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The Elden Ring Golden Order Greatsword is one of the nine legendary armaments that players are quite fond of for a couple of reasons. The weapon primarily scales off of the Faith stat with a couple of hybrid stats, making it an excellent addition to most players running a Faith Build. Our favorite build for the weapon consists of using it with another weapon. Still, before we discuss that, it is important that you understand its stats, Ash Of War, and, most importantly, the location of where you can acquire it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Elden Ring Golden Order Greatsword is one of the nine legendary armaments that players can obtain and scales off of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.
  • You can acquire the Golden Order Greatsword by completing the Cave of the Forlorn.
  • It is a mini-dungeon located in the Mountaintop of the Giants area, which is accessed during the late-game.
  • At the end of the Cave, players will need to defeat the Misbegotten Crusader, which isn’t too tough since players will already have fought him in a prior instance at Castle Morne.

  • The best build for the Golden Order Greatsword that we have chosen is based on a dual-wield or Powerstancing build, which comprises the following:
    1. The Establish Order weapon skill fires off a golden-aura explosion and, with additional input, allows players to slash forward and launch a golden arc.
    2. The Best Talismans to use for this Powerstance build include Dragoncreast Greatshield Talisman, Erdtree’s Favor, Claw Talisman, and Shard Of Alexander.
    3. The Flame Grant Me Strength, and Golden Vow incantations provide us with an overall boost in attack and defense to withstand most attacks.
    4. The Flame-shrouding cracked tear and faith-knot crystal tear in our Wondrous Physick increase not only our Faith stat but also boost the fire-affinity attack damage.

Golden Order Greatsword Location

Unfortunately, the Golden Older Greatsword can be obtained relatively toward the late-game events of your playthrough via a cave. We have detailed the exact steps on where you can find this cave and the strategy against the boss fight:

elden ring caves
Cave of Forlorn (Image Captured by Us)
  • The Golden Order Greatsword can be obtained by completing the Cave of the Forlorn, which is essentially like a mini-dungeon in the game.
  • As shown in the image we have provided above, you will need to make your way toward the Mountaintop of the Giants area in the Lands Between.
  • The cave is located towards the far-right side of the area on the map, and the exact location of the cave is towards the ground level on the frozen river.
  • You can easily travel to the area using your trusty steed, Torrent but be careful as there are a couple of giant crabs on the frozen river path as well as a Giant Land Octopus guarding the entrance to the cave.
exputer elden ring
Cave of Forlorn Interior (Image Captured by Us)

In terms of the Cave’s layout, it is worth recommending that you carry a lantern on you as, like almost any other cave or dungeon, the Cave of the Forlorn can tend to sidetrack you. Thankfully, the only enemies you will need to worry about here are the Misbegotten beastmen. They are lurking all over the place here, ready to ambush you.

elden ring misbegotten crusader
The Boss room entrance (Image Captured by Us)

The cave doesn’t have too many side-tracking paths, so proceed straight normally without any worries, taking out any enemies in your path. You will eventually reach an area where you will have to jump and navigate along a small ledge towards the upper left side, which will lead you to the Misbegotten Crusader boss fight.

Misbegotten Crusader Boss Fight

elden ring misbegotten crusader
Misbegotten Crusader (Image by eXputer)

The final boss fight of the Cave of the Forlorn will pit you against the Misbegotten Crusader, which might be familiar to quite a few players. It is because he is the same boss you fought if you completed the entirety of Castle Morne back in the Weeping Peninsula region. However, this variant of the boss is a little different, but you can still easily take him down if you’re adequately leveled at this point in the game.

elden ring bosses
Misbegotten Crusader Attacks (Image by eXputer)
  • The Misbegotten Crusader has access to his own Golden Order Greatsword, so he boasts a special attack where he will slam the sword into the ground, as depicted in the image above.
  • Aside from that, we strongly encourage you to watch out for his slashes and swings, where he can take your HP out easily if not careful enough.
  • However, you can easily make short work of him if you’re someone who’s using Mage builds or even the selection of the Best Remembrance weapons in Elden Ring.
  • We found that using weapons such as the Blasphemous Blade worked best, or any weapon with a flame-imbued specialty to it, since it can heavily stagger the boss and take it down with minimal effort.

Best Build

elden ring golden order greatsword
The Best Build (Image credit: eXputer)

Following are the base-level stats for the Golden Greatsword, which should give you a rough idea of its attack rating as well as any additional damage properties:

Base Stats Attack Guard
Physical 86 55
Magic 0 30
Fire 0 30
Light 0 30
Holy 103 60
Critical/ Boost 100 42

However, the stat requirements also play a pivotal factor here, as you will need to min-max them in order to use the Golden Order Greatsword at its full potential:

Stats Scaling Requirements
Strength E 16
Dexterity D 21
Intelligence C 28

The complete build we have prepared for the weapon in our image above involves ‘power-stancing’ it with the Blasphemous Blade. It essentially means that you will dual-wielding both swords in conjunction and use the double sword attacks to deal tremendous damage to foes, almost staggering them. You will need the following gear items to make it work at the optimal experience:

  • Weapon Infusion: Cannot Be Infused
  • Weapon Skill: Establish Order
  • Talismans: Dragoncreast Greatshield Talisman, Erdtree’s Favor, Claw Talisman, and Shard Of Alexander.
  • Sacred SealErdtree Seal
  • Wondrous Physick Mix: Flame-shrouding cracked tear, faith-knot crystal tear
  • Incantations: Flame Grant Me Strength, Golden Vow

Important: You can use any armor that you wish with this build as we found that using a mix of light and heavyweight armor benefitted us as long as it didn’t decrease our dodge roll speed.

Weapon Skill

elden ring golden order greatsword
Establish Order (Image credit: eXputer)

The Establish Order is a unique skill of the Golden Order Greatsword, which allows us to unleash an AoE explosion that can damage foes caught within it. You can further do an input of the skill right after, which launches a golden energy arc to the target. The skill dishes out Holy damage, which can be highly effective against undead enemies.


  • The Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman will provide us with a 20% boost to physical damage negation, which can be immensely helpful when you’re Powerstancing or dual-wielding weapons in Elden Ring.
  • Erdtree’s Favor Talisman is great if you’re running the +2 variant of it, which significantly increases our HP, Stamina, and Equip Load, which of course, means it’s a must-have talisman for our current build.
  • The Claw Talisman is honestly one of our favorite talismans to use with this build as it increases our jump attack damage by 15%, which we recommend using a lot when Powerstancing weapons.
  • Lastly, the final talisman we use with the build is the Shard of Alexander, as it will effectively boost our weapon skill damage; essential for both weapon arts of the Golden Order Greatsword as well as the Blasphemous Blade.

Seal And Incantations

The Erdtree Seal primarily scales with Faith, making it an excellent choice to use with our Powerstance loadout, as we are also going to use a few incantations here to boost our damage before heading into boss fights and other tough encounters of Elden Ring.

  • The “Flame, Grant Me Strength” incantation is a must for the build, as it will greatly increase our Physical along with the fire-affinity attack power, which makes it a no-brainer to have on the Golden Order Greatsword Build.
  • Lastly, Golden Vow is optional, but it is also a great buff to apply to yourself as well as allies before engaging with a tough boss such as Malenia as you will gain a boost to attack and defense for a short duration.

Wondrous Physick Mix

  • Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear: In some instances, we found that using this tear with our wondrous Physick allowed us to use the Blasephemous Blade’s weapon art efficiently, which you also might end up using in its single-handed state for some extra trick up your sleeve against enemies or bosses.
  • Faith-Knot Crystal Tear: Since we might use the weapon arts of either the Golden Order Greatsword or the Blasphemous Blade for some circumstances, it is imperative that you use the Faith-Knot Crystal Tear. While the former doesn’t scale with Faith, it is still a solid option to use since we are using the Blasphemous blade too.

Summing It Up

Elden Ring is the winner of several Game of the Year accolades, and gamers all around the world can never seem to get enough of the game. The following Subreddit Post might serve as an indication that several players in the community adore the Golden Order Greatsword. Though it might not come too close to the potential of our Best Bleed weapons or Curved Greatsword Weapons, It’s still a solid greatsword to use in both PVE & PVP.

Since you’ll be grabbing the weapon fairly late, and if you’re on your first playthrough, then we strongly encourage you to brush up on the Best boss order for Elden Ring. It will allow you to strategically plan ahead of time and secure the Best Remembrances to duplicate from the likes of Starscourge Radahn.

But for now, this wraps up our Golden Order Greatsword Elden Ring guide. If you have any sort of question related to the weapon or the build hand-picked by us, then be sure to let us know in the comments section below! As always, Exputer wishes you luck!

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