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Elden Ring offers some of the best incantations for players to choose from, including the Flame Sling and figuring out where players can get; players might also need help figuring out Elden Ring How To Use Flame Sling

Key Highlights ????

  • The Flame Sling incantation is a Fire Monk Incantation that players can use in combat against enemies to obliterate them! 
  • Players will need to have access to a Finger Seal in order actually to use the incantation. 
  • The Flame Sling can be obtained by heading to the Roundtable Hold, talking to Brother Corhyn, and purchasing from him
  • The Finger Seal can be purchased from the Roundtable Hold, and players need to interact with the Twin Maidens and buy it from them. 
  • Players need both items to combat opponents with the incantation. Otherwise, it can’t be used. 

Using The Flame Sling 

Using Flame Sling
Using Flame Sling (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the main things players will require before they can even think to use the flame sling will be a finger seal (we will go into more detail about its location). Once players have managed to get their hands on the flame, they will need to go ahead and get their hands on the finger seal

  • After you’ve gotten both things, you will need to move towards any site of grace you can come across since players will need to rest for a little bit before they can even think of testing out the flame sling. 
  • Either before heading to the site of grace or after, open up your inventory. From here, you can see an option for your current equipment. Go ahead and click on it to open the equipment, 
  • From there, you will be able to take note of your right-hand armament that you can equip weapons towards. Here, you can go ahead and equip the finger seal, which will be considered to be an armament at this point. 

After that, you want to go ahead and make your way over to your chosen site of grace, where you will be in a sitting position since, before testing, players will need to rest for a little bit before they can head out to the battlefield to test the flame sling. 

Your character will be sitting with its legs crossed, and you need to wait a little bit. Once that is done, if you haven’t already done so, players will also need to memorize a spell. The flame sling can’t be used without learning the actual spell. 

  • Players will simply need to go ahead and add the flame sling spell to the slot that hasn’t been occupied, which will easily allow them to memorize it. From there, the finger seal needs to be equipped. 

Once you’re good and ready, get up from the site of grace, and go hunting for any enemy you want to test out the flame sling on. 

  • Players should know that they should stay at a bit of distance if they want to test it out since you would need to aim the incantation at the enemy actually to attack them. 
  • Stay at a distance of a few feet, and when you’re ready to, the player can see the flame sling incantation appear at the slots in the bottom left. 
  • The way it will be used will be indicated by the player’s right hand, which will have an orange glow

When you use the incantation, the player can lift their right arm, and the spell will glow an even brighter orange in their right hand. The incantation continues to burn through the hand, and it will be the brightest once it’s fully ready. 

  • The player then pushes their arm back behind their shoulder for a split second before launching a fireball aimed at the enemy’s general direction. 
  • The second the fireball hits the enemy, it will be extremely strong, allowing the player to one-shot the enemy at times. 
  • Players can continue to test out the incantations as often as they want, and the entire process remains the same throughout. 

Flame Sling Location 

Flame Sling
Flame Sling (Image Credits Exputer)

To get your hands on the incantation, players will need to make their way over to the Roundtable Hold, and the actual location for the roundtable hold is not present anywhere except unlocking it for the first time in the game and then fast-traveling over there every time you want to buy something. Only then can you buy it and learn Elden Ring and How To Use Flame Sling

  • One of the main ways players will get an invitation into the roundtable hold will be when Melina tells you about the roundtable anytime you visit the Stormville main gate site of grace. That site of grace can only be granted access to you after you end up killing Margit
  • The main issue with this is that if players are just starting out in the game, it will become excessively tedious, considering how under-leveled and under-geared they might end up being. Therefore there needs to be an alternative way to get an invitation. 

Start by being at the Gatefront site of grace which will be present on the map, and players will need to go ahead and rest there for a little bit, which will entail making your character sit down and rest for a bit. 

  • While you are in a sitting position and resting, Melina will end up arriving, and players will be able to notice her being a few feet away from the players. During that, she will kneel towards the player and face you, to which she will then go ahead and say that she Bequeth you a ring
  • From there, she will then hand you the Spectral Steel Whistle, and with this, players will be able to cast forth their horse. 

After you jump on your horse, you want to go ahead and continue heading through the main pathway the game tells you to follow. The pathway itself will be a stone pathway that will be covered front and back with grassy patches, and the path will also continue to lead uphill at quite a steep slope. 

  • Continue riding up the hill, and continue going past the past, where you can see the words pop up indicating that you are now entering the area of Stormgate. Players should keep in mind that there will be a few obstacles that will be cutting off their main pathway. 
  • There will be a few barriers that will e placed to block off the player from heading further up. At the same time, there will also be quite a few soldiers guarding the barriers, and this is the main reason players want to have their horses so that they can zoom past the soldiers without needing to deal with them. 

Now, players want to take a detour instead of going into the castle area. Open up your map to map your route to see the detour, where players will need to head towards a bridge that is broken down and quiet towards the end. 

  • At the start of the bridge, there will be a lady that the players will be able to encounter, which indicates that you are heading in the right direction. When you head towards the end of the bridge, you will be able to encounter a cookbook that you can pick up. 
  • Take ot your horse and sit on top of it, and search for the left end of the broken bridge, which broken stone pieces and grassy patches on top of it will indicate. 

Start heading up the broken area, and you can make your way through a narrow pathway cutting through the cliffside. Continue forth until you can get towards the Liurnia of the Lakes

Liurnia Of The Lakes 

When you first encounter the Liurnia of the lakes text showing up on your screen, there will be a site of grace that players can find and need to rest at the site of grace

And here, Melina will be able to meet the player once again

  • Melina will once again invite you to assist her with the roundtable hold. After that, you can travel to the roundtable whenever you want to buy something. 

NPCS And Merchants At Roundhold 

Brother Corhyn
Brother Corhyn (Image Credits Exputer)

There will be quite a few merchants that players will be able to encounter at the round-hold, from which will be a few like: 

  • Roderika 
  • Gideon 
  • Corhyn 
  • Diallos 
  • Master Hewg
  • Nepheli 
  • Fia 
  • D
  • Ensha 
  • Rogier 
  • Enia 
  • Twin Maiden Husks 
  • Dung Eater 

There will be an NPC by the name of brother Corhyn that players will want to look out for since he will be the NPC that is responsible for selling these incantations. He will be described as a practitioner who can help the player learn incantations that will scale off of Faith. The incantations that he will be able to sell will include the following: 

  • Great Heal, which will cost the player a total of 9000. 
  • The cure poison incantation will cost back players about 1000. 
  • As for the Magic Fortifaction and Flame Fortifications incantations, they will cost the player 3500 each. 
  • The Discus of Light will cost the player 11000. 
  • As for the Urgent healing, it will cost the player about 1000. 
  • The Heal incantation will cut you back a total of 1500. 
  • There will also be a lightning fortification incantation that will cut into the player’s wallets and eat away 7500. 
  • The Catch Flame will make the player pay a measly amount of 600
  • The Immutable Shield incantation will cost the player 13000, making it one of the most expensive incantations. 
  • The rejection incantations cost 1500, while the Flame Sling will cost 800. 


Moving on, let’s discuss where what the flame sling is so that players can then figure out Elden Ring How To Use Flame Sling

  • The flame sling itself is described to be an incantation. Incantations are desired as a type of magic that allows players to use incantation spells which will be highly impacted by the amount of Faith the player has. 
  • These incantations will almost always require a sacred seal to go alongside it since it can’t be used in battle without it, and sacred sales are essentially a weapon that has no skill in and of itself but is used as a medium to cast incantation spells. The sacred seals are also highly dependent on the faith state
  • When it comes to the faith stats, players will be able to experience its effect, being that it is an attribute that is needed to cast out sacred incantations. It will primarily govern how a player can summon out incantations against any incoming enemies. The faith stat will also be able to bump up the magic power of a chant that will scale off of Faith. 
  • Weapons that are going to be of the spell type will end up requiring a certain amount of faith points to be added to them. There will be a certain grade based on how much the weapon will depend on the stat and how effective it will be to actually use the stat, such as, a grading of s will be highly effective when using the Faith scaling. 

The flame sling itself will be described as an incantation derived from the Fire monks, who were the guardians of the flames of ruin.

  • Anytime the player can use the incantation, it will be able to summon forth a giant fireball that will be burning and deadly enough that it can quite possibly burn through any type of flesh and decimate any enemy that dares challenge it. 
  • Players are also able to charge up the spell to cause it to burn brighter, and anyone it touches will be obliterated. 

The flame sling is also a type of fire monk incantation that falls into the incantations that require using fire and learning from the ever-so wisdom fire monks and will depend on Faith if players want to cast it. 

Finger Seal Location 

Finger Seal
Finger Seal (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to the finger seal that the players will need to equip and use, it will be described as being a sacred seal that will be fully based on the Faith stat. 

  • The sacred seal will scale off Faith C, which will be the grading that will essentially be given to the weapons since each weapon has a specific scaling grade that will determine its usage and how much the weapon will benefit from the certain stat. 
  • Apart from this, the finger seal will also end up scaling off of Strength E. the strength attribute will be needed to grant players the ability to equip any heavier weapons or armaments that they aim to do so. 
  • Other than that, it will also increase the overall power of any weapons that have been scaling off of strength, allowing for an overall higher damage output. It also impacts your overall physical defense whenever in combat. 

Other than that, players will also need to invest at least 10 faith points and 4 strength points if they aim to equip and use the finger seal. 

To get the finger seal, players will need to either be a prophet or confessor class which allows them to automatically have a finger seal whenever they first choose the class, or they can get their hands on it by heading over to the Roundtable Hold. 

Twin Maidens
Twin Maidens (Image Credits Exputer)
  • There will be an NPC who will be present in the Roundtable Hold, and it will resemble two old women that will be holding a staff in the middle of them, and there will be tons of books that will be present behind them. There will also be loads of candles scattered around the NPCs
  • The finger seal can be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks NPCs. 


And there we have it! A detailed walkthrough on how to use the flame sling and how to get it, and we will wrap up our Elden Ring How To Use Flame Sling guide! Players should also consider reading up on our Elden Ring Best Starting Classes if they want to know what classes you should go for when you are first starting out!

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