Elden Ring Stat Caps: All Attributes & Soft Caps



Elden Ring stat caps represent the values at which the benefits of leveling up an attribute decrease by a bit. That is why a lot of the best builds in Elden Ring stop leveling specific stats at the soft cap. Due to this, the builds become versatile and efficient, which in turn, will help you overcome most of the bosses and enemies that you face throughout the Lands Between.

Key Takeaways

  • Elden Ring stat caps represent the values at which leveling up an attribute provides fewer benefits.
  • These caps exist to balance the game and to avoid game-breaking builds.
  • There are multiple soft caps for an attribute, each decreasing the benefit given to the player upon leveling.
  • Players should focus on leveling their damage-dealing attributes until the second soft cap.
  • Doing this will allow you to focus on your vital stats, such as Vigor, Mind, and Endurance.
  • Knowledge of the attribute caps in Elden Ring will allow you to make extremely powerful and versatile builds.

What Are Elden Ring Stat Caps

  • Elden Ring has soft stat caps for all attributes
Elden Ring Stat Cap
A Build Showcasing Various Stat Caps | Image Credit: eXputer
  • In Elden Ring, leveling up an attribute provides an increment to its overall effectiveness.
  • After reaching a certain threshold on an attribute, leveling it up further will provide fewer benefits.
  • This threshold is known as a soft cap. Players plan out their builds while keeping stat caps in view.
  • There are multiple soft caps for an attribute, each lowering the benefit provided upon leveling up.
  • All Elden Ring stat caps are listed below.
Attribute Soft Caps Increments In Attribute
Vigor (HP) 40/60 up to +48/ +26 to + 13/ +6 to +3
Mind (FP) 50/60 up to +7/ +6 to +4 / +3 to +2
Endurance (Stamina) 15/30/50 +1.79/+1.67/ +1.25/+0.31
Equip Load (Endurance) 25/60 +1.6/+1.0 to +1.5/ +1.0 to +1.1
Strength 18/50/60/80 Weapon Dependent
Dexterity 18/50/60/80 Weapon Dependent
Intelligence (AR) 20/50/80 Weapon Dependent
Intelligence (Sorcery Scaling) 60/80 Sorcery Dependent
Faith (AR) 20/50/80 Weapon Dependent
Faith (Incantation Scaling) 60/80 Incantation Dependent
Arcane (AR) 40/45/60 Weapon Dependent
Arcane (Bleed Buildup) 30/45 Incantation Dependent
  • Also, the hard cap for all attributes is 99.

How To Plan Builds Using Soft Caps

  • In Elden Ring, builds usually specialize around or damage-dealing attributes.
  • It is recommended that you level your damage-dealing attributes to the second soft cap value.
  • For example, a strength build would have the strength attribute at either 50 or 60 at maximum.
  • The reason for this is that the overall damage gained after crossing the second soft cap for damage-dealing attributes is very low.
  • Following this way allows us to focus on the vital attributes, such as Vigor and Endurance, etc.
  • The best builds in Elden Ring are crafted by following this thought process.
  • The Elden Ring AR Calculator is also very useful in experimenting with different attribute caps.
AR Calculator Elden Ring
The Elden Ring AR Calculator | Image Using The Elden Ring AR Calculator

Elden Ring embodies the greatest achievements of all Soulsborne games, creating an immersive open-world experience that is unrivaled. With an in-depth combat system, a complicated build system, and online multiplayer; Elden Ring will be remembered for a lifetime. With Shadow of the Erdtree on the way, players can rest assured of a long-lasting experience.

There you have it; with the Elden Ring stat cap guide, you will be much more knowledgeable on the numeric aspect of Elden Ring. While you’re at it, take a look at the guide on how to get to Hermit Village. Also, if you are unsatisfied with your build and wish to learn how to respec, you can take a look at the guide. In addition, take a look at the best starting class in Elden Ring. Lastly, here are the best swords in Elden Ring.


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