Elden Ring: How To Defeat The Godskin Apostle



You may find a lot of different weird bosses in Elden Ring that will surely shiver your timbers. One of them is the Godskin Apostle. Defeating Godskin Apostle Elden Ring boss is a pretty tough task in the game. You may find it difficult because he has every counter for your retreat during a battle with his long and short-distanced attacks. He is predictable, though, which is what you will focus on in order to slay it. Cheese methods to defeat the Godskin Apostle will be discussed. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are two variants of the Godskin Apostle, one in the Windmill Village and the other in the Divine Tower Of Caelid.
  • Windmill Village Apostle will be found at the top of the hill, and the Divine Tower one in the basement.
  • The Godskin Apostle’s weakness is Bleed and Slash damage weapons, so add River Of Blood for blood loss buildup.
  • Try using Sleep pots in the Short-Range strategy so that the Godskin Apostle sleeps and you can heal.
  • Stay clear of the Black Flame Attacks because they can do much damage and kill you instantly. 
  • Use the Comet Azur skill as a cheese strategy in defeating the Godskin Apostle.
  • When you kill the Windmill Village Apostel, you will be rewarded with 14000 Rune Coins, The Godskin Peeler Weapon, and Scouring Black Flame Spell.
  • After killing the Apostle in the Divine Tower, you will get 94000 Rune Coins, God Slayer’s Greatsword, and the Godskin Set. 

Defeating Godskin Apostle 

Defeating Godskin Apostle In Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Defeating Godskin Apostle – (Image credit: eXputer)

Now it is easier said than done, but you can defeat him even in the early stages of the game. Since he is a side boss, you won’t have to worry about facing it early on. It is up to preference when you face it, but it should be because of the wonderful items you get after slaying him.

The Godskin Apostle Elden Ring boss is found twice in the entire Campaign of Eld. Each one of the Apostles is as deadly as ever. After defeating these two, the Godskin Apostle will reoccur later in the gameplay, so you should prepare for that matchup. The two Godskin Apostle bosses are in different locations. Each gives you different rewards after being slayed. 

  • Location For Godskin Apostle 1: Windmill Village, Altus Plateau
  • Location For Godskin Apostle 2: Divine Tower of Caelid

You can go about these locations anytime in Elden Ring, but preferably when you are high enough. To fight both these bosses, a level of 70 or above will be good enough. There are two waves of attacks or phases of each of them. So preparing for these attacks and finding a good build to defeat them is extremely necessary. But even before that, you have to know where to find these Godskin Apostles.

Windmill Village Apostle

Windmill Village In ER
Elden Ring: Windmill Village Location – Image Captured by us

Finding the Windmill Village location of the Godskin Apostle is easier than finding the Apostle in Caelid. Simply open the map and pinpoint the location mentioned in the image. That is where you will be heading for the fight with the Godskin Apostle. It is an uphill area after Windmill Village, and you will encounter many enchantresses that you shouldn’t really be bothered by. You can kill them if you want. It’s up to you.

Divine Tower Of Caelid Apostle

Divine Tower Of Caelid Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Divine Tower Of Caelid Location – Image Captured by eXputer

For this location, you might struggle a bit because this area is pretty pitch black, and there is a lot of platform jumping required, so be careful. When you arrive at Caelid, go toward the coastline on the map. It will just be up ahead north, and you will see a structure-wise, really tall building.

That is the divine tower you are looking for. You have to go around since there is no direct way to enter it. Once you go across the structure, you will find stairs.

Climb up and go inside the tower. After that, take a left on the base wall edges and start walking. Jump on the square platform, and it will break. don’t worry; you won’t die. Jump on the below platforms and keep going down until you have reached the basement.

You may find one or two shot enemies on your way, so don’t get distracted by them. After using the elevators and following the path, you will see a blurred door, and the Apostle is behind it.


Rivers Of Blade And Fingerprint Stone Shield
Elden Ring: Preparation Items For Battle – Image by eXputer

You may have to prepare for the battle before and because defeating the Godskin Apostle boss is too easy. The random attacks it makes can render your health bad. You have to recognize its weak points and prepare for your strategy so that you are able to defeat him. 

  • The Godskin’s Apostle isn’t affected by Magic weapons that much, so take a Bleed weapon with you.
  • Taking the Rivers Of Blood with you will be the right course of action due to the insane blood buildup.
  • Make a build surrounding the Rivers Of Blood with a proper shield and also with a bleed buildup.
  • Choose The Fingerprint Stone Shield because it will block most of the deadly physical attacks.
  • Add a Bleed Affinity to the shield as well.
  • Be at level 70 because, at that level, you will have the right amount of Vigor, Arcane, and Stamina. 
  • Make sure you have the Comet Azur as a spell with you because you need it for the Long-ranged Strategy.
  • Since the Azur will take up a lot of FP, you may need to add Cerulean Hidden Tear in your Wondrous Flask.
  • Add Spirit of Ashes to your inventory as well to use as distractions and tanking.
  • Use the Spirt of Ashes Greatshield Soldiers so that they can protect you from ongoing attacks while you heal.
  • If you want to stagger it in close-range, try dual-wielding the Rivers Of Blood to increase poise damage.
  • To escape the fast attacks of Godskin Apostle, try mounting a horse as well for melee run attacks.
  • Use the skill Fires Of Slumber or an effect known as the Sleep pot to make the Apostle goes to sleep.

Godskin Apostle’s Attacks

Black Flame Tornado In ER
Elden Ring: Godskin Apostle’s Attacks – Screenshot Grab: eXputer– Screenshot Grab: eXputer

There are two phases to the Godskin Apostle’s Attacks. The first wave is full of Melee attacks that can potentially kill you if you get hit thrice. That is how incredibly powerful this boss is, so make sure you have enough heals with you.

The second wave primarily faces you with the incredible challenge of not being able to maintain distance. The Apostle literally stretches his body and comes after you with black flames. 

The Phase 1 attacks remain and do not go away in Phase 2. Rather more attacks are added on in Phase 2 of the battle. Following Phase 2 potentially starts when the health of the Elden Ring Apostle is half, and then afterward, you can defeat it. 

Phase One Attacks

  • Dual Slashes- The Apostel spins his weapon up, does a slice attack towards you horizontally in nature, and then does it again.
  • Double Diagonal Slashes – The boss twists his weapon in his hand, turns around twice, and slashes horizontally at his victim each time, initially holds his weapon low and then does a sort of diagonal slice.
  • Spinning Slash – After spinning and loading up his weapon from his back, The Apostle diagonally slashes you (it is extremely fast).
  • The Reaper Pull – This attack has a heavy impact because the Apostle charges his weapon against you and does a quick pullback. 
  • Snaith Attack – The Apostel uses the handle of his weapon to attack you, and you must avoid this for sure.
  • Leaping Spin – In this attack, Godskin Apostle takes a small jump in the air and spins rapidly, and does a slash at you.
  • Triple Combo – A down-to-up diagonal slash twice following a huge twirling weapon slam at you.
  • Jumping Slam – The Apostle will go up in the air and do a huge slam when it comes down and does damage in its small surrounding area.
  • Windmill Spin – A very deadly attack, the Apostle spins his weapon rapidly and does a forward strike after it’s over.
  • Black Flame Fireball – This Black Flame fireball attack comes at you when you are at a distance, healing or getting away.

Phase Two Attacks

  • Stretched Up Windmill Spin – Similar attributes to the normal wind spin, but he further stretches towards you.
  • Dual Stretch Attack – In this attack, the Apostle vertically ascends his body stretched, does a straight attack at you, and does a really quick slash at you. 
  • Flaming Slashes In this attack, the Apostle Leaps at you with around two right-to-left attacks, with the second slash reaching farther. 
  • Big Black Flaming Slash The Apostle literally stretches out half his body and uses the momentum to do a strong horizontal slash at you.
  • Black Flaming Slam – Similar to the jumping slam, the Apostle floats into the air and comes down with a huge Flame blast radius.
  • Twirling Black Flame Tornado – The Ultimate Attack of the Apostle; it starts spinning its twinblade creating minor flames, and then creates a tornado of flames and slams it down to create a bigger attack radius.

Attack Counters 

  • Dodge his attack at the perfect interval, which can either be determined by instinct or trial and failure.
  • Don’t stay idle when healing, and move toward the side once he throws the fireball at you.
  • Block each and every slash except the big ones since they will damage you and lower your stamina significantly.
  • Roll back away when the Apostle does leaping attacks because blocking it can be tough.
  • Take advantage of the long animations because once it starts, you can determine it and fall back.
  • When the Apostle goes into Stretch mode, target its legs since they are idle and can’t move. 
  • Roll backward at the verticle and push charge attacks. 

Short-Ranged Strategy

Short-Ranged Strategies In ER
Elden Ring: Short-Ranged Strategies – Image Captured by eXputer

If you want to stay straight up in its face and attack him, you have to have a proper bleed build. Bleed weapons are its weakness. Even though it has a large pool of health, it will be depleted significantly and rabidly with a  bleed buildup. That is why it was told to have Rivers Of Blood and a Bleed Affinity to the shield so the monster doesn’t have a chance against you. There is even a little cheese strategy used in defeating the Godskin Apostle.

  • You have to move through all the Black Flame attacks to counter it and get two hits once you get close.
  • Try to stagger the Apostle with a critical hit to get combo attacks out of him to create a bleed buildup.
  • Use your shield at extensive moments and do a shield crash just to add up the bleed buildup.
  • Wait for the openings made when Apostle’s attacks are over to do Slash damage on it.
  • Do jump attacks on it because it depletes a lot of his health and can stagger him.
  • Try to roll under his slash attacks so you can get a hit or tow and return to safety quickly.
  • Spam heavy attacks to deplete his health to half, and then you can defend the stretch attacks.
  • When it stretches in the second phase, try to go behind it and attack its legs.
  • Don’t be scared to get a hit or two when you move in; remember, you can heal, but he cannot.
  • You can cheese your strategy and make Godskin Apostle go to sleep using sleep pots when it gets tough.
  • While he’s asleep, you can either heal up or get ready to make a good combo. 

Long-Ranged Strategy 

Long-Ranged Strategy For Godskin Apostle
Elden Ring: Long-Ranged Strategies – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Now because some people might confront him due to the Apostle’s quick and aggressive attacks, there is also a  long-ranged attack strategy too. It is just as reliable but requires quite some FP in order to pull off. Also, it is not the classic way to defeat enemies in Elden Ring, but it’s for those who either lack experience or level or don’t have the bleed weapons. So you can cheese your way into defeating the Godskin Apostle. 

  • You can distract the Apostle by using your Spirit Of Ashes Greatsword Soldiers so you can maintain distance.
  • Spell spamming is an amazing way to deal with this kind of enemy, especially when it is distracted. 
  • You can summon a house to mount it and get one or two hits when near the enemy and retreating far.
  • You can opt for a long-range weapon as well so you can time the attack after the Apostle attacks.
  • Using Sleep Pots makes the Apostle go to sleep so you can charge up your Comet Azur and shoot at it.
  • Comet Azur should be done when the animation from the Black Flame is done by the Apostle.
  • Using Comet Azur is a cheese way of defeating the Godskin Apostle.  
  • Use the Cerulean Hidden Tear so that the Comet Azur can go on for a longer period of time.


Rewards In ER
Elden Ring: Rewards For Killing Godskin Apostle – Image Captured by us

You get rewards after Defeating every boss in Elden Ring, whether through the Cheese Methods or Melee. since the Godskin Apostle was a tough opponent, you get some elite rewards for defeating him, like armor

For Windmill Village Godskin Apostle 

  • 14000 Rune Coins
  • The Godskin Peeler Weapon
  • Scouring Black Flame Spell

For Divine Tower Of Caelid Godskin Apostle

  • 94000 Rune Coins
  • Godslayer’s Greatsword Found In A Chest Nearby
  • Godskin Hood
  • Godskin Robe
  • Godskin Bracelets
  • Godskin Trousers

Wrap Up

So now you know how to properly defeat the Godskin Apostle with both normal and cheese methods. However, cheese methods are frowned upon in defeating bosses like Godskin Apostle. Nonetheless, you can also check out our methods of defeating the Dragonlord Placidusax in Elden Ring. Also, check out our builds for the Best Scythes, Bandits, Intelligence, Dragon, Samurai, and Mage

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