Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer has announced his retirement after a 25-year journey.



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  • Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard has announced his retirement after 25 years in the gaming industry.
  • Mustard’s career highlights include the creation of groundbreaking games such as Fortnite, Undertow, and the Infinity Blade trilogy.
  • Mustard has a deep appreciation for the Fortnite community and looks forward to engaging with the game as a player.

After an incredible journey spanning nearly 25 years in the gaming industry, Donald MustardOn Chief Creative Officer Epic Gameshas announced it. Retirement. In a fascinating statement, Mustard expressed himself. pride Thank you for the mutual accomplishments throughout your career and the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the field.

Throughout his tenure, Mustard played a Important Role in the creation and development of several groundbreaking games. From the ambitious Advent Rising to the creation of Chair, which brought to life titles such as Under Two, Shadow Complex, and the Infinity Blade trilogy, each project represented a new milestone in his career. However, it was his involvement in the phenomenon. Fortnite Which really left a lasting mark.

Mustard expressed his deepest point. Definition Fortnite is for the community and brings joy to millions of players around the world. From the thrilling first jump from the Battle Bus to witnessing the sky open up with a rocket launch, shared experiences and memorable moments have become an integral part of Fortnite’s legacy. As he steps down from his role at Epic Games, Mustard is looking forward to starting a new chapter as a player, engaging with the future of Fortnite with a dedicated community.

Acknowledging the tremendous talent and dedication of the teams at Epic Games, Mustard expressed. confidence In the ability to continue creating amazing experiences. He assured fans that the studio is hard at work on exciting and important projects that will undoubtedly surprise players.

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With his retirement, Mustard looks forward to spending quality time with his wife and family, cherishing the moments that matter most. He expressed himself deeply. Gratitude Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney and the entire Epic Games family for their support and encouragement throughout my career.

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