Elden Ring: Best Medium Shield (Top 12)



Some of the best Shields in Elden Ring under the Medium- sized category offer a good balance between weight and defense. They’re not as heavy as large shields but still, provide solid protection. While they can’t parry as well as small shields, they have a decent guard and can be improved with Ashes of War. This boosts their ability to reduce damage and improve their special skills. Depending on your style of play and your needs in different fights, you can choose the best medium shield for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Medium Shields in Elden Ring offer substantial protection and are lighter in weight compared to other types of shields.
  • While not as strong at parrying as Small Shields, Medium Shields can be significantly improved using the best Ashes of War in Elden Ring.
  • Ashes of War enhance the ability of these shields to reduce damage while guarding, as well as their respective abilities.
  • Medium Shields in Elden Ring generally require strength to wield, though the exact amount varies by shield.
  • Some Medium Shields can block 100% physical damage, making them highly effective in combat situations.
  • The choice of the best Medium shield in Elden Ring may depend on specific gameplay styles or scenarios, like fighting against mages or needing a stamina-efficient guard.

Best Medium-Sized Shields In Elden Ring

Shields are vital defensive equipment and the medium shields are the best of both worlds when it comes to having the strengths and weaknesses of Small & Large sized shields.

Here is an overview of all the best medium shields in Elden Ring showcased alongside the physical and elemental defensive stats:

Serial Number Medium Shield Name Physical Guard Magical Guard Fire Guard Lightning Guard Holy Guard Boost Guard
1 Brass Shield 100 55 59 39 54 56
2 Great Turtle Shell 87 44 39 43 46 49
3 Inverted Hawk Heater 100 49 49 34 49 50
4 Blue Gold Kite Shield 100 47 53 35 45 53
5 Carian Knight’s Shield 100 71 28 19 54 49
6 Banished Knight’s Shield 100 49 57 31 48 55
7 Silver Mirrorshield 100 89 31 19 27 45
8 Albinauric Shield 100 66 42 23 47 51
9 Twinbird Kite Shield 100 49 50 28 35 50
10 Eclipse Crest Heater 100 44 44 37 44 51
11 Beast Crest Heater 100 50 43 32 42 51
12 Blue Crest Heater 100 43 42 32 50 50

1. Brass Shield

Brass Shield
Attack Stats Guard Stats
Phy 84 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 55
Fire 0 Fire 59
Ligt 0 Ligt 39
Holy 0 Holy 54
Crit 100 Boost 56

It should be no surprise to anyone who has played the Elden Ring for any amount of time or at least any substantial amount of time that the best shield we have in Elden Ring is Brass Shield, which is a very cool-looking Heater shield. It is one of the most used shields overall in Elden Ring, obviously, there are going to be trade-offs for different sizes but for medium shields, this one really is the absolute best plus appearances wise it goes with a lot of different suits of armor.

Moreover, strength to 16 is the only attribute required to use this one and it has a C rating for Strength Scaling, Attack Power is a physical of 205 plus 111 and Guard Boost is 69 which is the highest guard boost out of any of the shields in the Medium Shields category. You can also upgrade it using Ashes of War to enhance its abilities.

How To Get

However, the downside of the shield is that it is a random loot drop and basically many Guards and Knights all over the map are going to be wielding the shield, which makes it very common. The best place to look for it is going to be between the Church of Ela and the Gate Front Ruins.

Spawn at the Gate Front Ruins and kill three or a dozen Guards or Knights until you’re able to grab it and see off that you were able to get some greaves which will also give you the chance to loot the entire Godric Armor set from them. It is random loot but considering they’re a low-level enemy and that you can easily take out early in Elden Ring makes it one of the better ones.

2. Great Turtle Shell

Great Turtle Shell
Attack Guard
Phy 81 Phy 87
Mag 0 Mag 44
Fire 0 Fire 39
Ligt 0 Ligt 43
Holy 0 Holy 46
Crit 100 Boost 49
Scaling Str D
Requires Str 14

The Great Turtle Shell is a large Tortoise/Turtle looking shell as a Medium shield, which requires nothing but strength as attributes to acquire. Therefore, 14 strength requirements that most players should be able to attain and Attribute Scaling of C. Great Turtle Shell has a Shield Attack Power of 198 plus 107 and a Guard boost of 60.

Great Turtle Shell can be upgraded using Ashes of War and has the Barricade Shield special ability which drastically increases its ability to block incoming blows which makes your shield considerably more effective for a short duration.

How To Get

Securing the Great Turtle Shell Shield in Elden Ring is an adventure that will take you to the haunting Weeping Peninsula. Starting your journey at the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, your gaze must turn eastward.

Your mount for this part of the journey is your horse Torrent, an invaluable companion whose strength and agility will serve you well. Summon Torrent and use its power to leap from the Spiritspring, soaring high above the gloomy peninsula and onto a nearby tower.

The roof of the tower holds a grim sight – a lifeless corpse. Yet, nestled with this corpse is the Great Turtle Shell Shield. Grab the shield from its unfortunate previous owner and claim it as your own. This sturdy shield will prove invaluable in future battles, a constant reminder of your daring leap and the rewards of exploration in the vast world of Elden Ring.

3. Inverted Hawk Heater

Inverted Hawk Heater
Attack Guard
Phy 77 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 49
Fire 0 Fire 49
Ligt 0 Ligt 34
Holy 0 Holy 49
Crit 100 Boost 50

The Inverted Hawk Heater shield which is apparently the best-looking medium shield in Elden Ring that’s got a red and black design to it. It is a heater shield in general and as far as the attributes are concerned, this shield requires Strength at 10. It has a C rating and Physical Attack Power is 188 plus 101.

Furthermore, Guard Boost on this one is 62 which is slightly higher than the Turtle Shell. Inverted Black Hawk comes with the Parry Weapon Ability and it can be upgraded using Ashes of War. Stylistically, it goes with armors that have any sort of a red accent. If your strategy relies heavily on parrying, the best medium shield for parry in Elden Ring to have at your disposal would surely be the Inverted Black Hawk

How To Get

To get this one you have to make your way down to the Siofra River Region through the Siofra River Well by the Third Church of Marika until you get to the Siafra River Bank and from there, it’s just a short ride after you defeat the three Bozos. Eventually, you will find two corpses on the ground, loot them and get the shield. It is easily attainable early in Elden Ring.

4. Blue Gold Kite Shield

Blue Gold Kite Shield
Attack Guard
Phy 80 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 47
Fire 0 Fire 53
Ligt 0 Ligt 35
Holy 0 Holy 45
Crit 100 Boost 53

Although it’s called Kite, it is still a heater shield just given the size and the way it’s held. Blue Gold Kite has got a pretty cool looking blue and gold design which is apparently supposed to represent the Aired tree against a Blue Sky, the best medium-sized shield in Elden Ring suited for Aired Tree Knight-type characters.

As for the Blue Gold Kite Shield attributes, it requires 12 Strength and has a C rating for strength scaling. Blue Gold Kite has a physical attack bar of 196 plus 105 and a Guard boost of 65, just another step above the Inverted Hawk Heater shield. Moreover, it comes out with the parry weapon ability and can be upgraded using Ashes of War. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good parry in Elden Ring; invest in the best medium shield for this purpose, like the Blue Gold Kite Shield.

How To Get

For beginners in Elden Ring, the Heater Shield is an excellent choice; it is often considered the best early-game medium shield due to its balance of defense and weight.

To locate this shield, you have to go over to Limgrave in the Weeping Peninsula and buy this shield from a Nomadic merchant who can be found right around there. You can purchase the Blue Gold Kite shield for 1000 runes which is quite a simple and pretty straightforward process. If you do not have enough runes, then you will need to farm the runes in Elden Ring first. 

5. Carian Knight’s Shield

Carian Knight’s Shield
Attack Guard
Phy 63 Phy 100
Mag63 Mag 71
Fire 0 Fire 28
Ligt 0 Ligt 19
Holy 0 Holy 54
Crit 100 Boost 49

The Carian Knight’s Shield is apparently one of the best-looking Medium Shields in Elden Ring and is one of the most effective; blocking 100% of physical damage and 71% of magic damage. Additionally, it has a high Guard Boost and a sufficient Damage Negation, therefore, blocking each blow requires less stamina.

Carian Knight has a Guard Scale of D and requires a strength of 10 to acquire. It can also be upgraded with Ashes of War, especially the Boost Guard.

How To Get

Securing the Carian Knight’s Shield in Elden Ring is no easy task, as it requires you to face off against a formidable adversary, Moongrum, the Carian Knight. Nestled within the prestigious halls of Raya Lucaria Academy, Moongrum awaits your challenge, guardian of the shield you seek.

After the grueling battle, make sure to loot Moongrum’s body. As a reward for your prowess and bravery, you will secure the Carian Knight’s Shield. This valuable piece of equipment offers excellent protection and serves as a testament to your triumph over the Carian Knight.

6. Banished Knight’s Shield

Banished Knight’s Shield
Attack Guard
Phy 81 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 49
Fire 0 Fire 57
Ligt 0 Ligt 31
Holy 0 Holy 48
Crit 100 Boost 55

Banished Knight is just another piece of gear and the best medium shield in Elden Ring. Plus, the shield looks really cool and suits with a lot of armor, hence, appearance-wise definitely an excellent-looking shield. As for the attributes, it requires 14 for strength and has a C rating for Strength Scaling with a Strength Attack power of 198 plus 107.

Moreover, it has a Guard Boost of 68 which either starts off with no skill or the Parry skill and can be upgraded using Ashes of War, so either way you can put whatever you want on it and make it the shield that suits your playstyle the best.

How To Get

Though Banished Knight’s Shield stats might seem unimpressive at first, the Heater Shield has proven to be the best early-game medium shield in Elden Ring for many players.

The only downside about the shield is that there is not a set location for it and you have to farm it by killing Banished Knights, who can be found all over the map early in Elden Ring. However, the heaviest concentration of Banished Knights is in Stormville Castle or you can go for Banished Knights over to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Moreover, with any looting-type item that you’re trying to get your hands on the higher your arcane ability the better it will be for you to acquire.

7. Silver Mirrorshield

Silver Mirrorshield
Attack Guard
Phy 70 Phy 100
Mag 45 Mag 89
Fire 0 Fire 31
Ligt 0 Ligt 19
Holy 0 Holy 27
Crit 100 Boost 45

The Silver Mirrorshield is the strongest among the Medium shields since it has one of the highest physical durability levels of 100%. It is really good for the Mage build characters and players who have the best spells as it has one of the highest Magic Resistance ratings of 89%. 

Its extremely low guard boost, which results in a huge drain on the player’s stamina bar upon stopping a blow, is the main factor keeping it from being a top contender.

How To Get

To obtain the Silver Mirrorshield in Elden Ring, you’ll need to venture deep into the harsh environment of the Consecrated Snowfield. Amid the biting cold and eerie silence, your destination is the northern reaches of this frostbitten landscape.

An air of solemnity blankets the area, as you approach the Apostate Derelict, a dilapidated church now devoid of its former grandeur. Despite its gloomy exterior, within its crumbling walls, lies the precious Silver Mirrorshield, an emblem of protection and power.

8. Albinauric Shield

Albinauric Shield
Attack Guard
Phy 78 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 66
Fire 0 Fire 42
Ligt 0 Ligt 23
Holy 0 Holy 47
Crit 100 Boost 51

Albinauric Shield is notorious for its parry and guard stat. It has 4.5 weight and can be infused or buffed with Ashes of War, Magic, or Consumables. Albinauric Shield has a magic absorption of 82.5 which is pretty effective against mages and requires only strength 10 to acquire it.

How To Get

Earning the Albinauric Shield in Elden Ring calls for a touch of bravery, a pinch of combat skill, and a dash of determination. Your journey begins by heading northwest from the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, towards a particular church.

But it isn’t the sacred building itself you seek. Instead, cast your gaze upwards. Looming atop this church, you’ll find three Albinaurics, each clutching the very shield you desire. These formidable foes are your ticket to claiming the Albinauric Shield.

Engaging these adversaries won’t be easy. They’ll fiercely guard their precious shields, forcing you to muster your courage and skills in combat. However, your efforts will not go unrewarded. Upon defeating these Albinaurics, they’ll drop the very shields they’ve fought so hard to protect, granting you the opportunity to claim one as your own.

9. Twinbird Kite Shield

Twinbird Kite Shield
Attack Guard
Phy 78 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 49
Fire 0 Fire 50
Ligt 0 Ligt 28
Holy 0 Holy 35
Crit 100 Boost 50

Twinbird Kite Shield has the ability to increase players’ attack and defense stats when the HP is low. With weight scale D and a strength requirement of 12, it will block 100 percent of the physical damage. Furthermore, it can be infused with Ashes of War or Consumables offering the best buffs in Elden Ring to further increase its abilities and it is dropped by the Death Bird which spawns at night in Leyndell.

How To Get 

Acquiring the Twinbird Kite Shield in Elden Ring involves a strategic night-time hunt. This unique shield is not simply lying around, waiting to be picked up. It drops after killing the Deathbird, which only makes an appearance when darkness falls over Leyndell.

This creature spawns to the east of a location known as the Hermit Merchant’s Shack, a Site of Grace. From this point, you’ll need to navigate towards a Minor Erdtree in the vicinity, which is easily identifiable by its towering stature. Guarding the tree are a few skeletal snail enemies, a distinctive sign that you’re on the right track.

Wait patiently for the Deathbird to appear once the sun sets. Once you defeat this nocturnal enemy, it will drop the Twinbird Kite Shield. The shield not only bolsters your defense but also increases your attack and defense stats when your HP is low, making it a valuable asset for any player.

10. Eclipse Crest Heater

Eclipse Crest Heater
Attack Guard
Phy 77 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 44
Fire 0 Fire 44
Ligt 0 Ligt 37
Holy 0 Holy 44
Crit 100 Boost 51

With only a weight of 3.5 and a strength requirement of 10, it is the low-weight best Medium shield in Elden Ring that provides the best damage negation and guard boost. Furthermore, it can be infused with Ashes of War to further enhance it

How To Get

Acquiring the Eclipse Crest Heater Shield in Elden Ring is an adventurous task requiring a keen sense of direction and a bit of risk-taking. You’ll need to venture towards the Weeping Peninsula, specifically northwest of the minor Erdtree. Your destination? The Tombsward Catacombs Site of Grace.

As you approach this area, you should notice a stone platform that clings to the cliffside, located to the southwest. This platform holds your prize, the Eclipse Crest Heater Shield. Reaching it, however, is not as simple as walking up to it.

You’ll need to locate the area above the Tombsward Catacombs. From here, a careful, calculated drop onto the platform will be required. Be wary, as one misstep could lead to an untimely fall. However, once you’ve successfully made the leap, the Eclipse Crest Heater Shield is yours. This is a medium shield that will provide you with excellent defense and guard boost capabilities. A worthy addition to any adventurer’s arsenal.

11. Beast Crest Heater

Beast Crest Heater
Attack Guard
Phy 77 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 50
Fire 0 Fire 43
Ligt 0 Ligt 32
Holy 0 Holy 42
Crit 100 Boost 51

If you’re seeking the best medium shield in Elden Ring for parrying, look no further than the Beast Crest. This Heater shield is a good choice among Medium Shields at the early start of Elden Ring. It has a strength requirement of 10 and a weight of 3.5 with a scale D. It offers good damage negation, guard boost, and physical damage reduction stats.

How To Get

The Beast Crest Heater Shield is a valuable item in Elden Ring that you can obtain with a bit of adventuring. To find it, you’ll need to set your sights on East Stormhill, specifically towards the west of the Saintsbridge site of grace. Along this road, you will stumble upon a camp.

This is no ordinary camp, however. Guarding it are Godrick Foot Soldiers, Godrick Soldiers, and a formidable Godrick Knight. You will need to prepare yourself for battle. These opponents won’t be easy to defeat, but with the right strategy and patience, you can emerge victorious.

Within this heavily defended camp lies a chest, and that’s your ultimate goal. Once you’ve managed to dispatch the enemies, you can proceed to open the chest. Inside, you’ll find the Beast Crest Heater Shield, a medium shield with good damage negation and guard boost. A trophy well earned from a challenging skirmish.

12. Blue Crest Heater

Blue Crest Heater
Attack Guard
Phy 77 Phy 100
Mag 0 Mag 43
Fire 0 Fire 42
Ligt 0 Ligt 32
Holy 0 Holy 50
Crit 100 Boost 50

Blue Crest Heater is an early-game shield and despite having any Blue on it, surely outclasses any other heater shield. It has a strength level requirement of 10 and a weight scale of 3.5. This shield can be upgraded with Ashes of War, especially its Guard Boost and Damage Negation.

How To Get

Securing the Blue Crest Heater Shield in Elden Ring is a relatively straightforward process. To start, if you choose the Confessor Class at the beginning of your journey, you’ll be equipped with this shield right from the get-go. The Blue Crest Heater Shield is part of the default loadout for this class, offering a solid defensive starting point.

However, if you’ve selected a different class or if you happen to lose your shield along the way, don’t fret. The Blue Crest Heater Shield can also be purchased from a Nomadic Merchant. This traveling vendor can be found in the northwest area of Liurnia of the Lakes, in the vicinity of the Bellum Church Site of Grace.

Keep in mind that in Elden Ring, purchases require a currency known as Runes. In this case, acquiring the Blue Crest Heater Shield will set you back 1500 Runes. Although it might seem like a considerable investment, it’s balanced weight and defensive capabilities make it a reliable companion in your journey through the Lands Between.

What Are Medium Shields In Elden Ring?

Medium Shields are a type of shield that offer guards from substantial damage and are relatively lighter in weight as compared to other types of shields. Although they are weaker at parrying than Small Shields, most of these Medium Shields can be modified with Ashes of War, which enhances their ability to reduce damage while guarding and their respective abilities.

By now I believe that the guide has given you ample information regarding Elden Ring’s Medium Shields in terms of their Blocking Stat, Compatibility with Ashes of War, and weight, so players can decide the best Elden Ring Medium Shield according to their needs.

In conclusion, medium shields in Elden Ring are a great choice for their balance of weight and protection. They are strong and can be improved with Ashes of War. These shields can help you in many battles, even blocking all physical damage in some cases. The best shield for you depends on your play style and the fights you face. So, picking the right medium shield can really help you succeed in Elden Ring.

While you’re at it, I highly suggest that you through Elden Ring: BEST Dual-Wield Weapons, BEST Prisoner Build, BEST Curved Swords, and How To Play Elden Ring GeoGuessr guides and learn more about the game.


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