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Every Brother & Sister In Star Wars’ Inquisitors

Inquisitors have gained popularity among Star Wars fans since they were first introduced in rebels. The Grand Inquisitor’s chilling visage struck fear into those he came in contact with, and though they were weaker than his leader, the Inquisitor’s Brothers and Sisters were just as terrifying.

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Once corrupted to the dark side, the Inquisitors no longer used their original names and were instead numbered, referred to only as Brother or Sister. While fans have seen at least 13 different Inquisitors in various Star Wars media, only nine have been named as Brother or Sister. Two remain unnamed, one was mentioned by the name of Iskat and the other is the Grand Inquisitor himself.

9/9 second sister

threshing suduri

The Second Sister made her first brief appearance in issue #19 of the Darth Vader (2017) comics, but his rise to fame came with the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order where she served as the main antagonist to the hero Cal Kestis.

falling order helped develop Second Sister, describing her as a terrifying and sometimes sympathetic adversary. Her appearance was strikingly similar to Darth Vader’s, including a helmet that hid her face. Second Sister was extremely intelligent and powerful, but was ultimately killed by Vader for her failure.

8/9 third sister

Reva Sevander

Reva Sevander Star Wars

the Obi Wan Kenobi The series introduced fans to Reva Sevander aka Third Sister. Reva gets more screen time than any other Arbiter on Obi Wan Kenobi and is shown to be somewhat overzealous compared to his comrades in his search for Kenobi.

The Third Sister even turned on the Grand Inquisitor at one point, stabbing him for getting in her way. Reva briefly served as Grand Inquisitor before showing her true intentions and attempting to attack Vader. Although Vader left her for dead, she survived and her fate was left open.

7/9 fourth sister


fourth sister

The Fourth Sister is something of a mystery. The first mention of her was in number 4 of Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Castle where it was supplanted. All fans could see at first was his armor.

He eventually made a royal appearance in Obi Wan Kenobi along with other inquisitors. The Fourth Sister does not play a major role in the series. Despite this, her sharp tone in her few lines makes her seem quite imposing.

6/9 fifth brother


Fifth Brother Rebels

The Fifth Brother is a terrifying character who seems to start out quite sensible, as seen in the Obi Wan Kenobi series, but becomes quite vicious as time goes on, as seen in rebels. His helmet also distinguishes him from the other inquisitors.

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The Fifth Brother was a very strong and large figure, which he used against his victims, who were often smaller than him. He preferred brute force to strategy and the sinister appearance of him with bared sharp teeth would have struck fear into those around him. That being said, his strength was not enough to fight Maul.

5/9 sixth brother

bill are worth

Star Wars Sixth Brother Vader Comic

He was first mentioned in the 2016 novel. Ahsoka, but the Sixth Brother was portrayed for the first time in number 6 of the Darth Vader comic. The Sixth Brother was a member of an unidentified race with pale blue skin and scar-like markings on his face.

The Sixth Brother was ruthless, enjoying killing innocents and even cutting off the Ninth Sister’s leg to ensure their own safety when they were attacked. His overconfidence led to his death at Ahsoka’s hands, and it was his lightsaber crystals that Ahsoka cleaned to make his lightsabers white.

4/9 seventh sister


Seventh Sister Rebels

Making his first appearance alongside Fifth Brother in rebels, Seventh Sister was just as intimidating as her cohort, albeit for different reasons. She caused the Specters a lot of trouble and helped steal Force-sensitive children across the galaxy.

Being the opposite of Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister was cunning in battle and used her quick wits to win matches over and above sheer force. She liked to tease her opponents, often taking on a flirtatious tone, to keep them off guard, and she employed droids as sneaky backup. Seventh Sister fell to Maul on Malachor.

3/9 eighth brother


eighth brother

The Eighth Brother was the third of the “inquisitor brothers” to appear in rebels. He always wore a full helmet, so his face was never visible, but he had a very small and agile build. This made him a very fast opponent and he was good at acrobatics.

The Eighth Brother tended to be impulsive and aggressive, causing him to rush into combat. However, if he knew that he wouldn’t win, he would quickly run away. In his final battle, the Eighth Brother tried to retreat, but fell to his death when his damaged lightsaber malfunctioned.

2/9 ninth sister

masana tide

Ninth Sister fighting Cal Kestis

Along with the Second Sister, the Ninth Sister pursued the surviving Jedi Cal Kestis. The Ninth Sister was a Dowutin, a race known for its enormous size and facial fangs. She used her size to her advantage and easily beat most opponents.

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The Ninth Sister had a cybernetic leg after being betrayed by the Sixth Brother and lost an eye courtesy of Vader. Despite losing her hand in the duel, the Ninth Sister was able to use her Force to wield her sword before she was killed by Kestis on Kashyyyk.

1/9 tenth brother

prosset dibs

tenth brother

The Tenth Brother was first introduced to fans in Republic Jedi – Mace Windu like Prosset Dibs. He was the only Inquisitor who had previously been a Jedi Master and was disillusioned with the Order before the Jedi Purge began. He even tried to kill Mace Windu because of the hypocrisy he saw in Windu and the Order.

The Tenth Brother had a striking appearance as he was a Miraluka, meaning he looked human but had no eyes. Unlike other inquisitors, he wore very little armor and wielded two small lightsabers instead of the spinning lightsaber. The Tenth Brother was killed when a Jedi tricked his soldiers into carrying out Order 66 on the inquisitors.

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