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Every Black Panther In The Comics, Ranked By Power

Black Panther is not the name of a singular hero in marvel comics, rather it is a cloak that the ruler of Wakanda passes on to his successor. Throughout the history of the Marvel Universe, there have been plenty of Black Panthers that readers haven’t even met.

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As of now, readers have been introduced to 10 different characters who have carried the mantle of Black Panther. Since they all consumed the heart-shaped herb to gain Bast’s powers, they all share the same power base. However, through their impressive feats and additional resources, some Black Panthers have proven to be more powerful than others.

10/10 Erik Killmonger was the worst black panther

Erik Killmonger has proven to be quite a powerful character in Marvel Comics. He defeated T’Challa in single combat and usurped the Wakandan throne. However, when it came to Black Panther, Killmonger was far from powerful.

In order to become Black Panther, Killmonger had to ingest the heart-shaped herb. As soon as Killmonger consumed the plant, he fell into a coma, poisoned by the herb as he deemed himself unworthy of the mantle. Killmonger may be powerful, but as Black Panther, he wasn’t even aware.

9/10 K’Shamba was never really in any danger

K'Shamba as Black Panther 2099 in Marvel Comics

K’Shamba is the Black Panther from the year 2099, in an alternate reality called Earth-2992. At first, K’Shamba appears to be the underdog fighter from his story, fighting a losing battle against the powerful invading forces of a revived Doctor Doom. However, a final twist in the story revealed that K’Shamba was never really in any danger.

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After earning the respect of his fellow Wakandans, K’Shamba was allowed to take the heart-shaped herb and become Black Panther. Once he obtained his powers, he helped Wakanda repel Doom’s forces and became king of Wakanda. It is later revealed that K’Shamba was secretly working for Doom to gain control of Wakanda, meaning that any of the enemies he defeated allowed him to do so since he was working with them.

8/10 Bashenga ignited the legacy of Black Panther

Bashenga fights a lion in Marvel Comics

Bashenga was the first Black Panther in history. He founded the Cult of the Panther and established Wakanda around the site of the vibranium meteorite that crashed near Mount Kanda. He and his fellow Wakandans created weapons using the vibranium from the meteorite, giving them weapons superior to others at the time.

Since consuming the heart-shaped herb, Bashenga had the same superpowers as other Black Panthers. However, not much is known about Bashenga’s exploits, and he didn’t face any iconic Marvel villains to give readers an idea of ​​his relative power. Without more information, Bashenga will have to serve as a benchmark for just how powerful a Black Panther can be.

7/10 T’Chaka was only defeated through treachery.

A hologram of T'Chaka as Black Panther

It’s hard to say just how powerful a Black Panther King T’Chaka could have been given the chance. During his time as protector of Wakanda, he fought against the Hydra and its leader, Baron Strucker, but his time as Black Panther was cut short by a betrayal.

T’Chaka allied with Ulysses Klaw, a scientist who thought he could help Wakanda. While there, Klaw killed T’Chaka and began stealing vibranium from the Wakandans. It is unknown if Klaw could have defeated T’Chaka without the element of surprise, but without further proof of his abilities, T’Chaka cannot be considered more powerful than other Black Panthers.

6/10 T’Challa’s grandfather’s exploits have questionable canonicity

Azzuri as Black Panther fights alongside Captain America

It’s hard to pin down too much specific information about T’Challa’s grandfather, since even his name seems to be in question in the comics. In some comics, he is known as Chanda, but in others as Azzuri the Wise. Also, Marvel’s own website calls him Azzari, adding to the confusion.

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What remains fairly consistent across portrayals of the character is that Azzuri/Chanda managed to fight off the Nazis when they invaded Wakanda. While this one confirmed feat isn’t nearly as impressive as the accomplishments of other Black Panthers, it does give readers an idea of ​​Azzuri/Chanda’s power compared to other Black Panthers.

5/10 S’Yan had a brief but sweet stint as Black Panther

S'Yan as Black Panther fights alongside the Dora Milaje

S’Yan was T’Chaka’s brother, which made him T’Challa’s uncle. When T’Chaka was killed by Ulysses Klaw, S’Yan took up the mantle in his brother’s stead and consumed the heart-shaped herb to gain Black Panther’s powers. During his brief time as Black Panther, S’Yan fought some notable foes.

S’Yane fended off both Klaw and Doctor Doom, when they came to Wakanda hoping to steal vibranium. Not long after taking the mantle, S’Yan was defeated by a masked man who turned out to be his nephew, T’Challa. S’Yan may have done well against Doom and Klaw, but losing to T’Challa, who had yet to become Black Panther, makes one question S’Yan’s relative power.

4/10 Nehanda was a member of a powerful Avengers team.

Nehanda's spirit appears along with other Black Panthers

Not much is known about the former Black Panther, Nehanda. He first appeared in Marvel Comics as one of the ancient spirits that T’Challa summons for advice. Readers know that Nehanda was also a member of Avengers 1,000 AD.

While little is known about Nehanda’s individual accomplishments, her Avengers team is known to have fought some pretty serious threats, including Mephisto and Apocalypse. She has been depicted holding a large glowing shield, perhaps implying that she possessed magical abilities of some sort. From now on, readers will need to learn more about Nehanda in order to prove that she is more powerful than other characters.

3/10 Mosi is the second first Black Panther

Mosi as Black Panther in Marvel comics

Due to the long history of Marvel Comics, Bashenga went from being the first Black Panther to the second. The new first Black Panther was a man named Mosi who helped defend Wakanda against Brood invaders and joined the Stone Age Avengers.

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As a member of the Stone Age Avengers, Mosi helped the team defeat a Celestial known as The Fallen. The Celestials are incredibly powerful beings, so Mosi’s ability to combat them without the aid of modern Wakandan technology is highly impressive. Although he ultimately died fighting the frost giants, Mosi proved to be a very powerful Black Panther.

2/10 Shuri had to fight to win the mantle

Shuri's first time as Black Panther-Black Panther Vol 5 #1

Unlike his MCU counterpart, Shuri always wanted to be Black Panther in the comics. When the Cabal put his brother T’Challa in a coma, Shuri eagerly took his place as Black Panther. However, when he consumed the heart-shaped herb, Bast did not grant him the powers of Black Panther.

Shuri donned the Black Panther costume and even without powers she defeated Morlun when he attacked Wakanda. This ultimately earns Bast’s respect, granting Shuri the powers of the Black Panther. Shuri proved to be quite powerful before she had super powers, and with them, she defeated powerful enemies like Klaw and Namor.

1/10 T’Challa has proven his worth many times

Black Panther stands in front of a Wakandan skyline in Marvel Comics

T’Challa is the ultimate Black Panther from Marvel Comics. Because he’s the longest-running Black Panther, there are tons of examples of T’Challa’s strength, making him hard to beat for the top spot. Even in his first appearance, T’Challa defeated the Fantastic Four singlehandedly. He would go on to fight and defeat many big names in Marvel Comics.

T’Challa has taken down invincible characters like Deadpool and Wolverine, he’s taken down great Avengers like Iron Man and Captain America, and he’s even managed to take down all of the New Warriors at once. T’Challa has proven to be the most powerful Black Panther through his many victories, and with so many years under his belt, it would be hard for any other character to unseat him.

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