Elden Ring Grave Scythe Build: Weapons, Armor & Tips



The Grave Scythe is one of the OP-est of Scythes in Elden Ring. As it scales in pure strength and dexterity making a build around the Grave Scythe Elden Ring should prove beneficial in many battles. The sheer strength of the Grave Scythe will make you feel like a literal Grim Reaper as its statistics are also amazingly balanced. Finding out the location of the Grave Scythe is important so that you can get it early on and start making a build.

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  • Elden Ring Grave Scythe Build is a combination of a Bleed and Fire type of build which can cause great havoc.
  • The Primary weapon in the Grave Scythe build is the Grave Scythe itself on which the whole build is built around.
  • For the secondary weapon in the build, we have the Fingerprint Stone Shield, which blocks literally any type of attack, elemental or physical. 
  • Flaming Strike is an Ash Of War for the Scythe that deals in Fire Damage and leaves a heavy impact on enemies.
  • For the spells in the build, we have Rennala’s Fullmoon, Meteorite, Carian Greatsword, and Comet Azur.
  • Each of the spells has there own special role in this build as each of them is extremely powerful.
  • The Talismans in this build are Starscourge Heirloom, Shard Of Alexander, Two Fingers Heirloom, and Assassin’s Crimson Dagger.
  • These Talismans give you that slight edge in both PVP and PVE matchups.
  • The Carian’s Knight Armor Set is what we used for this build as it helps defend against each type elemental of damage well, especially Magic.

Grave Scythe Build 

Grave Scythe Build Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Grave Scythe Build – Image by eXputer

The Grave Scythe Elden Ring build is inspired by many creative Youtubers and also a little in working from us gamers at eXputer. This build primarily focuses on agility and fire-based damage. With this build, you will be able to defeat enemies like the Dragonlord Placidusax with complete ease. Margit can literally be defeated on your first try even if you are below level 40. The mix and match of bleed effect and fire would prove to be deadly.

Statistic Requirement For Build: Vigor: 50 | Strength: 60 | Endurance: 56 

Equip Load: 33.3/68.8 (Medium)



Primary Weapon Grave Scythe
Secondary Weapon Fingerprint Stone Shield
Ashes of War Flaming Strike / Shield Crash
Talismans Starscourge Heirloom, Shard Of Alexander, Two Fingers Heirloom, Assasin’s Crimson Dagger
Spells Rennala’s Fullmoon, Meteorite, Carian Greatsword, Comet Azur
Head & Chest Armor Carian Knight Helm & Armor
Arms Armor Carian Knight Gauntlet 
Legs Armor Carian Knight Greaves

This table shows each and every item required to complete this entire build. Each entree of the table provides some sort of unique capability in this Grave Scythe Build that is necessary. Some changes can be made to make the build-up to your own preference if you haven’t unlocked some of the items yet. But nonetheless, these are the only items required for you to actually become the “Death Reaper”

Primary Weapon 

Grave Scythe In Build Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Grave Scythe– Screenshot Captured by eXputer
Magic 33 0
Physical 49 144
Light 33 0
Fire 33 0
Holy 33 0
Crit/Boost 33 100
Scaling D Dexterity
D Strength

Of course, the primary weapon of this build is going to be the Grave Scythe since the whole of it is built around it. This weapon is extremely unique. Ashes Of War skills can be added on to if you are not fulfilled with its Spinning Slash Skill. The reason for the entire build to be built around this single scythe makes sense when you say its capabilities in battle. It is actually the heaviest scythe in the game and the strongest as well.

  • In terms of pure physical strength, it comes with a physical damage of 144 which is comparable to the Greatswords of the game.
  • Now that is a huge compliment because it is simply more agile and dangerous than a mainstream Greatsword.
  • It can be used to make an amazing Strength Build which we are making as of now.
  • The blood loss (55) build it creates alongside the Flame Art Affinity can create havoc in the world of Elden Ring.
  • The Grave Scythe weapon has an amazing pro, when you wield the weapon it increases your vitality by 35.
  • Vitality is a type of Defensive Statistic that determines your resistance to Instant Death.
  • Another great ability of the weapon is that it has an Anti-Block system.
  • It literally sees past the balances the 40% damage received from heavy blocks and much more.
  • The Anti-Block System can work great if paired with the right Ash Of War. 


The Grave Scythes are actually dropped by the creatures of the Elden Ring that are known as the Skeleton Mages. They are considerably weak so killing them off is literally the easiest thing ever. Once you kill them they will start regenerating. Don’t worry though because you can just hit them once while they are regenerating to actually kill them. They can be found near the Lake Facing Cliffs. They will specifically spawn in the nearby Graveyard. 

Secondary Weapon 

Fingerprint Stone Shield ER
Elden Ring: Fingerprint Stone Shield – Screenshot Grab: eXputer
Fingerprint Stone Shield GUARD ATTACK
Magic 77 0
Physical 100 158
Light 79 0
Fire 81 0
Holy 75 0
Crit/Boost 90 100
Scaling D Strength

The secondary weapon should always be of defensive stat because, in a build like this, Defence is of the utmost importance. Most of the shields in battle somehow tend to give a bit of health out but with this shield. The Fingerprint Stone Shield is basically an indestructible force that protects you from physical damage coming from major bosses. This addition will make your Grave Scythe Build a much more balanced and explosive build. 

  • The benefit of this shield is that it can be the Ashes Of War can be embedded in it.
  • It is a unique feature on its own since not many shields have this feature, especially in the older patches of the game.
  • There is not a lot of stamina used with this shield as well despite its big heavy appearance.
  • You can even stagger weak enemies in Elden Ring via guard-stancing with the stone shield.
  • Setting to Blood or Poison affinities can lead to the Madness Build Up being significantly altered points-wise.
  • This little detail can literally determine the outcome on the battlefield.
  • Infuse the shield with Fire Infusion so that it blocks out each and every fire attack a boss like Dragon makes.
  • Magic Infusion can also be made so that at least 96% of the Magic Damage can be nullified.

Many YouTubers even took it upon themselves to check out the physical damage that the Fingerprint Stone Shield is capable of. They were able to kill bosses like Malenia with damage that went up to 1000. So bosses like them were easily defeated in the NG+.


After defeating the Omen King you must head out to the Cathedral Of The Forsaken. Head or Dropdown toward the bottom of the area. Before that, you must jump up on the violin-playing head statue. Dropping down thrice will make you see the Fingerprint Stone Shield closer and closer. You should always drop down on a statue’s head and face the other side and keep heading down. 

Ashes Of War 

Ashes of War In ER
Elden Ring: Ashes of War – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The Ashes Of War are extremely useful skills that can be added to weapons. These skills give you additional affinity or ornamental boosts. Many enemies and bosses have different territorial and power advantages. In order to give you a slight edge or better a fair chance against them Ashes Of War help you out. They are essential in almost every custom build. In your case, we will be talking about the ones used for the Grave Scythe Build.

Primary Ash Of War

Flaming Strike In ER
Elden Ring: Flaming Strike – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

This Ashes Of War is specifically for your primary weapon of choice AKA the Grave Scythe. What you will be using will directly impact your gameplay with Grave Scythe because it literally increases the base affinity of the armament 10 folds. What we are talking about is the “Flaming Strike”. It is an incredibly underused Ashes Of War and fits well with the Dexterity and Strength of the Grave Scythe Build and makes it into a flame build. 

  • You have to set the affinity to Flame Art so that if your faith is high, your damage will get higher drastically.
  • Use the Wondrous Physick Mix known as Flame Shroudded Crack Tear so that your fire attacks get boosted for a short while.
  • The recent patch of Elden Ring really buffed the statistics of this Ash Of War with increased damage of 90.
  • It lasts quite a while compared to the other Ashes Of War making it a superb choice for your build.
  • The Animation for the Ash Of War is beautiful and not that distracting as well, just in the sweet spot.
  • Adding Flame Art increases the AR by 20 which makes a huge difference per attack in Elden Ring.
  • You won’t have to worry about running low on your FP since it doesn’t consume much of it.
  • It helps you maintain your win streaks in PVP matches for sure so be sure to add it to your weapons.
  • Knocking down enemies becomes a piece of cake as you can do that with a single shot.

Secondary Ash Of War

Shield Crash Talisman In ER
Elden Ring: Shield Crash – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Like primary for the primary weapon and vice versa secondary for the secondary weapon. In our build, the secondary is the Fingerprint Stone Shield which is pretty powerful. But when paired with the Shield Crash it becomes a heck of a defense and attack combo. You can literally parry and counter enemies and deplete their health significantly. It is incredibly powerful especially when you are in the early stages of the game itself.

  • This Ash Of War specializes in defensive parry attacks against your enemy in Elden Ring.
  • Choosing the Blood Affinity Granted will make sure to make Blood Loss buildup every time you crash the enemy.
  • This blood loss buildup can do a high amount of damage to the enemy as well as negate 100% of their damage.
  • Shielding Crash hits the bosses multiple times during the thrust so you end up building up a lot of Blood Loss damage.
  • Literally, even the most challenging bosses can be defeated easily by using just this slab of rock against them. 
  • Not only do you build up Blood Loss but Madness as well so that’s two passives in a single go which is a heck of a deal.
  • Medium-sized bosses can be knocked back using this Ash Of War making them unable to deal any harm to you.
  • You can clear up an area and kill an entire group of mobs with ease within seconds. 
  • Changing direction during the midst of a Crash is possible which helps you combo attack enemies in a single go.
  • This build becomes an absolute beast build in both PVE and PVP. 


Spells In Grave Scythe Build Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Spells And Incantations – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Most of the time in Elden Ring you are given a state where your weapon takes time to charge its ability or you are on low FP. You could also get overpowered by a crowd of enemies. In those scenarios, Spells or Incantations provide good assistance. That is because most spells take care of the enemy’s last HPs or take a crowd of enemies with them. Incantations like lighting Ancient Dragon’s Lightning can even kill an entire boss on its own.

Carian Greatsword

Carian Greatsword In Grave Scythe Build
Elden Ring: Carian Greatsword – Image Captured by eXputer

The Carian Greatsword is a popular Incantation that can help you greatly in your matchups. In the early parts of the game when you are cornered you can use this Incantation as a get-out-of-jail-free card. The Incantation creates a huge Greatsword that gives a huge blow to the enemy. You get the power of a literal knight to conquer your enemies with a small FP cost of 12. This FP is great for incantation of such magnitude in the game. 

Comet Azur 

Comet Azur In Grave Scythe Build Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Comet Azur – (Image credit: eXputer)

Now we head on to talk about an extremely overpowered ability. The Comet Azur tends to make a huge impact on your opponents. This is sort of a cool-blasted Kamehameha shot at your enemy for a long period of time if you tend to hold it. Comet Azur costs a lot of FP but is definitely worth it. The Comet has a wide radius so if there are multiple enemies in its course, it will kill them even if they are big bosses. You also need to have 60 Int.


Meteorite In grave Scythe Build Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Meteorite – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

In order to kill enemies constantly or keep them stunned while you heal you can use Meteorite. This sorcery basically manipulates gravity to create a voice spraying Meteors. These sprayed Meteors constantly attack your enemies if you hold them. Meteorite makes sure your opponents stay at a safe distance in order to not get caught. It is a great act of intimidation and obviously great to impart damage to your enemies in both PVP and PVE. 

Rennala’s Fullmoon

Rennala’s FullmoonIn Grave Scythe Build Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Rennala’s Fullmoon – Image Captured by eXputer

If you use and equip the Rennala‘s Fullmoon you will see just how potent it is in Elden Ring. This is a sort of one-shot kind of spell if your enemy gets hit by it. Although it is fairly easy to avoid so that’s why you may as well leave it for bigger tanks in the game. They won’t be able to avoid and take tremendous amounts of damage. The Animation for it is that you make an entire moon out of thin air and then dispatch it to your enemies.


Talismans In ER
Elden Ring: Talismans – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

There are multiple effects brought to your build through Talismans. During a battle, you can become desperate for some extra XP so that you can finish bosses in one go. This can be made possible by adding the right type of Talismans to your build. Extremely powerful Talismans are scattered around in chests or with bosses around the map. You must choose a select few for your build so that you can peak your build and are using every bit of advantage given.

Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

Assassin's Crimson Dagger In ER
Elden Ring: Assassin’s Crimson Dagger – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

This ability lets you restore about 10% of your health whenever you are able to hit the opponent with critical hits. This can be useful because your build will surely make hit so many critical hits that you can even fully restore your health by 10 Critical Hits. Now along with the 100 damage you deal with critical, you will be able to get +85 of your health successfully restored. I don’t even need to say how helpful this will be during your matchups even in PVP. 

Two Fingers Heirloom 

Two Fingers Heirloom In ER
Elden Ring: Two Fingers Heirloom – Image Captured by us

Now this Talisman is particularly useful with your Primary Weapon as it goes hand in hand with the Flame Art. You see when your faith is increased, your Flame Art does a significantly high amount of damage as an affinity. The Two Fingers Heirloom helps raise faith so that Flame Art can do its job in making your fights more devasting for your opponents. Make sure to always have it on when you are wielding the Grave Scythe. 

Shard Of Alexander 

Shard Of Alexander In ER
Elden Ring: Shard Of Alexander – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Usually, the attack of power of your Ashes Of War is more than enough to fight big enemies. But later on in the game, the opponents get harder and harder to fight which is why there is extra help needed. That extra damaging help will be provided by the Shard Of Alexander which will give you that extra boost in Attack Power. It will be enough for you to confidently face bigger and stronger opponents and whoop their peaches in battle. 

Starscourge Heirloom

Starscourge Heirloom In ER
Elden Ring: Starscourge Heirloom – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

For the most strength has been the main aspect of this Grave Scythe Eldeing Ring Build from the start. We have added several little affinities and armaments in order to make this build as strong as intended. Now you must add a special Talisman that will help you further increase the Strength of our build. You know right the more the merrier? I know it doesn’t really fit that much here but cut me some slack! 

Armor Set 

Armor Set In ER
Elden Ring: Armor Set – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Get ready to become knighted in the game. That is the right, the best armor set that will perfectly complete our build will be the “Carian Armor Set”. This Armor set protects you against all kinds of strengthened physical attacks. It is light and is consistently good against all types of Magic and Sorcery. This set really stands out when you wear it. The Carian set is one of the coolest-looking armor sets you can potentially wear.

Various types of fire and frost damage can be negated when you equip this set. It comprises Four Different components that make up the entire set of armor. each has a different amount of damage negation property in them. This isn’t really a custom set that has different Helms and Greaves in it. It’s a complete set of Carian Knight Armor and can be found in Raya Lucaria Academy. 

Carian Knight Helm

Carian Knight Helm In ER
Elden Ring: Carian Knight Helm – Image Captured by us

Your appearance change is determined by the helmet as it is one of the key aspects of looking absolutely slick. Apart from that the Helmet provides much-needed defense against incoming physical damage. Alongside that, it does extremely well against Magic Damage and has an amazing Robust Resistance. It is definitely one of the best Helms in Elden Ring and having it in your build really makes a difference. 

Wearing it is essential since literally every beast in the game is after your head. So protecting it is the right course of action. It protects you from each type of attack currently in the game including Fire damage as well. 

Damage Type Negation Value
Physical 11.9
Strike 10.9
Pierce 11.9
Slash 12.4
Fire 11.9
Magic 12.4
Holy 11.9
Light 9.5
Resistance Value
Immunity 12
Robustness 20
Focus 9
Vitality 10
Poise 4

Carian Knight Armor 

Carian Knight Armor In ER
Elden Ring: Carian Knight Armor – Image by eXputer

Now the Armor is the main part of the entire set because of how much defense it provides. It provides the most damage negation and resistance since it is for the chest or torso of the body. It is the main point of a target for the enemies that’s why the stats for this piece of armor is particularly high. This armor represents the loyalty the knights had to the Royal Carian Family. 

The soon descent of the Knights after the falling of the family makes you have this in your arsenal and used it to become a bad peach. It is basically the best addition made to your Grave Scythe Build.

Damage Type Negation Value
Physical 11.9
Strike 10.9
Pierce 11.9
Slash 12.4
Fire 11.9
Magic 12.4
Holy 11.9
Light 9.5
Resistance Value
Immunity 28
Robustness 46
Focus 21
Vitality 23
Poise 12

Carian Knight Gauntlets

Carian Knight Gauntlets In ER
Elden Ring: Carian Knight Gauntlets – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Now these ain’t just some normal gloves to wear. These Gauntlets let you protect your hands and arms from incoming damage. Normally players keep them exposed for some reason which is definitely not the right course of action. These Gauntlets similarly protect you from incoming damage whether it be physical or elemental. They do have a sort of weight to them but it is not much to make a drastic reduction in your play style. 

Damage Type Negation Value
Physical 2.9
Strike 2.7
Pierce 2.9
Slash 3.1
Fire 2.9
Magic 3.1
Holy 2.9
Light 2.3
Resistance Value
Immunity 9
Robustness 15
Focus 7
Vitality 8
Poise 3

Carian Knight Greaves 

Carian Knight Greaves In ER
Elden Ring: Carian Knight Greaves – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

This is the last part of the puzzle meaning your entire Grave Scythe Elden Ring Build will be completed upon this item. It is definitely not the least of all but rather holds great importance in the set. We are talking about the Carian Knight Greaves. Any Magic or Slash damage won’t do much against you when you have these boxers and greaves on you, except the boxers, or who knows? It does a good amount of resistance as well alongside the negation. 

Damage Type Negation Value
Physical 6.8
Strike 6.2
Pierce 6.8
Slash 7.1
Fire 6.8
Magic 7.1
Holy 6.8
Light 5.4
Resistance Value
Immunity 17
Robustness 29
Focus 13
Vitality 14
Poise 7

Grave Scythe Build Playstyle 

Grave Scythe Build Playstyle
Elden Ring: Grave Scythe Build Playstyle

Getting used to this build is fairly easy and takes no such genius to understand it. In most cases, this is a sort of all-in-one type of build by having firepower and also a good amount of blood loss damage power as well. The Grave Scythe Elden Ring Build has everything you need to get ready to get into a battle with a horde of enemies and big final bosses as well. But there needs to be a base strategy that you should go with this build. 

Go ahead and lay out all of your spells at the enemy so that you don’t get much starting damage. Start with the Comet Azur to bring down most of your enemy’s powers. If they manage to avoid it then there will be a chance of them attacking you in a shorter range so then use the Carian Greatsword sorcery on them. You must try not to waste your spells because they take up a lot of FP. So you wouldn’t want to use up all of your FP because you need to save for the Ashes Of War.

Now in battle, you must bring out your primary Grave Scythe to smash the great enemies to the ground. Use the Ashes Of War as much as possible to imply fire damage to your enemies with a blood loss buildup side by side. Sometimes most enemies do quick speedy attacks which are not possible to predict that much. For those instances whip out your Fingerprint Stone Shield so you are able to negate most of the damage done by them and plan a strategy again. 

Wrap Up

So this is how you make the best Grave Reaper Build from scratch. This build will help you conquer the world of Elden Ring. Try to not change much about the build because each attribute, weaponry, and sorcery coincide with one another so it would disrupt the balance. If you want to know how to make a quality build make sure to check our guide over it. Check out our guides over the Best Axes, Swords, and Bows in the game 


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