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Elden Ring Miquella’s Haligtree & Elphael DLC New Weapon, Map Location, Secret Boss

Most of the gamers which have performed Elden Ring since its launch have defeated the sport various occasions at this level for the reason that recreation has a number of endings that may be performed by means of. On the opposite hand, those who wish to expertise a more durable problem head on to Miquella’s Haligtree and additional as much as Elphael the place enemies deal deadly blows to even essentially the most hardened Tarnished.

But even after this, gamers are nonetheless in search of extra. And due to how Miquella’s story appeared to finish at a cliffhanger on what might have been a grander boss combat if totally different actions have been executed, gamers are speculating that its continuation may be the content material of an upcoming DLC, if there actually might be one sooner or later.

Elden Ring Miquella’s Haligtree & Elphael DLC Rumors

So far, there are a few clues which can be pointing in direction of an upcoming DLC due to gamers who paid shut consideration to the lore, to knowledge miners, and even to gamers who used cheat engine. Also, primarily based on FromSoftware’s earlier video games, a few of their DLCs’ content material had been hinted throughout the video games’ lore.

In Elden Ring, gamers felt that your complete Haligtree space and the story behind Miquella and Malenia served as some kind of an introduction of what might probably be what gamers will see in a DLC.

Using Dream Capture on Miquella

A little bit of a spoiler warning: through the remaining occasions of the Haligtree story, Mohg, Lord of Blood stole Miquella from the Haligtree to boost him to godhood and use him for his personal plans. However, with the Tarnished defeating Mohg and foiling his plans, Miquella’s hastened progress was interrupted. A dialogue from Gideon confirms that Miquella is simply slumbering and never lifeless.

Just just lately, a newly found minimize content material confirmed that Elden Ring was meant to have a characteristic the place gamers can gather goals from slumbering enemies. Some theories are arising that this minimize dream seize characteristic may be the important thing on how gamers will work together with the sleeping Miquella.

Considering that every thing within the Haligtree story is non-compulsory leads us to consider that there’s a potential storyline the place Mohg turns into profitable in elevating Miquella. However, one other line from Gideon means that waking up Miquella would possibly really spell doom to everybody throughout the Lands Between, which might then be your complete plot of the DLC.

Miquella’s Body Model – Miquella because the Secret Boss

Another clue that stacks as much as that is when knowledge miners discovered an unused mannequin of an grownup Miquella within the recreation. According to the lore, Miquella has been cursed to stay as a toddler, which is why he seems youthful than his twin Malenia. This would solely counsel that Mohg might turn into profitable in elevating Miquella if the Tarnished decides to not intervene.

Continuing along with his lore, regardless of being cursed to stay as a toddler, Miquella was identified to many because the strongest Empyrean that ever lived. Therefore, if he does awaken from his slumber and turns into free from his curse, then it’s an ideal set-up for a grand boss combat.

Abundance Twinblade

Another factor that was discovered by the info miners is the weapon known as Abundance Twinblade. Its description reads:

“Twinblade that contain the power of the Rune of Abundance. The holy power within the blade can all upon part of Miquella’s own strength.”

It has an Ash of War known as Miquella’s Hidden Blade which offers harm from a conjured blade.

Abundance and Decay Twinblade

Connected to the primary twinblade is the weapon known as Abundance and Decay Twinblade which was additionally discovered by knowledge miners. Its description carefully ties to the twins themselves:

“Twinblade symbolizing twins Miquella and Malenia. Miquella and his sister were born from an inseparable fate. The blades contain the Runes of both Abundance and Decay.”

It has an Ash of War known as Death Monarch which appears to work as a life-stealing ability.

It is feasible that this may be an improve to the Abundance Twinblade by having it work together with the Hand of Malenia by some means, however thus far, solely its icon and outline have been discovered.

DLC’s Location

Within the present explorable map of the Lands Between is an unlimited sea or gulf that’s surrounded by the totally different areas. Players are speculating that this would possibly probably be the world the place the DLC’s occasions will happen.

On the drawn map, there’s a cloud depicted in the midst of the gulf. Also, the entire divine towers within the recreation that encompass the gulf are nearly evenly spaced aside which means that they have been deliberately constructed in these particular locations. Finally, proper smack within the heart of all of the towers is the cloud.

Credits to for the map

This would possibly simply be pure coincidence and the cloud was merely simply part of an inventive resolution to interrupt the vacancy of the gulf on the map, or a manner to offer some hints that there may be one thing beneath that cloud all alongside. Speaking of which…

Thanks to the cheat engine, some gamers have been in a position to discover what’s on this area of the gulf. What they discover was positively not one thing meant to be seen within the recreation as a result of within the water was only a large sq. patch of nothing, kinda like what you see in a corrupted Minecraft map with some chunks lacking from the world.

It’s comprehensible why a void can be in the midst of the gulf; it wasn’t meant to be seen in any case. But maybe sometime, one thing would possibly come out of this void and turn into an necessary website for the DLC.

Other Elden Ring DLC Rumors

Praetor Rykard’s Story Continuation

Praetor Rykard is imagined to have his come again because the DLCs important boss. During the combat in Mt. Gelmir, regardless of being defeated by the Tarnished, Rykard stays in a considerably alive state, although unmoving. The aftermath of the combat reveals his consort, Lady Tanith, consuming away Rykard’s stays within the hope that he’ll reside inside her.

Patches’ Story Continuation

Though it’s not a lot of a serious story, however Patches’ story does tie to Lady Tanith. The story abruptly ends when Lady Tanith rejected the castanets that have been as soon as hers. Patches requested the Tarnished to provide the castanets to her within the hopes of creating her bear in mind who she was earlier than, suggesting that Patches knew Lady Tanith in his earlier days as a Tarnished.

Regardless if Patches’ story could have some impact to regardless of the DLCs’ story might be, we’re additionally hoping to see some kind of a closure for it.

PvP Coliseums

Fans of PvP are vastly anticipating for the coliseums to open as it’s believed to be the locations the place PvP match-ups could possibly be executed and extra PvP recreation modes could be hosted. Right now, there are three coliseums that stand within the Lands Between: one in Lyndell, one in Limgrave, and one in Caelid. However, with no manner of opening their doorways, these seem to only be buildings a part of the panorama and never used for something for the time being.

Considering that the older FromSoftware titles have PvP arenas in place, it’s not far-fetched to see these coliseum doorways open up for gamers within the close to future.

Those are all of the rumors that we’ve examine thus far about Elden Ring’s potential DLC.

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