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Elden Ring Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree Guide

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree is a legacy dungeon in Elden Ring located on the base of Miquella’s Haligtree. It’s a fort constructed on the aspect of the tree the place followers of Miquella resided in an effort to maintain the tree in addition to guard it from any intruders.

Despite its fall when Miquella was taken by Mohg from the bottom of the Haligtree, a lot of Elphael’s knights and troopers nonetheless stay on their posts and patrols via the numerous chambers of the fort. At the very finish of the fort is the place Malenia may be discovered, nonetheless ready for her brother to return again.

This information picks up from the battle in opposition to Loretta, Knight of Haligtree. Do take a look at our Miquella’s Haligtree Guide right here to learn how to achieve entry to the Haligtree and attain Loretta.

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree location in Elden Ring

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, as its title suggests, is located on the base of the Haligtree which is on the northernmost recognized space of the Lands Between. Due to the topography and the way the waygate is ready up from Ordina, you’ll first arrive on the Haligtree’s cover and you need to make your means down to succeed in Elphael.

How to Get to Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree?

After the battle in opposition to Loretta, Knight of Haligtree, you’ll achieve entry to each the Haligtree Promenade Site of Grace and the trail to proceed down in direction of Elphael. Slide down the tall ladder after which take the elevate to descend to the bridge in direction of Elphael.

How to Get to Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring?

The fort of Elphael has a number of chambers and paths that undergo a number of flooring. Depending in your choice, you may search via all of the chambers of Elphael, or you can also make a beeline to get to the bottom of the Haligtree and battle in opposition to Malenia. We will undergo the steps on tips on how to attain Malenia first, and we’ll speak about extra notes for any vital loot inside the space.

Touch the Prayer Room Site of Grace

As you exit the elevate, cross the bridge in direction of the Prayer Room the place one can find the primary Site of Grace in Elphael. Beware of the Cleanrot Knight guarding the doorway to the room. It can inflict Scarlet Rot should you get caught by its lance thrust.

Move via the outer path and down the steps

From the Site of Grace, head to the proper and proceed down the steps. There will probably be a couple of troopers who you may slay simply. Continue going straight and down the steps till you attain a lifeless finish.

Move through the outer path and down the stairs

Jump over the railing all the way down to the staircase beneath

Right on the lifeless finish, leap over the damaged railings to land on the staircase on a decrease stage. Enter the room with pillars and a few knights inside. You can select to battle the knights, or simply head straight to the exit. If you select to discover on this room some extra, one can find the Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes. Continue heading straight via the trail outdoors till you see a curved staircase.

Go down the curved staircase to the proper

Take the staircase to the proper a head downwards. Take a pair extra steps ahead as you get down the steps and leap over the railings to your left. As you land, instantly head straight to the ladder to keep away from getting caught by the enemy that spawns from the ground.

You can head straight as an alternative of leaping over the railings, however you’ll have to undergo ballistae, some archers, and an Erdtree Avatar. The detour permits you to bypass the ballistae which makes it simpler to get previous the Erdtree Avatar and into the corridor behind it.

Touch the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace

Once you get previous the Erdtree Avatar, comply with the corridor and switch left to see the Site of Grace. Continue straight into the following room and comply with the enormous root to the left because it exits via the outlet within the wall.

Touch the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace - Elden Ring

Cross the Scarlet Rot river

Prepare your Preserving Boluses for this one. Cross the river of Scarlet Rot and watch out to not fall down the waterfall. As you attain the opposite aspect, comply with the hanging root to the proper, after which leap to the foundation to the left. Then, head to the doorway of the wall and go down the ladder to the left. Follow the canal downwards till you attain one other chamber.

Touch the Drainage Channel Site of Grace

Inside the chamber, use the Site of Grace to the proper. Exit the chamber after which comply with the foundation to the left till you attain the assist going throughout underneath it. Jump to this assist, go straight, after which leap to the left down to a different root. Follow the foundation, leap all the way down to the assist and make your means via the door on the finish of it.

Enter the Chapel

As you enter the door to the chapel, leap all the way down to the bottom ground and take the exit to your left and one can find a elevate that can take you down to a different chamber.

Touch the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace

From the elevate, head straight and it is possible for you to to make use of the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace. Go additional down from the Site of Grace and cross the fog to provoke the boss battle in opposition to Malenia.

Elden Ring Malenia Boss Fight

Elden Ring Malenia Boss Fight

Malenia is taken into account to be one of many hardest bosses to battle in opposition to as a consequence of her pace, attain, and the power to inflict rot shortly. Plus, she has an lively therapeutic impact all through the battle that heals her each time one among her assaults join. She has two phases and she or he goes into her second section as soon as her well being is totally depleted for the primary time.

On her first section, she’s going to do a flurry of slashes and thrusts along with her blade. Her blade swings have fairly the vary as a consequence of her blade’s size plus she stays cellular for a bit whereas dispensing her assaults. She may do leaping assaults to assist her shut the hole.

On her second section, her assaults have longer animations and restoration, however they hit fatally onerous. Also, when she is at bloom after doing a dive, touching her petals can shortly inflict Scarlet Rot.

It’s beneficial to enter Elphael and battle Malenia at stage 110 and above, with totally upgraded gear and weapons that inflict burn, frostbite, or bleed. Also, carry lots of Preserving Boluses to counteract her Scarlet Rot. If you’re having a difficult time with this battle, you may summon a spirit or your mimic to assist with the injury and alleviate aggro.

Elden Ring Malenia Boss Fight

When defeated, Malenia drops:

  • Remembrance of the Rot Goddess
  • Malenia’s Great Rune
  • 480,000 Runes

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree Noteworthy Loot

Here are among the loot that you could find whereas exploring even additional into the Elphael fort:

  • Smithing Stone [6], [7], [8]
  • Somber Smithing Stone [9]
  • Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
  • Triple Rings of Light Incantation (Stonesword key wanted)
  • Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes
  • Haligtree Soldier Ashes
  • Haligtree Knight Helm
  • Miquellan Knight’s Sword
  • Rotten Staff
  • Marika’s Soreseal (Stonesword key wanted)
  • Rotten Crystal Sword
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
  • Ghost Gloveworts [7], [8], [9]
  • Ghost-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing
  • Great Grave Glovewort
  • Golden Seed (Dropped by an Ulcerated Tree Spirit)
  • Traveler’s Set
  • Golden Rune
  • Numen’s Rune
  • Hero’s Rune
  • Lord’s Rune

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