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Every Breaking Bad Season Ranked By Critics

breaking bad It may be one of the best TV shows of all time. But by the time of statistical analysis, the critical reception of TV shows and movies allows for as close to an objective metric as you can get for gauging the quality of a show, and that even goes for splitting up a show. by season.

With that said, let’s list all the breaking bad seasons, ranked based on the average of reviewer aggregate scores found on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. This will mark when the show was at its best and when it was at its worst. And for a show about a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth mogul, it stands to reason that the results would be surprising.

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5. Season 1 – Average rating: 79.5

Although disagreement can arise among analysts of the show, almost everyone, including critics, can agree that the first season of breaking bad It was his weakest point. The entire series wouldn’t have been possible without the building blocks it established, featuring mild-mannered chemist Walter White and his brash partner in crime Jesse Pinkman, but both characters were only at the beginning of their journey.

Although it was not the best breaking bad season, the engaging characterizations, stylized cinematography, and unique setting were all there as fans followed Walter’s descent into the world of crime. But in nearly half the length of the subsequent seasons, breaking bad it just hadn’t earned the legendary status it would continue to earn.

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4. Season 2 – Average rating: 90.5

Breaking Bad Banner - John de Lancie as Donald Margolis and Bryan Cranston as Walter White

As the plot thickened in Season 2, breaking bad really started to move forward, with its Rotten Tomatoes score rising from 86 percent in Season 1 to 97 percent in Season 2. With the meth business in full swing, the show is really starting to settle on its central idea, and the characters are settled properly. in their roles.

Skylar’s pregnancy and growing suspicion of Walt lead to mounting tension paralleling the introduction of recovering addict Jane, with Walt and Jesse’s private lives at odds with their mutual endeavor. This season also introduced Saul Goodman, and without him, there would be no Better call Saul. At the end of the season, those tensions literally explode when two planes collide, underscoring the show’s underlying message of karmic retribution.

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3. Season 3 – Average rating: 94.5

breaking bad fly

The Rotten Tomatoes score for breaking badThe third season of the series hits 100 percent while the MetaCritic score is still more reserved at 89 percent, but regardless of its rating, the middle season of the series completely hooks any viewer. As the business relationship with Gustavo Fring deepens (thanks to an unrelated series titled the closer), the series ascends from its relatable story of a desperate family man to a much grander drama, and it’s impossible to look away.

The season contains the series’ divisive “Fly” episode, which cleverly communicates its protagonist’s full descent into villainy. Taking such a normal, loving father and turning him into a supervillain is one of the show’s greatest achievements, and it’s in season three that the transition becomes clear.

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2. Season 5 – Average Score: 98

Television Breaking Bad Fifth Season Finale Walter White Bryan Cranston

Though breaking bad steadily improved over the course of its first three seasons, the show’s fourth and fifth seasons are where critics disagree. The two outings average 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic, but of the two, only the fourth season receives a 100 percent complete rating, surpassing the show’s epic finale. By comparing the seasons, it’s possible to see where the final installment fell short.

The show became more and more sensational as its story grew, and for some viewers, the final season may have pushed the line of credibility. The neo-Nazis who served as antagonists may have been irredeemable forces fitting Walt’s final stand, but his relatively flat characters paled in comparison to Gus Fring.

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1. Season 4 – Average Score: 98

Breaking Bad Season Four Finale Gus Fring's Death

Tensions between Walter and Gus finally come to a head in the show’s fourth season, and as one of the biggest villains in television history, it’s no surprise that breaking badGus’s best season is Gus’s greatest season. The season opens with “Box Cutter” to demonstrate the cold brutality Gus brings to the drug trade, and ends with the iconic shot of the meth lord straightening his tie before finally dying.

Season 4 is probably the pinnacle of both Walt and Jesse’s character arcs, as they both embrace their villainy in different ways. For Walt, that means acknowledging the growth of his ambitions beyond simply providing for and protecting his family, while for Jesse it’s a process of self-acceptance and moral responsibility. It only makes sense that breaking bad would peak when both characters completely broke, and it seems critics agree with that sentiment.

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