Elden Ring Blasphemous Blade Build: Weapons, Spells & Tips



Elden Ring Blasphemous Blade is easily one of the best weapons and is acquired upon defeating Praetor Rykard. Its unique Ash of War is called Taker’s Flame and this ability allows you to restore HP upon damaging your adversaries. In a game like Elden Ring, where HP dilutes fast in battles, a weapon such as Blasphemous Blade can make a difference between life and death.

However, having the right weapon for the job is sometimes not enough when taking on late-game areas or bosses. Pairing the weapon with the proper talismans, armor sets, and incantations, or in layman’s words, having a proper build for Blasphemous Blade makes a huge difference. This raises the stats of your weapon and increases your efficiency while using it.

Key Takeaways

  • Blasphemous Blade can be obtained by trading in Rykard’s Remembrance for his weapon via Enia.
  • This weapon restores health per enemy killed.
  • The best off-hand weapon for this build is Sword of Milos, which restores FP per enemy killed.
  • The armor sets that fit the Blasphemous Blade build are the Briar set, Lord of Blood’s Robe, and Omen Killer Mask.
  • The Great Rune recommended for this build is Rykard’s Great Rune which also boosts your HP restoration for every enemy killed.

  • The Talismans that complement the weapon the most are:
    1. Taker’s Cameo: Restores 3+30% HP per enemy killed, and its effect stacks with Blasphemous Blade.
    2. Fire Scorpian: Enhances your physical and fire damage.
    3. Carian Filigree Crest: Decreases the amount of FP consumed by Taker’s Flame by 25%.
    4. Radagon’s Sorseal: Boosts Vigor, Strength, Endurance, and Dexterity by 5.
    5. Great-Jar’s Arsenal: Greatly increases max equip load

  • The seal I recommend for Elden Ring‘s Blasphemous Blade Build is the Godslayer Seal, and the best incantations for the build are:
    1. Black Flame: A fireball covered in black flames that deals fire and overtime damage.
    2. Flame, Cleanse Me: Stops the buildup of Scarlet Rot and Poison.
    3. Flame, Grant Me Strength: Enhances Physical and Fire damage by 20%.
    4. Blessing of the Erdtree: Heals 12 Hp/s for 90 seconds.
    5. Ritual of the Black Flame: AoE black Flame attack
    6. Rallying Standard: Raises damage and damage negation by 20%

  • Buff yourself up with Blessing of Erdtree or Flame Grant Me Strength to gain an offensive or defensive advantage before a fight.
  • Rallying Standard is Commander Standard’s Ash of War and not an incantation, so the weapon must be kept in the second slot of right-hand weapons.
  • Use Ritual of the Black Flame to keep a group of enemies at bay.
  • The build helps with long hours of exploration.

Important: Blasphemous Blade requires 22 Strength,15 Dexterity, and 21 Faith and can be bought from Enia after trading in Rykard’s Remembrance.

Location Of Blasphemous Blade In Elden Ring

Location of Blasphemous Blade (Image Credits eXputer)

Unlike normal weapons, which can be either found in the wilderness, or inside a chest at the end of a mini-dungeon, Blasphemous Blade is a Remembrance weapon, which means it can only be acquired after trading in the respective boss soul (in this case, Rykard’s soul) for the boss’s weapon. The trade can be made by visiting Enia in the Roundtable Hold.

There are two ways to reach Rykard in Elden Ring:

  • By Progression: Explore lava-filled Volcano Manor to its depths until you find a waygate that will take you directly to the Audience Chamber, where Praetor Rykard can be fought.
  • Tanith’s Questline: Talk with Lady Tanith in the Volcano Manor, join her covenant, and do her bidding until she decides you are fit to meet her lord.

Rykard Bossfight

Praetor Rykard (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Rykard is a gimmick fight, meaning there is only one proper way of fighting him: using the Serpent-Hunter spear found in the Arena.
  • The Serpent-Hunter heavily damages Rykard and even stuns him if a heavy-charged attack or weapon skill is frequently used during the fight.
  • Rykard’s first phase comprises AoE Magma Attack, Groundshock, and Snake Bites. His attacks during the first phase are fairly telegraphed and easy to dodge.
  • The second phase is where the real fight begins when Rykard takes out the Blasphemous blade. During the second phase, the attacks to look out for are Rykard’s Rancor, Rancor Storm, and 3-hit Sword Combo.
  • It is not recommended to retaliate when Rykard unleashes Rancor Storm, and instead, you should be looking for obstacles to hide behind until the attack is over. Rykard finishes off this attack with Taker’s Flame.
  • His damage intake and poise are the same in the second phase.
  • After defeating Rykard, you receive his Remembrance.

Blasphemous Blade Stats & Info

Stats Attack Guard
Physical 121 72
Magic 0 39
Fire 78 54
Light 0 39
Holy 0 39
Critical/ Boost 100 50
Stats Scaling Requirements
Strength D 22
Dexterity D 15
Faith D 21
  • Effect: 4% of max HP + 40 flat HP is restored per enemy killed.
  • Ash of War: Taker’s Flame
  • Skill Effect: 10% of max HP + 150 flat HP is replenished
  • Upgraded via Somber Smithing Stones 

Blasphemous Blade will be your main weapon, and everything else in the build will complement the effect or stats of this weapon one way or the other. But even on its own, Blasphemous Blade is a pretty fantastic weapon. Looking at its stats, it has a base physical and fire damage of 121 and 78, respectively, and fully upgrading the weapon raises its stats to 296 Physical damage and 191 Fire damage, which is extremely impressive.

Rykard's Blade
Blasphemous Blade (Image Credits Exputer)

The flame damage dealt by Taker’s Flame can be further amplified by Flame-Shroduing Cracked Tear. In addition to its passive HP restoration, its Ash of War “Taker’s Flame” also restores a hefty portion of your health per hit and deals pure fire damage that scales with Faith. Overall one of the best weapons of Elden Ring that can use all the way to the endgame.

Build Requirements

The build I will discuss here is a melee-focused build that includes some incantations for applying buffs to your character. So overall, the stats will be divided mainly between your Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. Mind is another important attribute that I won’t ignore due to its significance in incantations and skill usage.

So this is how you should allocate your overall stats.

  • Vigor: 35
  • Mind: 25
  • Endurance: 30
  • Strength: 25
  • Dexterity: 19
  • Faith: 42
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Arcane: 10

Important: You can also allocate your stats into Vigor, Mind, or Strength if you don’t want to use incantations.

Off-hand Weapon –  Sword of Milos

Stats Attack Guard
Physical 141 68
Magic 0 36
Fire 0 36
Light 0 36
Holy 0 36
Critical/ Boost 100 44
Stats Scaling Requirements
Strength D 15
Dexterity D 19
  • Location: Dropped by Dung Eater in Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, Leyndell.
  • Effect: Restores 5 FP per enemy killed
  • Ash of War: Shriek of Milos
  • Blood loss Buildup: 55
  • Upgraded via Somber Smithing Stones 

Paring any greatsword with Blasphemous Blade will unlock its dual-sword moveset. That said, if I had to pick the sword that complements the stats of Blasphemous Blade the most, it would be Sword of Milos. This weapon restores a portion of your FP per enemy killed, and combining it with the Blasphemous Blade, which restores HP per enemy defeated, you have the best of both worlds.

Offhand sword
Offhand Weapon – Sword of Milos (Image Credits eXputer)

So in that way, you can restore both your HP and FP during combat, saving your flasks for crucial times. Additionally, it has one of the coolest Ashes of War. Shriek of Milos allows you to debuff all nearby enemies and changes your heavy attack into a three-hit combo. Debuffing your adversaries at the start of the battle is an excellent way to gain the upper hand right.

Best Armor Sets

To select the best armor for the Blasphemous Blade, you need to check if the said armor has the best possible stats while being below the heavy roll limit and the right aesthetic that fits the devilish nature of the build. While there are numerous armor sets or various armor combinations you can choose from, I recommend these two:

Briar Armor Set

Armor Set 1
Briar Armor Set (Image Credits eXputer)

Damage Negation:

Physical Vs Strike Vs Slash Vs Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
25.5 22.6 26.5 24.6 21.7 24.6 17.8 21.7


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
113 140 86 80 47
  • Roll Damage: Every piece of Briar Set deals base damage of 18, except for the armor/chest piece, which deals 25.
  • Location: To obtain Briar Armor, first, you must defeat Elmer Briar in the Shaded Castle and then buy his armor from Enia in Roundtable Hold.

The Briar set provides a nice balance of physical and magical defense while keeping your overall weight within the medium roll limit. The unique thing about this armor set is that it deals roll damage to enemies, and the more pieces of Briar Armor worn, the greater your damage will be. I really like the overall aesthetic of Briar Armor, and its overall color grading and design suit the Blasphemous Blade.

Lord Of Blood’s Robe & Omen Killer Mask

Armor Set 2
Lord of Blood’s Robe (Image Credits eXputer)

Damage Negation:

Physical Vs Strike Vs Slash Vs Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
12.4 12.8 11.1 11.1 13.1 15.6 16.2 16.9


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
92 35 45 75 23
  • Lord of Blood’s Robe Location: Can be bought from Enia after defeating Mohg, The Lord of Blood, for 20,000 Runes.
  • Omen Killer Mask Location: Dropped by Omenkiller, wandering near the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell.

The second choice for the Blasphemous Blade build isn’t a complete Armor Set. Lord of Blood’s Robe is an individual chest armor, and Omen Killer Mask is the headpiece of the Omen Killer Set. These two combined give off a very eerie vibe that suits the Blasphemous Blade’s nature and decent stats. 

Another perk of this choice is that you are free to choose leg pieces and gauntlets of your choice since they’ll be barely visible under the robes. However, if you choose not to have any leg piece and gauntlets on you, your weight limit will be within the lightweight, which give a much-needed boost to your roll i-frames and encourage an aggressive playstyle.

Best Talismans

Talismans are basically enchantments you can assign to your character for stat buffs, lowering FP consumption, or increasing damage negation. For Elden Ring’s Blasphemous Blade build, the talismans that I found the most useful were the ones that helped me raise my stats to meet and exceed the recommended requirements while also enhancing my weapon’s skill Taker’s Flame.

Taker’s Cameo

Taker’s Cameo Talisman (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Location: Taker’s Cameo can be obtained by completing Lady Tanith’s questline in Volcano Manor. Tanith gives you this talisman after you take down her third assassination target, Juno Hoslow.
  • Effect: 3% + 30 Hp restored per enemy killed.

Taker’s Cameo complements the Taker’s Flame skill as its effect stacks with Blasphemous Blade’s own passive effect i.e., HP replenishment per enemy killed. This will give a decent boost to your passive healing that comes with your weapon.

Fire Scorpion

Fire Scorpion Charm Talisman (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Location: Inside Fort Laiedd, run past the guards and head upstairs. Once on the upper rampart, to your northwest, you will find a wooden platform on the other side of the broken wall. Jump on the wooden platform and take the talisman from the ghost.
  • Effect: Increases Fire damage by 8% and Physical damage by 15%.

Taker’s Flame not only restores a portion of your HP but also deals fire damage to your enemies. To enhance this effect, you can pair it with a Fire Scorpion Charm talisman which raises the fire damage as well as the physical damage of your attack. The increase in physical and fire attacks will also affect your offhand weapon, which will be discussed below.

Carian Filigreed Crest

Carian Filigree Crest Talisman (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Location: Can be purchased from War Counselor Iji after talking to Raani in Ranni‘s Rise.
  • Effect: Decreases skill FP consumption by 25%.

Normally I like to have a higher number of HP Flasks under my belt, but at the same time, the importance of FP flasks cannot be neglected, as FP is essential for incantations and skills. So to minimize the consumption of FP by skills, Carian Filigreed Crest is a good choice. 

However, to minimize the FP consumption of incantations, go with the Primal Glintstone Blade Talisman.

Radagon’s Sorseal

Radagon Sorseal Talisman (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Location: Found corpse beneath the opening of the roof in Fort Faroth.
  • Effect: Increases Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity by 5 each.

One of the best ways to increase your main stats during the early-mid game is by equipping the Marika/Radagon’s Sorseal. While both of these Sorseals raise different attributes, I have chosen Radagon’s Sorseal here because it can help you with Dexterity and Strength, the two of the three requirements for wielding the Blasphemous Blade.

Important: Once your base level is high enough to meet or exceed the requirements of Blasphemous Blade Build in Elden Ring, I recommend replacing this with Shard of Alexander, which improves the damage dealt by Taker’s Flame by 15%.

Great-Jar’s Arsenal- Optional

Radagon Sorseal Talisman (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Location: Reward for defeating the three NPCs as a part of The Great Jar challenge in Dragonborrow, Caelid.
  • Effect: Greatly improves max equip load

It’s obvious that with the increase of armor or weapon load, your weight limit may go out of the medium load limit which is why I recommend using the Great-Jar’s Arsenal as a temporary solution to the problem. It’s up to you which talisman you choose to replace this with.

Great Rune

Great Rune (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Location: Dropped by Rykard upon defeat
  • Effect: HP is restored per enemy kill

The Great Runes grant various passive effects and elevate your stats to varying degrees, and the best rune for the Elden Ring’s Blasphemous Blade build is Rykard’s Great Rune. The effect of this rune stacks up with the healing ability of Blasphemous Blade, and combined with Taker’s Cameo; you can almost regain all of your lost health after each encounter.

How to Activate

Location of Great Rune (Image Credits eXputer)

The Great Runes obtained as a reward for defeating demigods don’t work from the get-go, and to receive their benefits, you first need to activate them. To activate Rykard’s Great Rune, you must take it to the top of the Divine Tower of Altus. The tower can be reached via Sealed Tunnel right after defeating Onyx Lord.

Best Incantations

For Blasmphemous Blade build in Elden Ring, I will be suggesting incantations that not only boost your physical attack but also improve your damage negation, HP recovery, and fire damage. However, before I go into the best incantations, I’d like to discuss the seal that I used for this build.

Godslayer’s Seal

Stats Attack Guard
Physical 25 25
Magic 0 15
Fire 0 15
Light 0 15
Holy 0 15
Critical/ Boost 
100 15
Stats Scaling Requirements
Strength E 12
Dexterity D 21
Incantation Scaling  129

The majority of the incantations listed here use the Godslayer incantations, and the godslayer’s seal further amps up their effectiveness by 10%. I am going with Godslayer incantations instead of the normal flame because of the insane damage black flames deal. Godslayer Seal is located in Stormveil Castle.

Elden Ring Godslayer’s Seal (Image Credits eXputer)

From the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, use the elevator that takes you to the room with Grafted Scion. Once there, head outside to the main courtyard, and take a hard left leading to a small staircase, which takes you into a room filled with rats. Take out the rats and use the Stonesword Key to uncover the foggy gate. Head inside and pick up the Godslayer’s seal.

Black Flame

Black Flame (Image Credits eXputer)
  • FP Cost: 18
  • Slot Used: 1
  • Requirements: Faith 20
  • Location: Available for purchase after giving Godslayer Prayer book to Brother Corhyn.

The use of Black Flame is pretty much the same as other fireball attacks in the game, but its overtime damage makes this unique. Additionally, charging it increases its damage by 30%.

Flame, Cleanse Me

Flame cleanse me (Image Credits eXputer)
  • FP Cost: 14
  • Slot Used: 1
  • Requirements: Faith 12
  • Location: Found on a corpse southeast of the Church of Vows.

Flame, Cleanse Me is an incantation that I would’ve recommended regardless of the build because of how effective it is. This incantation alleviates the buildup of Scarlet Rot and Poison, which is something very useful when exploring regions like Caelid, Miquella Haligtree, and other swamps.

Flame Grant Me Strength

Flame grant me strength (Image Credits eXputer)
  • FP Cost: 28
  • Slot Used: 1
  • Requirements: Faith 15
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Location: Located on a body between the two wandering Flame Chariots behind Fort Gael.

Flame, Grant Me Strength is one of the best buff incantations in Elden Ring, and it works extremely, especially with this build. It enhances both your Physical damage and Fire damage by 20%, both of which are the staple of the build. I recommend using this before every fight to have an edge.

Blessing Of The Erdtree

Blessing of The Erdtree (Image Credits eXputer)
  • FP Cost: 60
  • Slot Used: 1
  • Requirements: Faith 38
  • Duration: 90 seconds
  • Location: Queen’s Bedchamer, Leyndell.

Blessing of the Erdtree is one the best buffs you can use right before a big fight, and the interesting thing about this incantation is that it not only buffs your character but your party members as well. But even on its own, it’s simply a great healing spell that regenerates 12HP/s for 90 seconds, equating to 1,080 HP healing. That said, its effect will not stack with Flame, Grant Me Strength, so you’ll have to choose one of the two, right before a fight.

Black Flame Ritual

Black Flame Ritual (Image Credits eXputer)
  • FP Cost: 30
  • Slot Used: 1
  • Requirements: Faith 42
  • Location: Drop from Spirit-Caller Snail boss fight at the end of Spiritcaller Cave.

Black Flame Ritual is an excellent AoE attack to keep the gank squad at bay. Upon casting, tarnished summons a circular black flame around him that deals fire damage to anyone in the vicinity of the ring. Even against huge elite enemies, this skill is devastating due to its high fire and decent stance damage.

Rallying Standard

Commander Niall
Commander’s Standard -Rallying Standard (Image Credits eXputer)
  • FP Cost: 30
  • Slot Used: 1
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Requirements: Str 24, Dex 14
  • Location: Drop from Commander O’Neil in Swamp of Aeonia.

I know Rallying Standard is not an incarnation, but its use in battles is definitely comparable to them. Rallying Standard is an Ash of War that is exclusive to the Commandar’s Standard. It basically does the same thing as Golden Vow but better, which is increasing your damage by and damage negation by 20%.

Tips & Tricks

Rallying standard
Tips and tricks (Image Credits eXputer)
  • Before the start of battles, use Flame, Grant Me Strength, or Blessing of Erdtree to buff yourself. One is a healing buff, and the other is an attack buff; use one of them depending on the situation.
  • Equip Commander Standard on the second slot of your right hand to quickly avail Rallying Standard benefits before or amidst encounters.
  • Have at least three FP flasks to refill your FP bar.
  • Blasphemous Blade and Sword of Milos heavily complement each other, as taking down enemies while wielding these weapons will restore your HP and FP with time.
  • One of the biggest benefits of this build is that it encourages long hours of exploration without the need to visit the Site of Grace again and again.
  • Black Flame is heavily useful against bosses and huge enemies as it slowly chips their health away with time.
  • Resort to Black Flame Ritual when there is a huge group of enemies surrounding you from all sides.


Elden Ring has no shortage of fantastic builds. The amount of creative freedom you can have with each build is unparalleled. For more builds that are centered around weapons, check out our guides on Rivers of Blood Build, Moonveil Build, Sword of Night and Flame Build, and Giant Crusher Build.

For builds that are designed around specific classes, consider reading our guides on Confessor Build, Vagabond Build, Pyromancy Build. and Intelligence Build. This concludes our guide on Elden Ring Blasphemous Blade Location and Build.


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