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Elden Ring is filled with many weapons and spells that you can use against your enemies to best them in battle. The Elden Ring Pest Threads is an example of such an incantation that is useful for almost any starting class and is great for dealing a large amount of damage to a single target.

But like many legendary or useful items in the game, acquiring Pest Threads is more complex and requires you to complete a bunch of steps and follow a questline in order to unlock it. These steps will require you to attain many items and also interact with certain NPCs.

Important: You only need to reach a certain part of Millicent’s quest before unlocking Pest Threads; no need to get through all of it.

Key Takeaways

  • Elden Ring’s Pest Threads is a potent incantation effective against larger foes, inflicting substantial damage and slowing them down.
  • The Pest Threads incantation is available for purchase from Gowry’s shop for 7,500 Runes after completing key parts of Millicent’s questline, which require you to:
    1. Obtain the Unalloyed Gold Needle by defeating Commander O’Neil in the Swamp of Aeonia.
    2. Visit Millicent at the Church of the Plague, hand over the needle, and acquire the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom Talisman.
    3. Retrieve the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis from the Shaded Castle and return it to Millicent at the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace.
  • Assisting Millicent and progressing through her questline not only unlocks Pest Threads but also provides access to alternate endings in the game.
  • Once obtained, Pest Threads becomes a powerful addition to your arsenal, particularly useful against massive bosses like the Elden Beast and Dragonlord Placidusax.

What Is Pest Threads In Elden Ring

Where to buy pest threads elden ring
Pest Threads available for purchase
Cost 7,500 Runes
Requirement Faith – 11
FP Cost 19
Stamina Cost 29

The Pest Threads is a Servant of Rot Incantation type, which is capable of inflicting a significant amount of damage to large enemies. Essentially, it shoots out Pest Threads, which track your enemies and deal damage on impact. Additionally, enemies that are struck by the attack get slowed down, which can be quite useful for creating openings.

Furthermore, the attack is more effective against the larger bosses, such as the Elden Beast and the Dragonlord Placidusax, due to their sheer size. The main reason for the effectiveness is due to the fact that the attack treats different limbs (such as wings, arms, and legs) separately. Meaning the bigger the enemy, the more damage you’ll inflict.

How To Get Pest Threads In Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Pest Threads can be bought from Sage Gowry for 7,500 Runes in Caelid. He will be found in his shack but will only sell you the incantation after you progress through Millicent’s Questline. The ultimate goal of Millicent’s Questline is to cure her of Scarlet Rot. But completing the quest also gives you access to alternate endings.

Getting through the entire quest can be tricky as there are many items that you’ll need to fetch and also face off against multiple bosses. That is why we’ll highlight the major steps you’ll need to complete in order to get through the quest.

Getting The Unalloyed Gold Needle

how to get pest threads in elden ring
Gowry’s Shack location

You can initialize Millicent’s quest by talking to Gowry in his shack in Caelid. The location of the shack is shown in the image above. After a bunch of dialogue, you can choose to help him out. The first item that you’ll need is the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

  • To acquire the Unalloyed Gold Needle, you need to kill Commander O’Neil.
  • He can be found in the Swamp of Aeonia.
  • The closest Site of Grace to the boss is the Inner Aeonia site.
Fight with Commander O’Niel

O’Niel is quite a tough boss and can be tricky to defeat due to the Exile Soldier spirits that it summons at the beginning of the fight. And in the second phase of the fight, you’ll need to encounter more of those spirits. Here are a few tips to help you defeat the boss with slight ease:

  • To increase your chances of success in the fight against Commander O’Neil, it’s recommended to use a Spirit Ash Summon that has high defensive capabilities to draw the boss and its allies’ attention away from you.
  • You can also use the Rock Sling Spell during the battle, which can be found in the nearby ruins and deal significant damage to the enemy.
  • It’s a good idea to bring equipment that can cause Frostbite or Hemorrhage on the enemy, which can deal extra damage and make the fight easier.
  • To get a head start on the fight, try to sneak up on Commander O’Neil and land a few attacks before he summons his allies.
  • Your most important ally will be Torrent, your horse, during this fight, as it can help you avoid building up Scarlet Rot, a debuff that can significantly weaken you.
  • If all these tips still don’t work, then you can rely on multiplayer to help you out.

Once you defeat O’Neil, you will get many useful rewards, but more importantly, you’ll acquire the Unalloyed Gold Needle. Here’s what you need to do with the needle.

  • Take it back to Gowry and hand it over to him.
  • Exhaust all of Gowry’s dialogue to receive Sellia’s Secret.
  • To obtain the repaired needle, you need to fast travel away from Gowry (or rest at a nearby Site of Grace) and then return.

With that, you can now head towards the next major step of the quest, which is to visit Millicent at the Church of the Plague.

Visiting The Church Of The Plague

pest threads in elden ring
Church of Plague Location and Millicent

The Church of the Plague can be found east of Gowry’s Shack, on top of a cliff. You should have access to a road that leads directly to the church if you activated the beacons using the secret of Sellia that Gowry gave to you.

  • Regardless of which path you take to reach the church, you’ll find Millicent inside the ruins.
  • Talk to Millicent and hand over the needle to her.
  • To progress forwards, you’ll need to return to Millicent after resting at any nearby Site of Grace.
  • Keep talking to her until she hands over the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom Talisman.
  • After acquiring the Talisman, you can head back to Gowry’s Shack.

Acquiring The Valkyrie’s Prosthesis

how to get the pest threads in elden ring and stats
Valkyrie’s Prosthesis Location

After you’ve helped out Millicent, you can actually go back and unlock Gowry’s shop. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Once you have obtained the quest reward from Millicent, make your way to Gowry’s Shack in Caelid, where Millicent and Gowry will be waiting.
  • Don’t talk to Gowry immediately; instead, visit the closest Site of Grace and return to reset the world.
  • Upon your return, Millicent will be in the shack, with Gowry nowhere in sight.
  • Engage in conversation with Millicent, discussing her search for her arm and her attempts to heal Scarlet Rot.
  • After completing the dialogue, rest at a site of grace.
  • Return to find Millicent missing and Gowry on the chair.
  • Gowry will reveal his item shop to you with many incantations.
  • However, the Pest Threads Incantation will remain unavailable until you assist Millicent in recovering the arm.

Therefore, your next task is to retrieve Valkyrie’s Prosthesis (Millicent’s arm). Coming across it isn’t too difficult; it just requires you to reach a location and deal with a single enemy. You can get the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis through the following steps:

  • Make your way to the Altus Plateau and head in the direction of the Shaded Castle.
    • If you’ve already discovered this location, you can fast-travel directly to the Shaded Castle Site of Grace.
  • Proceed to the top floor of the Castle, where a Knight stands guard over a chest.
  • Inside the chest lies the Valkyrie’s Prothesis, but you must first defeat the Knight, which shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • After defeating the Knight, retrieve the Valkyrie’s Prothesis from the chest.

Giving Millicent Her Arm

millicent arm
Giving Millicent her arm

After you’ve got the Prothesis arm, all you need to do is hand it over to Millicent. Doing so will finally reveal the Pest Threads incantation in Gowry’s shop. However, you need first to find Millicent.

  • To find Millicent, you’ll need to make your way to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace.
  • Using it as a point of reference, head north to discover Millicent near a hill.
  • Speak with Millicent and hand her the arm.

Millicent will thank you for your efforts. Her questline is not over, and you can continue it if you wish. But you can head back to Gowry and purchase the Pest Threads; the quest can be continued later as well.


With that, you know all about Elden Ring Pest Threads; it is a powerful incantation that becomes more effective as the size of your opponent increases. However, unlocking it can be a tedious process as you need to follow Gowry and Millicent’s questlines in order to finally purchase the incantation. But once you’ve got your hands on it, you’ll have a strong tool in your arsenal.

Having strong incantations or spells can be quite useful if you want to have a good chance against any boss in the game. But having other strong weapons such as Hammers can also be just as effective. Also check out our Frenzied Burst Build which utilises yet another powerful incantation in the game.

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