Epic Games Free Mystery Game December 23 Predictions and Leaks



Epic Games Store Still Epic Games is continuing the free mystery game and this time a new leak has come out. See details below.

Epic Games Free Mystery Game List

Today is Day 10 of Epic 15 Days of Free Mystery Games by Epic Games. Just like before, users can get all these selected games for free but only within a 24-hour limit. After the limit is over, a new game comes up and the cycle starts again.

Here is the current list of free games offered by the Epic Games Store:

Dec. 15 – Blown TD 6

December 16 – Horizon Chase Turbo

December 17 – Costume Quest 2

December 18 – Sable

December 19 – They’re fightin’ herds

December 20 – Wolfenstein The New Order

December 21 – Lego Builder’s Journey

Dec 22 – Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Strategy

The leak reveals the next game.

At the very end It turns out Next Epic Games free game will be given later. According to them, the next free title is Encased. Based on the “Christmas wrapping” shown as the next free game, it looks like it checks out. The image of a man mixed with other symbols is familiar to those who have already played Encased as one of the menu logos.

Epic Games Free Mystery Games

What is Encased?

A tactical sci-fi RPG set in the 1970s, where a huge and inexplicable artifact – the Dome – is discovered in a remote desert. Fight enemies, explore extraordinary wasteland, customize your character, join a force in a ruined world.

Current ETA before disclosure

The current ETA is over 2 hours before the next mystery game is revealed.



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