Dying Light 2 microtransactions backlash sparks response from Techland



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  • Recent Dying Light 2 The update introduced DL Points as a new in-game currency, resulting in negative reviews from the community.
  • The largely negative feedback from players caused Dying Light 2 developer Techland to issue its own response around the backlash.
  • According to the new DL Points FAQ, this is “just the first iteration” of the new system and will be tweaked in the future to further polish and adjust based on player feedback.
  • Fans are now more vocal than ever, with many finding Techland’s recent behavior downright shameful.

Dying Light 2 announced a recent update.which includes DL pointsthe new in-game currency, but fans are. not happy Absolutely with him. Techland has received a lot of backlash since introducing the latest update that the company has caused. answer me Despite this negative feedback there is an opportunity to earn these microtransactions Removed The anger of the fans is sure to leave a mark on the company’s reputation.

For starters, Techland has introduced a The new currency which can be used to purchase in-game items. Initially, the company promised that the use of DL points would be limited. Limited For cosmetics, but it doesn’t seem like it. The FireDevil bundle contains “hellA power item, which is one of them. Big reasons Much to the dismay of fans.

If going back on his words wasn’t enough, Techland gives players. 500 DL Points For free, perhaps as a goodwill gesture. Unfortunately, the game hardly lets you buy anything with this money except bundles, which can be bought with it. steam and other stores. Fans are also sure that there will be one in a future bundle. Similar price tagExceeding 500 DL Points.

Players found Techland’s actions Predatory and patheticbecause giving so many DL points only benefits. Pushing people To buy currency. gave Cheapest points package You can buy up to 500 DL points, which means that when you spend money, you have to have something. Points leftwhich will force you to spend more to get another one. Attractive bundle.

Moreover, this whole new system was implemented under the guise of procurement. better And betterbut It doesn’t seem like it at all. For example, if you were to purchase only the Gunslinger bundle. PlayStation 5it will cost you. $6.99and now, with a price tag of 600 DL pointsThe only points package you can get. 1100which costs $9.99. So, you’re paying extra for the points you can afford. Don’t spend.

Techland tried to address the issue by saying in its response that it would. Implement a system Where you can buy Individual parts of a bundle. So, if you have 400 points lying around and need another 100 to get the full bundle, you can easily buy more. The desired person It will take some time for the items from this bundle to become available. appliedand it’s unclear how much the individual items will cost.

A particular fan also gave some advice on this saying, “Those who missed events should use DL points, not the entire fanbase.He further expanded on the topic by saying that these microtransactions take away Encouraged to play events.

It will get better until we get 100 DL points for participating or 200 points for finishing the game on the hardest difficulty without going back to easy or normal, but for now, That’s not cool at all,” says RandomDude.

While tensions are high, Techland seems to be stressing that it will happen. Listen to player feedback, and the future of this new system may be determined by how players react to it. So, there is a chance that it could happen Removed sometime in the future. Nevertheless, it will do Leave a mark On Dying Light 2 and company’s reputation, as many fans as can be seen. What with the game?.

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Dying Light 2 is one. Action role playing game By Techland. It is a sequel to the 2015 survival horror game and was released in PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series X| S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on 4 February 2022.

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