EA is reportedly set to end support for Wild Hearts.



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  • A moderator on Wildheart’s Discord server has claimed that EA is reportedly planning to end support for the game.
  • An official announcement is expected in the near future.

According to a new leak, Electronic Arts Reportedly preparing to plug in. Wild Hearts After only seven months. Information comes from u/Beardy Shaman who shared the details in a post on the game’s subreddit to “minimize blowback ahead of the official announcement.” Beardy Shaman gave a disclaimer saying, “Some of you who disagree here may know who I am as a mod, and others who may not know who I am may be wondering who my sources are, but yeah that’s pretty clear. Is.

Just coming here to soften the blow before the official announcement.
by theu/Beardy Shaman IWild Hearts Game

It seems that with the main purpose of EA Wild Hearts It had to be turned into a multi-million dollar hit and compete. Monster Hunter. Unfortunately, this goal was not achieved and in typical EA fashion, the company is reportedly preparing to end support and move on from the game. As is the case with most things, they require time, investment and effort to reach great heights, something some players believe EA is unable to provide.

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Taking this Wild Hearts No internet connection required and can be played offline in solo. adventure, the impact of the end of support will be quite limited. By the time you can play the game, content updates, patches, and DLC will be out of the picture, marking the end of its lifecycle.

Wild Hearts It was launched earlier this year to a positive reception despite suffering from unusual performance issues. While the problems persisted across all platforms, it was particularly worse on PC, which gave it a “mostly negative” Classification on steam. Over time, it grew “mixed” But many players claim that the game is still not perfect.

Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts

Even with all its problems, it was far from being considered a failure. But having a decent rating Metacritic, reviews praised the mechanics and systems the game brought to the table. However, it seems that EA had higher expectations. As BeardyShaman claims one Official announcement On the way, we’d advise you to take this report with a grain of salt until then.

Wild Hearts Available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series Sand PC.

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