Elden Ring AR Calculator (Explained)



The unofficial Elden Ring AR Calculator is used to plan out player character builds. This tool allows players to set their stats, gear, and talismans to properly plan out any build.

Key Takeaways

  • AR (Attack Rating) In Elden Ring is a numeric value that showcases how much damage a weapon does per hit.
  • The increments of damage buffs such as lightning or status effects are also included in the AR.
  • The Elden Ring AR Calculator is used to put together builds and calculate their damage output.
  • Players can set their attributes and filter out the weapons for their preferred build.
  • Also, these builds can be saved so that they can be accessed later.
  • This tool is primarily to craft PvP builds as they require a lot of intricate stat management, due to the META level being around 150.

How To Use The Elden Ring AR Calculator

  • Players can access the Elden Ring AR Calculator here.
  • This calculator is used to plan out builds and gauge their effectiveness.

Current Stats

  • Once there, the calculator gives you the option to set your stats. 
Elden Ring AR Calculator
Managing Stats | Image Using The Elden Ring AR Calculator
  • Incrementing your stats will also increase your Rune level.
  • After this, players can set the level of their weapons
Stones Elden Ring AR Calculator
Setting Upgrade Level | Image Using The Elden Ring AR Calculator
  • Somber Level affects the strength of weapons that can be upgraded by Somber Stones. 
  • Similarly, Smithing Level affects the potency of weapons upgraded by Smithing Stones.

Weapon Filters

  • In this section, players can select the weapon types they want to craft their build around.
Affinities AR Calculator
The Weapon Filters | Screenshot Using The Elden Ring AR Calculator
  • They can also add affinities such as Heavy, Bleed, etc.
  • In addition, players can also filter out the exact weapon they are looking for.

Weapon AR

  • AR (Attack Rating) is a numeric value that determines how much damage a weapon does per hit.
  • The higher the value, the more damage your weapon will do.
  • AR also adds the damage dealt by beneficiary effects, such as lightning or other spells.
  • At the bottom of the page, players can see the AR, Weapon Scaling, and all other damage-dealing stats of the weapon.
Values Attack Rating
The AR Values | Screenshot From The Elden Ring AR Calculator
  • Players can also display the stat requirements of the respective weapons.
  • Also, players can also check the two-handed AR of their weapons by toggling this option.


Elden Ring combines the best parts of all Soulsborne games for an immersive open-world experience that is second to none. The game also provides in-depth combat with a complicated build system. Elden Ring will last years and will be remembered for a lifetime, as the game is actively launching new updates for both PvP and PvE players.

There you have it; with our Elden Ring AR Calculator guide, you will be able to craft the mightiest builds possible to defeat your enemies.

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