EA Warns Players To Take Action As Battlefield 2042 Team Get Harassed



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  • Battlefield 2042 developers are reportedly getting harassed by a large group of angry players, as clarified by Electronic Arts in a new tweet addressing the situation.
  • The toxicity seems to emerge from the abhorrent state of the game upon launch, which is still weighing heavy upon gamers resulting in excessive hate from the community.
  • Electronic Arts has welcomed criticism from the community since it leads to positive results. However, it is extremely against the harassment campaigns of users.
  • The publisher will reportedly enforce its terms and conditions on users from now on, leading to bans if players continue to target and mock developers of the game.

Battlefield 2042 has been on the brink of extinction many times in the past, but the constant efforts from devs have kept it alive because of the updates and many fixes. Regardless, the players have harassed the DICE team ever since the game was released because of its abysmal state upon launch; it was full of missing features and a bundle of glitches. The toxicity has recently gotten worse, leading EA to step in and call out the involved actors.

Electronic Arts has recently issued a statement against the involved users targeting and harassing the Battlefield 2042 developers. The publisher alleged that constructive criticism is welcome and preferred to improve the user experience. However, the unnecessary hate and abuse pointed towards the team will not be tolerated at all within the amped-up community of its games to preserve the overall safety of its team and users.

Recently we have witnessed increased harassment towards members of our development team,” reads the Tweet by Electronic Arts. “But to maintain a healthy and open dialogue with our community, we will protect our teams and people from toxicity and harassment. We believe this has no place inside our game or within the Battlefield community.

It is clear that the devs have reached their limits with the excessive amount of hate and toxicity targeted at them. Hence, it could explain why the tweet has been made after such a long time since Battlefield 2042 was released. As per the new statement, Electronic Arts has taken notice of the bad actors and will start to enforce its rules upon the involved parties mentioned in the terms and conditions to protect the team.

We believe this has no place inside our game or within the Battlefield community. We want to remind our players that, through our EA User Agreement and Battlefield Community Guidelines, we will take appropriate action to uphold these values. As a community, we play the objective, together.”

Battlefield 2042 spawned with a pretty lousy release, leading many anticipating users to be disappointed. Hence, it caused many players to become increasingly toxic towards DICE. The sentiment is still reflected in the new tweet; many users have voiced angry remarks in the comment section of the new statement. “You can actually see which people to mute going forward,” said one user replying to EA in the new statement.

The title has seen a plethora of improvements since the abhorrent state since its release, and almost all the infamous glitches and other technical issues have been tackled. The new seasons have added a variety of content, and the team has continued to toil hard to craft an enjoyable user experience. However, Battlefield 2042 has lost a majority of its community, and no amount of updates is likely going to bring it back.

The toxicity in the gaming industry runs rampant at times, leading the development teams to face harassment from unsatisfied bad actors. Recently, the Battlefield 2042 devs have become a target of toxicity as more users have joined hands in pestering the team. At one point, the official subreddit for the entry was banned because of the highly toxic community, with gamers attacking the developers with a slew of negative remarks.

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