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Elden Ring Spider Boss – How to Beat Grafted Scion

The Grafted Scion Elden Ring Spider Boss is a subject boss that gamers can problem and defeat within the recreation. It’s the primary miniboss that gamers get launched to actually on the first couple of minutes of the sport. It additionally could be encountered once more in several components of the The Lands Between and is notorious for its velocity relentless flurry of assaults.

Also referred to as the “Elden Ring Spider Boss”, the Grafted Scion places up fairly a problem and units each Tarnished’s expectations on how troublesome the opposite bosses can be for the remainder of their journey.

Though gamers are presupposed to die on the first Grafted Scion encounter at first of the sport, it may be defeated and for many who are expert sufficient to take action, they’re rewarded with its Ornamental Straight Sword and its Golden Beast Crest Shield which supply an excellent enhance on the early components of the sport.

In this information, we’ll look into the Grafted Scion’s assaults and easy methods to react to them, in addition to some tricks to make the battle simple.

Grafted Scion Locations

The Grafted Scion Elden Ring Spider Boss could be encountered at these places:

  • Chapel of Anticipation
    • Can be challenged once more on this location if the primary encounter fails.
  • Fringefolk Hero’s Grave
  • Stormveil Castle
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Mt. Gelmir

How to Beat the Grafted Scion?

The key to defeating the Grafted Scion Elden Ring Spider Boss like most enemies that ship out a flurry of combos is to attend for openings. Dodging on the final second is important to not solely keep away from getting hit, however to additionally maximize the window of when it’s open to assaults.

If your dodges nonetheless want extra work, then wielding a superb defend plus having sufficient FP will assist you to survive when you get caught in its combo.

How to Beat the Grafted Scion? - Elden Ring Spider Boss

Grafted Scion Attacks

Sword Swings

Because of its grafted nature, the Grafted Scion can wield two swords and a defend. It can ship out one to 2 sword swings from its proper arms, which it will probably hook up with a set of backswings, which may then join to a different set of sword swings or end up with ahead stab assaults. The swings between its arms have various timing.

It could be difficult to learn the swings due to the various timing, so it’s secure to only wait out the combo and keep away from its vary till it goes for its heavier assaults.

Spinning Swing

The Grafted Scion raises each of its proper arms excessive after which swing them each whereas spinning and attacking twice.

Make positive to dodge each swings or attempt to block with a defend. Stay clear from its path because it spins.

Swords and Shield Combo

It raises is defend after which smashes it to the bottom whereas doing downward sword stabs. It does this twice earlier than leaping and touchdown defend first.

Stay away from its entrance facet as soon as it raises its defend, or you’ll be able to transfer in direction of its again when you can to reap the benefits of the opening.

Shield Slam

The Grafted Scion raises its defend excessive whereas leaping earlier than slamming it into the bottom.

The assault is telegraphed so you’ll be able to dodge simply from getting hit.


It lets out a bloodcurdling screech that lowers the FP of people who get hit.

Elden Ring Spider Boss Grafted Scion Attacks

Grafted Scion Boss Fight Strategy

  • The Grafted Scion’s poise could be damaged for a essential hit, nevertheless you would need to be aggressive sufficient to forestall it from regenerating its poise.
  • Be conscious of your environment, particularly that Grated Scion fights typically occur in small areas that are both surrounded by partitions or its edges are cliffs.
  • In the Stormveil Castle, you should use the doorways and arches to cheese the battle given that you’ve lengthy vary assaults and spells. It can’t cross by means of these due to its measurement, however you’ll be able to nonetheless hit them from the opposite facet offered that it’s inside your line of sight.

Grafted Scion Rewards

The Grafted Scion Elden Ring Spider Boss drops primarily simply runes when defeated, aside from the one discovered on the Chapel of Anticipation which additionally drops the Ornamental Straight Sword and the Golden Beast Crest Shield. The quantity of runes it drops differ from 583 to three,200 runes, and it will increase on greater new recreation+ runs.

Elden Ring Spider Boss Grafted Scion Rewards
How to replay the Grafted Scion boss battle

If you failed the Grafted Scion Elden Ring Spider Boss battle the primary time, fear not as a result of you’ll be able to return to the Grafted Scion at any time. Travel westward from the Raya Lucaria Academy, previous Stormveil Castle, and also you’ll come to an elevated area referred to as The Four Belfries. You can use a portal right here to teleport your self again to the Chapel of Anticipation to replay the Grafted Scion boss battle.

Portals in The Four Belfries are activated by Imbued Sword Keys, which permit customers to teleport to a wide range of places. There are solely three Imbued Sword Keys scattered throughout the sport, and could be discovered within the following places:

  • The first Imbued Sword Key could be discovered inside a chest in entrance of the fourth belfry at The Four Belfries. The fourth belfry is on the very prime of the hill, on the left facet of the street.
  • The second Imbued Sword Key is discovered on a corpse within the east facet of the Raya Lucaria Academy’s rooftops the place you’ll be able to loot for the merchandise.
  • The third Imbued Sword Key is in Sellia, Town of Sorcery. It is discovered inside a small construction on the northeastern fringe of city, and it’s accessible by teleportation. It will initially be blocked off by a barrier that may be eliminated by igniting a brazier atop a tower within the city’s southwest part.

Head to the second Belfry marked “Precipice of Anticipation” with a Sword Key. From there you should use the Portal and also you’ll be transported again to the Chapel of Anticipation, the place you’ll be able to face the Grafted Scion as soon as extra.

Just a heads-up, as you emerge from the portal, you’ll seen an merchandise on a cliff from behind you. Don’t get tempted to retrieve the merchandise as a result of as quickly as you step foot on the cliff, it crumbles and also you die. In any case, the merchandise is unobtainable, so as a substitute, simply take the bridge instantly to the golden fog door to battle the Grafted Scion Elden Ring Spider Boss as soon as extra.

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