be probably the most stunning dragon breed within the Wizarding World for its iridescent scales and multicolored eyes. Unlike most dragons, which favored dwelling within the mountains, the Opaleye dwelled in valleys the place it might simply catch its favourite prey, sheep.

Though it was able to producing a really vivid scarlet flame, the Opaleye was comparatively subdued and infrequently killed until it was hungry. Its eggs had been pale grey and infrequently regarded like fossils to the untrained eye.

9 The Romanian Longhorn Was Hunted Into Near-Extinction For Its Prized Horns

Easily recognizable for its dark-green scales and golden horns, the Romanian Longhorn was categorized as an endangered dragon species. Over the years, its horns had develop into a scorching commodity as they had been extremely worthwhile potion substances, resulting in a drastic decline within the Romanian Longhorn’s inhabitants.

The rocky Carpathian Mountains, the Longhorn’s major habitat, later grew to become the most important dragon reservation within the Wizarding World. In the mountains, dragon conservationists like Charlie Weasley have launched an intensive breeding program to extend its numbers.

8 The Common Welsh Green Was Best Known For Its Melodious Roar

The Common Welsh Green was one of many tamest dragon breeds, actively avoiding contact with people and preying on sheep within the lush hills of Wales. The Common Welsh’s most distinct options had been its serpent-like look and its excessive, melodious roar. It additionally emitted hearth in skinny jets moderately than streaks.

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Despite the breed’s passivity, a Common Welsh attacked the city of Ilfracombe in Devon, England in 1932. A Wizarding household who resided within the space stopped the dragon in time and acquired the Order of Merlin for his or her efforts. Over six many years later, Fleur Delacour would face a Common Welsh within the Triwizard Tournament.

7 The Hebridean Black Was The Most Hostile British Dragon Breed

Much extra aggressive than its British cousin, the Common Welsh, the Hebridean Black inhabited the mountainous Hebrides of Scotland. Known for its good purple eyes, the Hebridean Black had bat-like wings and an arrow-shaped spike on the finish of its tail.

The Hebridean Black might develop as much as thirty toes in size and it ate up deer and cattle. The MacFusty household, a Wizarding clan who had been residing in Scotland for generations, often sorted the Hebridean Black specimens of their territory.

6 The Chinese Fireball Enjoyed Feasting On Pigs And Humans

Also often called Liondragon for the golden spikes round its face, the Chinese Fireball had crimson, clean scales and will produce two mushroom-shaped flames from its nostrils. It might weigh between two and 4 tonnes and feasted on every kind of mammals, although it most well-liked pigs and people in the event that they had been accessible. Its eggs, which had been scarlet and gold, had been prized in Chinese wizardry.

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Unlike different dragon species, the Fireball wasn’t extraordinarily territorial and will share with as much as two others of its species. Viktor Krum fought a Fireball within the Triwizard Tournament’s First Task.

5 The Swedish Short-Snout Could Burn A Human To Ashes In Seconds

The Swedish Short-Snout was lined in silvery-blue scales and resided within the uninhabited mountains of Sweden. Its pores and skin was vastly wanted, because it was important within the manufacture of high-quality protecting gloves and shields. The Short-Snout additionally issued a superb blue flame from its nostrils that would burn flesh and bone to a crisp in a matter of seconds.

The Annual Broom Race, which was held in Sweden for the reason that tenth century, awarded a trophy resembling a Short-Snout to whoever gained that 12 months. For the Triwizard Tournament’s First Task, Cedric Diggory needed to steal an egg from a Short-Snout.

4 The Norwegian Ridgeback Was Especially Aggressive To Its Own Kind

Best identified for its resemblance to the Hungarian Horntail, the Norwegian Ridgeback was notably aggressive to its personal species and would feast on any sort of giant mammal, together with aquatic ones. In 1991, Hagrid was given a black egg that might later hatch right into a child Ridgeback, which he named Norbert.

During its first months of life, Norbert confirmed that it might breathe hearth sooner than different dragon breeds and possessed venomous fangs. The Ridgeback was later relinquished to Charlie Weasley, who renamed it Norberta after it was found to be a feminine.

3 The Ukrainian Ironbelly Was So Large It Could Destroy Entire Buildings

The Ukrainian Ironbelly was the most important dragon breed within the Wizarding World, capable of develop to an astounding weight of six tonnes. Despite being slower due to its measurement, the Ironbelly was extremely deadly, because it was able to destroying complete buildings with its large physique and elongated talons.

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In Deathly Hallows, the Golden Trio encountered a metallic grey Ironbelly in Gringotts that had been guarding the Lestrange household vault. After liberating it, they flew it midway to Hogwarts earlier than leaping off its again and letting it proceed on its approach.

2 The Peruvian Vipertooth Had A Particular Taste For Humans

The Peruvian Vipertooth could be the smallest acknowledged dragon breed, but it surely was way more vicious and harmful than it appeared. Copper in shade, the Vipertooth was fast and venomous, a mix that proved deadly to the numerous people it attacked over time. Its style for human flesh grew to become such an issue that the International Confederation of Wizards despatched in exterminators to scale back the Vipertooth’s inhabitants.

In the Middle Ages, dragonologists who labored with Vipertooths had been the primary to contract Dragon Pox, a illness just like the Muggle rooster pox. The Peruvian Vipertooth was additionally the mascot for the Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers, the most effective Quidditch groups within the league.

1 The Hungarian Horntail Was The Most Vicious Dragon Breed In The World

Considered probably the most harmful dragon breed, the Horntail was native to Hungary and was simply recognizable for its lizard-like look. It had black scales, yellow eyes with cat-like pupils, and bronze horns that protruded from its lengthy tail, which it incessantly utilized in battle. The Horntail had the longest fire-breathing vary of as much as fifty toes.

In 1994, Harry confronted a Hungarian Horntail through the Triwizard Tournament. It was described by Charlie Weasley and Hagrid as aggressive and harsh, traits that it displayed through the First Task when it attacked Harry. It flew remarkably effectively regardless of its giant measurement, nearly catching as much as Harry and his Firebolt.

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