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  • Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis has crossed two million downloads since its release on just two platforms. This comes as a shock to the devs and fans celebrating the occasion.
  • The title garnered over a million new downloads within just two hours. The devs had barely hit the one million mark when they hit another big goal. The team has rewarded users with in-game items.
  • The new mobile gacha includes the original title, Crisis Core, Dredge of Cerberus, Before Crisis, and Advent Children in playable form. It has some changes to the characters and past events with new clothes.
  • The title will come out in monthly installments. It is only launched on Android and Apple mobile devices. Fans have showered the game with positive reception for the most part.

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis recently launched on iOS and Android devices and has become the talk of the town in less than a day. Enrollment is apparently achieved. Over two million downloads Despite being released on limited platforms — and in the gorgeous art style that loyal Final Fantasy fans have come to love. This news is quite shocking as it has received more than one million downloads in just a few hours.

To illustrate the success of the mobile gacha game, Square Annex was Barely announced Big milestone of the title. When the number reached its all-time high, it reached one million downloads. And in just under two hours, there’s Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. Defeated all odds Both devs and fans are excited by all the anticipation right after the release, to get more million downloads.

Devs will reward fans. In-game items Both important milestones to miss. Oh A thousand blue crystals It’s proven to be nothing short of a treat for users, and thousands more are on track to reach two million downloads each. The initial thousand Blue Crystals offer is valid until then. Oct 8, 2023, 7:59 am PDT. The second prize also has a similar time limit before it becomes invalid for fans.

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The director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently Talked in an interview And said final fantasy was 7: Ever Crisis. Initially only the original FF7 was to be featured. The one fans know and love. However, things gradually got careless, as the dev wanted to include everything from start to finish. So, the gripping style has resulted in a bunch of mobile games that combine many sagas worth experiencing in a cute chibi style.

This is a hearty And the impressive mobile entry that mixes Final Fantasy 7 miscellany with playable versions of the original game, Crisis Core, Darge of Cerberus, Pre-Crisis, and even Advent Children. Gacha experience too Features of new clothes For beloved characters, creating a sense of newness to compliment our fond memories. There is also an additional level of changes in previous events that fans are quite familiar with.

Final Fantasy 7: Everlasting Crisis
Final Fantasy 7: Everlasting Crisis

Fans of Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis have also expressed concern about the game’s many gacha mechanics that may leave a sour taste for some. Moreover, the constant pop-ups and UI can be a bit difficult to get used to at first. But turning off all the clutter can make for a relaxing and story-rich mobile gaming experience. Overall, the title has been showered with positive reception from Final Fantasy fans old and new.

The title is apparently going to happen. Released in a monthly episodic format.. The title is developed by Applibot and published by Square Enix for Apple and Android devices only.

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